Foxi Music – an online music service, is an innovator in marketing approaches, technology and subscription options that have enabled it to become one of the market leader in music subscription. This popular online music community was experiencing stopped Organic Traffic and a declining user base. They wanted to know why their traffic had taken a hit and how they might shift from relying on advertising to creating a thriving community of music fans.

This case study about the online music subscription service illustrates how different elements of the mix can be varied online. It also highlights success factors for developing an online marketing strategy.

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Business Challenges

Business Challenges

A thorough SEO Site Audit showed that there were some technical problems that were holding them back from reaching their full organic potential. After fixing those, we worked on their IA, keyword targeting, metadata, and linking problems. To help them grow their audience, we looked at their segments and made a plan for specialized content that would target both new and returning users and lead to future growth.

  • We audited the site for technical SEO issues, centralized their keyword research, and started tracking with our reporting tools.
  • We focused on ranking their keyword that was positioned from 3 to 10, to get them to the top 1 position. This resulted in a significant impact on their organic traffic.
  • Our challenge was to Identify Factors Impacting Organic Traffic , Increase Site Visibility , Increase Organic Traffic Levels and Develop Strategic Content Plan.
  • A website isn’t getting good leads from their SEO campaigns instead of marketing
  • The site takes a long time to load pages and isn’t set up to get a high core web vitals score.

Foxi Music Solutions


Improving the website’s link profile was our initial approach to building expertise across the website & we did this by utilizing a combination of traditional outreach. By utilizing an effective content strategy we were able to grow key product lines while also providing a much better overall experience for the user & for Google.

  • We were able to initiate a Google Analytics report to give the group a better idea of who their online demographic was.
  • We made SEO Site Audit , Content Audit and Content Plan report.
  • We carefully planned and executed a tailored SEO marketing campaign for the company that focused on brand reputation in the market.
  • Strengthened the client’s online presence with an increase in social media efforts including Facebook, SoundCloud, and LinkedIn.

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