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WPWeb Infotech provides global outsourcing design and development services. By using effective processes and strong engagement models, we make digital innovation projects effortless – yes, we allow you to get your vision to reality with ease. Our success comes from providing our clients with everything they need at their fingertips, including real-time delivery and daily information updates. With our proven and flexible engagement models, this digital innovation endeavour is put into action. Our developers thinks big and works practically simultaneously. Our business models map the best route to meet your business needs while maximizing traction and promoting innovation.

Engagement Models

Fixed Price Model

Fixed price models are perfect for small, medium, large and enterprise scale size projects, where all specifications, requirements, and deadlines are clearly defined before taking on the project. In addition to defining a timeframe and a budget, it is also important to determine what the project’s main objectives and deliverables will be in advance. By being predetermined, not only is it possible to complete the project on time and within budget, but also maintain good business relations since there is no gray area.

  • A clearly defined scope as well as time frame.
  • No iterations as everything is clear before beginning development.
  • Fixes with quality solutions.
  • Billing is done based on defined milestones.
  • The project has no external dependencies.

Hourly Model

Hourly fee models are best suited to projects in which there is an unclear scope, a long duration, unclear specifications, requirements and process implementation plans, or in which it is likely that those specifications, requirements and process implementation plans can change throughout the process of project development. A pay-per-use model is one in which the cost of a project is based on the time spent and the resources that are used. The minimum hourly slot we offer is 60 hours and payments are also usually made on an hourly basis under this model. Each hourly slot will be renewed with another 60 hours based on project development plan. This plan thus is like a top up plan where hours are added and development is executed.

  • Suitable for all types of projects.
  • Timeline reports daily for project work.
  • Flexible options to optimize cost and refresh staff.
  • Development process starts before final requirements.
  • Get as you Pay – Development is executed with each hourly slot that is bought.

Dedicated Team Hiring

We have a dedicated team, which can be interviewed and approved by you. With dedicated teams you get to work with a professional team of developers where there is a common agreement to acknowledge the workload and requirements for the project within a predetermined timeline, The dedicated team hiring allows you to control and select your project team while keeping the expenses low as well as gives better maintenance services. If you are looking for a development team for your project without worrying about hardware, software, or salaries, then this is the model for you.

  • Ability to work with resources that are directly aligned with your team.
  • Each resource are aligned to work for 5 working days/week.
  • Each resources are eligible to get one approved leave due to any reasons. This will be notified in advance as possible.
  • Resources will be directly connected with you via Skype/Email/Asana/Mantis Or any other system which is mutually decided.

On Site Delivery Model

On-site delivery is a model where skilled professionals from WPWeb Infotech are deployed on the client’s premises in order to deliver services. It is viable only if the project requires a high degree of fluidity, if the project requires the support of a specific resource type or if post-deployment support is an absolute necessity. In addition to our initial consultations, maintenance and support of our products are handled by our representatives who are highly qualified and have strong interpersonal and business skills.

  • Client data remains secure.
  • The client is responsible for onsite activities since resource is directly aligned to work with their team.
  • Size of the onsite team depends on project and support requirements.
  • An estimate of the cost of desired quality.


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