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Jigar Shah is the Founder of WPWeb Infotech - a leading Web Development Company in India, USA. Being the founder of the company, he takes care of business development activities and handles the execution of the projects. He is Enthusiastic about producing quality content on challenging technical subjects.
domain mapping wordpress multisite

How to Setup WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping: Your Essential Guide

Explore WordPress Multisite domain mapping for unique site identities. This guide covers setup, from network preparation to monitoring, detailing benefits like improved branding and user-friendly navigation. It also addresses limitations, such as plugin dependency, and explores alternatives like subdomains. Ideal for website administrators and business owners, this comprehensive guide is an indispensable tool for effective WordPress Multisite management, providing insights and solutions for successful domain mapping.

complete guide on wordpress rest api

Comprehensive Guide to WordPress REST API

The WordPress REST API has revolutionized the way developers interact with WordPress, offering an interface for applications to communicate with the WordPress site by sending and receiving data as JSON objects. Introduced as part of core in version 4.7, the REST API transforms WordPress from a mere content management system to a versatile application platform. It facilitates building new admin experiences, creating interactive front-ends, and integrating WordPress content into various applications.

synchronous vs asynchronous programming

Synchronous vs Asynchronous Programming: Detailed Guide

Synchronous vs asynchronous programming are two key paradigms in computer science. Synchronous programming, common in languages like C, Java, and Python, executes code sequentially. Each statement completes before the next begins, leading to simplicity but potential inefficiency in I/O operations. Asynchronous programming, in contrast, allows concurrent process execution, enhancing performance and scalability, especially in I/O-intensive tasks. It’s ideal for responsive UIs and high I/O scenarios.

new in wordpress 6.4

New in WordPress 6.4: Explore New Features & Enhancements!

Dive into the latest update with our guide on what’s new in WordPress 6.4. From the innovative block hooks, enhancing your site’s functionality, to the sleek new default theme that promises a fresh look, this version is packed with features. We’ll explore the enhanced pattern system, background image block support, and handy color controls for the content block. Get the lowdown on lightbox image effects, vertical text orientation, and navigation block buttons. Plus, we’ve got your back with a step-by-step upgrade tutorial and tips to ensure a smooth transition.

best web development technologies

Web Development Technologies: Top Picks for Dynamic Websites

Web development technologies are the backbone of the internet as we know it. They include the languages, frameworks, and tools that enable the creation of websites and applications. Among the best are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – the fundamental trio for any web project. Python and PHP bring backend power, while Ruby offers elegance in coding. Frameworks like React and Angular speed up development, and CMSs like WordPress and Drupal simplify content management. With mobile-first approaches, technologies tailored for smartphones are pivotal.

role of quantum computing in web development

Quantum Computing in Web Development: Explore the Potential

Ever wondered how Quantum Computing intertwines with Web Development? This piece unveils the science behind Quantum Computing, and its role in enhancing web security and optimizing data processes. We’ll also touch on its current limitations and the challenges faced in its integration with web development. From AI advancements to the influence of IoT and Blockchain, get a glimpse of the future landscape of web tech with Quantum Computing. Dive into our blog now for more insights.

build music streaming website

Build Music Streaming Website: A Definitive Step-by-Step Guide

Ever thought about creating your own music streaming website? You’re not alone, as the popularity of platforms like Spotify and Apple Music shows the potential in this space. But where do you start? Our guide answers this by walking you through the essentials — understanding what a music streaming website is, dealing with legal aspects, choosing the right platform, and actually building your site. We also tackle FAQs you might have about maintaining and growing your streaming service. Our step-by-step guide is tailored for you.

learn how to build a task management app with react

How To Build A Task Management App With React

Can you become more productive by making a productivity app? Not sure about that, but you can definitely become more productive by building new projects and a task management app that has been on my mind for a long time now. I decided to build it in React without using any additional plugins except node-sass which allows you to use .scss files in your project. Let’s have a look at “how to build a task management app with React?”

How to Make Your Website ADA Compliant

Make Your Website Accessible with ADA Compliance : Full Guide

Discover the essential steps to effortlessly enhance your website’s ADA compliance. Our comprehensive guide delves into accessible design, user-friendly navigation, and more. By adhering to ADA standards, you not only create an inclusive digital space but also stay ahead in the competitive online landscape. Empower your website to cater to all visitors, regardless of abilities. Embark on your journey toward accessibility today, ensuring equal access and a seamless user experience for everyone.