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WPWeb Infotech has been building a better web for the world for almost 5+ years. We’ve started from humble beginnings in India and the United States to become a worldwide business with global ambitions. It began in the same way that the internet did: modest and dispersed, but with apparent promise.

We’ve developed into a global team of specialists over these 5+ years. We design solutions to issues of all sizes. It’s tomorrow that keeps us going, the new issue, the new approach. As a result, we have great respect for individuals who are skilled, hardworking, and ready to learn new things. If you are enthusiastic regarding the job and also have exceptional talent and skills, we are going to welcome you with open arms.


Perks and Benefits

We believe our employees as an asset, so our human resource strategies and policies is our best perk. We believe in maintaining employee-friendly culture to keep our employees satisfied and motivated which leads to better productivity.


Unparalleled Career Growth Opportunities

Along with the economic & career growth opportunities and skills up-gradation are equally important in IT sector and it is required for employee’s personal growth too. Keeping this in mind and considering it a future investment, We strive to maintain the excellence level in skill up-gradation of our employees by continuous on-the-job training programs.


Competitive Pay Structure

We believe in upgrading and maintaining our pay structure based on trending industry standards to reach the satisfaction level of our employees and keep them motivated to perform their duties. To ensure this, our expert HR team does periodic R & D geographically by performing surveys half-yearly and yearly which helps us in keeping updated with the market standards.


Employee Rewards & Recognition Programs

Having talented and loyal employees is a matter of privilege for every organization which becomes the pillar for the company’s success. Considering them our assets, we constantly put efforts to appreciate their performance by small surprises such as vacations, trips, performance incentives, etc. We reward our employees throughout the year for their outstanding skills.


Flexible Working & Work from Home Facility

We believe maintaining a work-life balance is an important aspect of a healthy working atmosphere. It not only improves the productivity of employees but helps them to reduce stress and manage their both personal and professional life which helps the organization to give their best outcome.


Festival Celebrations & Events

Fun is equally important to keep employees engaged and excited out of daily routine work life. To improve employee resilience & optimism, we never leaves a single moment to celebrate whether festivals, birthdays, annual events, on-boarding ceremonies or rewarding our employees frequently.


Performance-Based Appraisals

Unlike the traditional approach and methods such as the bell-curve method, grading method, etc. which has a fixed percentage of appraisals, we believe in completely performance-based pay which helps our employees to give their 100% and keep them motivated to perform their best.

Rewards & Recognitions

We at WPWeb always believe in appreciating the outstanding skills and performance of our employees by rewarding them in a special manner.

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WordPress developer

ReactJS Developer

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  • 1-4 Years
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    2 Positions
Business development executive

Senior Business Development Executive

  • Experience
  • 3 - 6 Years
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    2 Positions

Drupal Developer

  • Experience
  • 2 - 6 years
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    2 Positions

Life @ WPWeb

At WPWeb, We believe in “ Work Hard, Have Fun and Make History”. We believe in celebrating every moments, every festivals, every occasions together like a family creating a lot of memories. This is who we are.


What are the benefits of joining WPWeb Infotech?

WPWeb Infotech is a leading web development company in India. We provide one of the best opportunities for career growth in professional and personal aspects to our team members. Apart from that, we believe in employee-friendly HR policies and work culture which is of the best benefit that helps in maintaining a work-life balance of our employees.

How many days do you work per week?

We at WPWeb Infotech work 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.

In what manner will the recruitment process be carried out?

The procedure will be different depending on the position you are in. After we receive your application, we will deeply screen your resume to look for the position that best suits your skillset and experience. We believe in a quick and short interview process which consists of a basic introductory round, technical round, and finally HR round to close the position. Moreover, our pay structure will be completely based on industry standards based on your experience, skillset, and interview performance rather than pre-defined salary slabs.

What is the appraisal cycle and how performance will be evaluated?

It will be a yearly appraisal cycle from the joining month and performance evaluation will be done based on a 360-degree feedback system.

Does the company believe in recognition programs of an employee?

Having talented and loyal employees is a matter of privilege for every organization which becomes the pillar for the company’s success. Considering them our assets, we constantly put efforts to appreciate their performance by small surprises such as vacations, family trips, performance incentives, etc. We have designed recognition programs such as award ceremonies to reward the outstanding skills and dedication of our employees throughout the year.

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