Futuristic JavaScript Development Services Provider

JavaScript Development Services Provider

JavaScript is a powerful framework that allows you to create websites and apps that are extremely dynamic and responsive, load rapidly, and perform well. You can also create traditional desktop software using JS. The ability to create interfaces that are unique and engaging allows organizations to better satisfy the expectations of their customers, resulting in better user experiences. Along with CSS and HTML, JavaScript is a popular front-end technology. Because JavaScript allows us to construct dynamic web pages, many prominent websites are shifting to it. As one of the best JavaScript development companies, we can provide a custom JavaScript development solution that meets your specific needs.

WPWeb Infotech provides front-end and full-stack JavaScript Development services for business applications ranging from small desktop applications to large enterprise solutions. Using well-established methods and best practices, our JavaScript developers quickly create apps and assist organizations in thinking beyond the box by implementing powerful, scalable, and high-performance solutions.


Full Stack JavaScript Development Services Offered by Our Developers

WPWeb Infotech – Leading JavaScript Development Company, provide full-stack JavaScript development services for various industries from startup to enterprise-level businesses. Let’s explore each JS development service in detail.

JavaScript Web Development

JavaScript Web Development

Our developers have created some efficient, scalable, and highly engaging web solutions for organizations and brands worldwide using JavaScript frameworks.

Desktop App Development

Desktop App Development

To develop desktop solutions for Windows, Linux, and macOS, our team of highly trained and professional JavaScript developers uses a variety of JavaScript frameworks.

JavaScript Backend Development

JavaScript Backend Development

We develop highly scalable, dependable, complex and real-time applications for startups to SMEs using server side technologies like Node.JS.

Maintenance & Support Services

Maintenance & Support Services

Our Maintenance & Support Services provide consistent support for single or static page application, eCommerce application, portal & custom web app.

JS Migration & Upgradation

JS Migration & Upgradation

Our JavaScript developers can assist you update an outdated existing app. Ensuring secure and scalable migration & upgradation is our developers’ top priority.

Frontend UI Development

Frontend UI Development

Front-end web apps and website development uses JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. We utilize it to create intuitive graphical user interfaces that work flawlessly.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

JavaScript framework allows developing cross-platform mobile apps. Our JS developers use JavaScript to develop mobile apps for iOS & Android.

Enterprise App Development

Enterprise App Development

Our JavaScript development services focus on providing efficient, secure, scalable, and robust solutions for enterprise-level businesses for global clients.

eCommerce Store Development

eCommerce Store Development

Our experienced JavaScript developers build high-performance, stable, feature-rich, and user-friendly eCommerce stores or marketplace using JavaScript.

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Why Choose JavaScript for Web Development?

Nowadays JavaScript becomes popular rapidly and as it can be used as a server-side technology, it is useful to develop from single page websites to large applications.

Why Choose JavaScript for Web Development?
  • Efficiency
  • Quick & Responsive
  • Versatility
  • Open Source & Extreme Popular
  • Regular Updates
  • Rich Functionality
  • Rich Interfaces
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Good Responsive Web Design
  • Easy to Learn
  • Use of MEAN Stack
  • Platform Independent

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JavaScript Development Case Studies

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Looking to Hire JavaScript Developers with High-End Technical Skills?

Providing the Most Appropriate Solution for leading Industries using JavaScript

We have experience in working with each leading industry so far. Whether it’s startups, small, medium, or enterprise-level businesses, we provide comprehensive solutions for every business at very affordable rates.

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Stepping into JavaScript web development opens a world of dynamic possibilities. This guide cuts through the noise to highlight the best JavaScript frameworks reshaping the digital landscape. React.js leads with declarative UI and efficient updates, while Angular offers robust enterprise-level applications. Vue.js brings a progressive framework for versatility, and Ember.js stands out with convention over configuration. We'll delve into Svelte's compile-time magic, Backbone.js for lightweight SPAs, and Meteor's full-stack capabilities.

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What are the benefits of outsourcing JavaScript development?

If you want to outsource JavaScript development, then India is considered to be at the rising peak.

Here are some key reasons behind this :
  • High-quality work – India holds the highest market & trust value in the Information Technology industry globally amongst all Asian & European countries.
  • Flexible Time Zones – Indian web development companies work on extremely flexible time zones and hence are accommodative to work based on your geographic regional time zones.
  • Retention of developers – The retention ratio and stability of developers affiliated with Indian web development companies is extremely high and hence consistency acts as a key in any project development. In case of the developers exiting the project due to any circumstances, the companies make sure equally skilled resources are aligned to the project thereby making sure the project development moves uninterrupted and smooth.
  • Availability of skilled workforce: Indian programmers have a quick understanding of the English language which makes it easy for a fluent conversation with clients. India has the world’s largest number of young people in the world and they are well-versed with current trends and technologies.
  • Hardworking and dedicated teams: India is a country with an enormous developer workforce. The Indian programmers work 24*7 to achieve perfection in their work, that is why they leave no stone unturned while giving it an extra edge.
  • Affordable Rates: Due to low operating costs, the availability of a skilled workforce, and a huge client base, Indian cities are considered the most popular outsourcing and offshoring destination, thus providing regular and reliable JavaScript development services at affordable prices in comparison to other countries.

What are the most popular JavaScript frameworks?

There are two types of JavaScript frameworks:

  • Front-end: AngularJS, RectJS, VueJS
  • Back-end: NodeJS, MeteorJS, ExpressJS

What is JavaScript mainly used for?

JavaScript is a programming language that is used to develop dynamic online applications and interactive web pages by utilizing client-side scripting techniques. When using a cross-platform runtime environment, such as NodeJs, it is possible to write server-side JavaScript code.

Is JavaScript used for front-end development?

JavaScript is used for front-end development to build interactive web apps and web pages with simple or complex functions and designs, and is often used to create user-friendly interfaces. However JavaScript frameworks like Node.Js are widely used for back-end development as well.

Is JavaScript used only for web development?

JavaScript is a scripting language that is widely utilised in online application development. However, it can be widely used for different applications including mobile and desktop app development, content management systems (CMS), games, wristwatch apps, and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).

What is difference between Cross platform development vs Native App development?

We use the default language and IDE for both iOS and Android for developing native apps, namely Objective C/ Swift with xCode for iOS and JAVA/ Kotlin with Android studio for Android.

Cross platform technology is a framework in which coding is done only once, but it can be used to launch apps on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows phone. Cross platform technology is a type of framework that allows coding to be done just once.

How much does it cost to develop a project in JavaScript ?

Overall, the cost of developing a project in JavaScript depends on your project’s size, complexity, type, specifications, and budget. Send  your requirements to our business analyst team at sales@wpwebinfotech.com. They will estimate time and cost based on your needs. We also offer hourly and dedicated cost model.

Once my JavaScript development is completed, what after-sales service do you offer?

Yes, at WPWeb Infotech we offer comprehensive maintenance and support after-sales services. Based on the nature and size of the project, we provide two rounds of correction in two weeks after the completion of the project for solving bug issues, performance optimization, and any other problems. After completion of this period, we offer hourly slots for minor development & maintenance. We also provide yearly maintenance support contracts on a retainer ship basis that will cover ongoing hassle-free support and maintenance of your website.

How much does it cost to hire JavaScript developers?

The qualification of JavaScript developer can be determined by looking at the range and complexity of applications developed by them and the skill set they possess. The cost to hire JavaScript developers is determined by several cost factors such as experience, expertise, skillset, project type and other factors. If You need more Information about the cost estimation feel free to contact us.