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WPWeb Infotech offers quality software and a good customer experience. Our goal is to ensure that your product functions perfectly and improves your customer’s life. By using our QA services, you can establish concrete controls over your product’s life cycle, monitor every stage of development, and receive accurate quality information. Our Expert QA Testers use the latest practices and technologies to ensure efficient performance and high-quality project implementation for the world’s largest enterprises, aiding in delivering solid software on time.

We offer clients a comprehensive set of manual and automated testing services, adhering to all quality assurance standards and reducing overall cycle time. Whenever possible, we assign the best-qualified specialists to our clients’ projects. Our dedicated QA services utilize a smart combination of automated and manual methods to help you gain control of the entire life cycle of your product, monitor every stage correctly, and provide high-quality product information on time.


QA & Testing Services You Can Trust

We provide a full range of testing services, such as functionality and performance testing, regression testing, automation, and localization, so that we can deliver a quality product quickly.

Automation Testing

Automation Testing

We have QA Automation specialists who specialize in both open source and enterprise testing tools. You can experience cost, time, and speed efficiency with our custom test automation solutions.

Manual Testing

Manual Testing

We provide end-to-end manual testing services for your functional testing needs with a foundation of matured test processes, in-house accelerators, and experience in all industry-leading tools.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing

We provide Regression Testing services to maximize your ROI and provides maximum test coverage with the minimum number of test cases, leading to the lowest cost of appraisal and risk.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing

Our QA testers provide manual & automated functional and non-functional testing services for mobile applications for scalability, security, and cross-platform compatibility components.


Performance & Load Testing

Our team ensures the reliability, responsiveness, & seamless performance of your applications using technology-neutral testing strategies to enhance the performance and efficiency of your system.

Security Testing

Security Testing

Our software testing services are provided by an experienced team of test engineers who execute threat assessments and penetration tests to safeguard applications from hackers.

Tech Stacks & Tools Our QA Testers Use

At WPWeb Infotech, we have experience with well-known tools required for Testing. Our top-notch expertise in manual and automated testing enables us to deliver your software faster without compromising quality or security.

Tools Used by Our QA Testers

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Why Get QA Testing Services from WPWeb?

Our QA testers have years of expertise in testing. We deliver dependable, rapid, and agile software testing solutions. Hire QA testers from us to receive customized solutions with flexible interaction models and other features.


Complete Control Over Testing

Our QA Testers provide complete documents and reports about the project quality for clients to have complete control over the testing process.


World-Class Testing Services

We offer world-class QA testing services to accomplish more by speeding up release cycles and eliminating critical bugs.


End User’s Perspective Testing

We test from the end-users perspective which helps us to more accurately and easily meet all of our clients’ requirements.


Risk Assessment

We consider risk-based testing that involves testing the functionality which has the highest impact and probability of failure.


Comprehensive QA Knowledge

Our QA developers are skilled in all the standard test types that includes it’s UI, functionality, performance, localization, implementing or complex test automation.


100% Transparency & Control

We let you access complete QA reporting that includes test coverage, quality level, test results, status reports, sign-off reports, and more.

Why QA & Testing Services is important?

Testing allows businesses to make their website compatible with all browsers and platforms. It reduces maintenance costs and provides better usability and enhanced functionality for businesses as well as users, such as:

  • Prevents Breakdown
  • Cost-Effective
  • Inspires Client Confidence
  • Boosts Customer Satisfaction
  • Promotes Productivity & Efficiency
  • Smoother Regulatory Audits
  • Improved Process Controls
  • Ensures Long Term Profit
  • Scalable Approach
  • High Accuracy and Reliability
  • Early Bug Catching
  • Load Testing Opportunities

Testing Process

We got your inquiry, what’s next?

Analyze Requirements

Analyze Requirements

Analyze and understand the specifications and requirements in detail.

Develop Test Plan & Strategy

Develop Test Plan & Strategy

Develop a test plan and test strategy that explains test design and determines how testing needs to be done.

Design & Execute Test cases

Design & Execute Test cases

Design and execute test cases to verify a particular feature or functionality of your software application.

Detect & Report Bugs

Detect & Report Bugs

Detect and create a bug report to identify similar bugs in the future so they can be avoided.

Re-Test Issues After Fixing

Re-Test Issues After Fixing

Once the issue is fixed, it is assigned to the tester for its verification.

Looking to Hire Dedicated QA engineers with High-End Technical Skills?

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Providing the Most Appropriate Solution for Leading Industries

We have experience in working with each leading industry so far. Whether it’s startups, small, medium, or enterprise-level businesses, we provide comprehensive solutions for every business at very affordable rates.


Why Should I Consider Outsourcing QA Testing?

There are many advantages to outsourcing software testing. Below are a few of the most popular:
  • Cost savings & added value: WPWeb Infotech provides high-quality software engineering talent at a fraction of the cost of our developers. Our team can provide you with highly-skilled, experienced, and qualified QA testers.
  • Expertise: For more than 5 years, WPWeb Infotech has provided software testing services. We have 10+ software testing engineers and experts ready to help. Our team has extensive domain knowledge, thousands of years of combined experience, and hundreds of clients’ success stories of which we can be proud.
  • Scalability & quick ramp-up time: With us, you can easily manage testers and start testing immediately. When you outsource to WPWeb Infotech, you avoid the time-consuming and costly process of hiring in-house testers.
  • 24/7 testing: Through our offshore and nearshore testing facilities, your teams can develop and test 24/7 by taking advantage of our offices in India and USA.

What is Quality Assurance Testing?

Quality assurance testing involves executing quality assurance to detect any problems in a product or service. The testing is critical because a product that is poorly performed may dissatisfy a stakeholder. Testing of quality assurance requires the following:
  • Architecture design and description.
  • Coding and logic analysis.
  • Testing and compliance management.
  • Change and configuration management.
  • Release management and release control.

How do your testers carry out the Quality Assurance Plan?

Our team of QA Testers develops a Quality Assurance Plan to ensure products quality for customer satisfaction. It defines the goals, roles, and responsibilities, coordinates with other plans, and identifies tasks and Schedules.

The quality assurance process plan includes four steps:
  • Plan : An organization should prepare and identify its process-related objectives and processes for producing a quality final product.
  • Do : Implement, test, and improve processes.
  • Checks : Controlling, adjusting, and evaluating how the process meets defined goals.
  • Act : Ensure process improvements are implemented.

Why Should We Choose WPWeb Infotech over Other Testing Providers?

We have avg. 5+ years of QA testing experience and expertise in API, functional, and mobile testing ensure that the results are always of the highest quality. Most of our clients have been working with us for multiple years due to our proactive communication, depth of knowledge, scope of services, and ability to handle small to highly complex projects.

What is the test plan? Will your software tester company provide me with a test plan?

Our developers can provide you with a software test plan that contains all the instructions and requirements of testing, including the amount of time needed for each type of testing, responsibilities, and key deliverables (that must be achieved).

Do you work according to my time zone preference?

Our developers work 5 days a week, excluding Saturdays and Sundays. They will work according to your time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST) to meet your business needs, deadline, and milestone. Get in Touch with us more details .

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