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With a solid foundation of over 8+ years of experience in the industry, WPWeb Infotech stands as a trusted source for hiring Laravel developers in India. Our skilled developers, well-experienced with the latest technologies, bring invaluable expertise to your web development projects. 

Reflecting a proven track record, we have successfully completed 250+ projects, showcasing our commitment to excellence. When you choose WPWeb Infotech, you’re not just hiring Laravel experts. You are partnering with a team dedicated to delivering high-quality Laravel development services, according to your custom requirements.

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Services Offered by Our Laravel Developers

With proficiency in diverse business domains, our Laravel developers offer a wide range of solutions including from custom Laravel web app development to seamless API integration. Let’s look at a few key services in detail.

Custom Laravel Web Development

Custom Laravel Web Apps

Deliver user-centric web experiences with powerful Laravel development. From portals to dynamic apps, our Laravel experts build solutions that meet your unique requirements and assure seamless user navigation.

Laravel Support & Maintenance

Laravel API Development

Unlock seamless data exchange with predictable Laravel API response. Our India’s top Laravel developers connect your app to third-party services, databases, and internal systems for unparalleled flexibility and automation.

Laravel Extension Development

Migration to Laravel

Our Laravel migration experts skillfully transition traditional system to a modern and high-performing Laravel platform. This transition boosts efficiency, security, and brand image with cutting-edge features and future-proofed architecture.

Laravel Laraship Customization

eCommerce App Development

Drive online sales with rich-functional Laravel eCommerce stores, designed by our experienced Laravel developers. Build secure, scalable online platforms that optimize conversions, featuring intuitive shopping experiences.

Laravel Social Networking Solution

Third-Party App Integration

Streamlining workflows and preventing data units, our skilled Laravel developers simplify Laravel-powered integrations. They help connect the Laravel app with desired tools and services for centralized data management.

Laravel API Development

Laravel Support & Maintenance

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our dedicated Laravel support, backed by Laravel experts. Ensure your website thrives with regular bug fixes, security patches, and performance optimization, allowing you to focus on other core topics.

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Looking to Hire Laravel Developers in India? Here’s what you need to know!

There are thousands, if not more, of Laravel developers in India. So how do you hire the best one for your project? Well, there are a few basic factors that will help you out.

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Our Hiring Models

Select different models to hire dedicated Laravel developers as per your project requirements to accomplish your goal.



If you are crystal clear with the project requirements.



If your tasks are not exactly defined and need research.



A developer is exclusively working with you on your project.

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Transform your visionary project into a reality with our top-tier Laravel developers in India. Schedule an interview and guarantee long-term success with their expertise and innovative solutions.

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    Our Flexible Laravel Developers Hiring Plans

    Choose from our versatile Laravel developers’ hiring plans, designed to address everyday development challenges and also support single, fast-paced projects with immediate attention and reliability.

    Full Time

    $2,700/m (USD) 8 Hours Daily

    • Fully-Dedicated Resource
    • Unlimited website maintenance/support
    • Your choice of project management tool
    • Email + Skype support
    • 1-hour turn-around time
    • Daily progress call
    • Continuous developer availability
    • Full-stack developer
    • New website development
    • Dedicated project manager*

    Part Time

    $1,500/m (USD) 4 Hours Daily

    • Half-Dedicated Resource
    • 10 websites maintenance/support
    • Your choice of project management tool
    • Email support
    • 24-hour turn-around time
    • Weekly progress call
    • On-demand developer availability
    • Project-specific expertise

    Bucket of Hours ($20/hr)

    Simple & Transparent Pricing | Fully Signed NDA | Code Security | Easy Exit Policy


    Get an Ideal Laravel Resource for Your Project

    Secure quality Laravel development services, pick your package and hire our best Laravel developers to thrive your project.

    Questions to Ask When Hiring Laravel Developers in India

    Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers in Simple Steps

    Looking for Laravel developers in India? At WPWeb Infotech, we have a team of skilled professionals with a broad range of technical abilities and solid experience. Our focus is on delivering customized solutions and dedicated support. Our hiring process is designed to ensure you find the most suitable and qualified Laravel developer for your project.

    Interaction with our Professionals

    Connect with our Laravel developers, discuss project specifics, share the goals, and expectations you are aiming for to ensure a tailored approach and effective communication.

    Assign to The Team

    Enhance project dynamics by assigning them to our experienced Laravel developers. This step ensures cohesive teamwork and optimal utilization of collective expertise.

    Work and Collaboration

    Seamless collaboration as our developer contributes to milestones, with regular updates and transparent communication ensuring a productive work environment.

    Final Selection

    Conclude the hiring process, ensuring your satisfaction with successful achievement of project objectives with our dedicated Laravel developer.

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    What are the advantages of hiring Laravel developers from India?

    Across the global marketplace, choosing Indian Laravel developers offers a strategic advantage:

    • Cost-effectiveness with competitive pricing
    • Access to a skilled and diverse talent pool
    • Strong work ethic ensuring efficient project delivery

    You can boost your projects with the proficiency of Indian Laravel developers, combining economic benefits with top-notch expertise.

    How do Laravel developers ensure project communication?

    Laravel developers in India employ various channels, including regular updates, emails, and virtual meetings. This ensures transparent communication and a collaborative approach for effective project management.

    Can dedicated Laravel developers adapt to various project requirements?

    Dedicated Laravel developers possess versatile skills, demonstrating adaptability for flexibility in development. They are proficient in addressing and overcoming varied technical challenges.

    What are the usual rates for hiring Laravel developers in India?

    When considering Laravel developers in India, you gain more than just cost advantages:

    • Different pricing models based on experience and expertise
    • Flexible packages tailored to project complexity and duration
    • Ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality
    • Choose Indian Laravel developers for a combination of competitive rates and a determined commitment to high-quality development.

    Can I request specific Laravel frameworks or tools expertise?

    Certainly, you can request specialized expertise in Laravel frameworks or tools. Our developers possess diverse skills, ensuring tailored solutions aligned with your project requirements and preferences.

    How do your Laravel developers stay updated on industry trends?

    Our developers stay current by actively participating in webinars, forums, and online communities. They engage in industry discussions, share knowledge, and actively adopt evolving technologies to stay ahead.

    Can I expect flexibility in the working hours from Indian Laravel developers?

    Expect flexible working hours from Indian Laravel developers, accommodating different time zones for effective collaboration and timely project deliveries. These dedicated Laravel experts adapt to client preferences, ensuring a seamless working relationship.