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Being one of the leading web development companies in India & USA, we provide excellent eCommerce development, UI/UX design, web development, and digital marketing services to start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and even major corporations around the world. Our experts use innovative ideas and technologies to help businesses enjoy an online presence and enable them to reach newer heights.

We work on challenging eCommerce and web development projects for several clients around the globe, through frontend technologies like React, Angular, Vue.js, HTML5, and CSS3, and backend technologies like PHP, WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Shopify, Magento, and Node.Js. Our clients can also have robust, high-performance, easily manageable, secure, and scalable enterprise-level web development solutions at affordable prices without compromising quality.

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Offering a Comprehensive Range of IT Services

Our complete IT services help your business stand out from the crowd.


Web Development

From lightweight MVPs to complex web-based products, our experts can help make your vision a reality, while relieving you of all technical concerns.

eCommerce Development

eCommerce Development

Our experts can create a modern, intuitive and eco-friendly store to exhibit your products and services to people worldwide.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

We could really assist you in enhancing brand authority and exposure. You are really only one tap away from reaching your intended audience.

Designing Services

UI/UX Designing

Our experts create extraordinary UI/UX design ideas consistent with the latest trends and technologies.

Open Source Development

Open Source Development

We can turn even the most complicated of your business ideas into reality with advanced open-source development technology.

Hire Developers

Hire Developers

We have a team of experienced developers. Hire dedicated developers on an hourly or monthly basis.

WordPress Plugins

About Our WordPress Development Services

With more than 15K successful sales and happy customers, WPWeb is an Envato Elite Author on CodeCanyon and have developed over 20 WordPress Plugins; WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads extensions. We’ve also worked with Easy Digital Downloads as a trusted advisor. We have created more than 50 plugins and 100 websites for a diverse range of clients, from little start-ups to SMEs and MNCs. All of these websites and plugins have grown tremendously with the organization.

WPWeb Infotech is a Leading Web Development Company.

We have strong principles and a long history of delivering effective web development solutions.

Why Choose WPWeb Infotech?

Our clients choose us because of our experience and expertise in web development, and they can reach out to our experts regarding any query or issue at a suitable time. We have a talented, multi-skilled team that works tirelessly to deliver every project, however small or large, within the specific deadline.

Our experts take creative and practical approaches to use advanced techniques and technologies during every project for the best results. Following a collaborative roadmap, our team always looks for different ways to use the latest technology for improving every aspect of any project, however big or small. We keep in constant touch with your team to ensure that our solution satisfies your business objectives.

We aim to establish long-term relationships with our clients, which drives us to develop high-quality, customizable solutions. Whatever the challenge, we commit to delivering the most optimum solutions within your budget, no matter how tight the deadlines or how critical the milestones are. Our experts are always ready to deliver client-centric and impactful solutions.

5+ Years of Avg. Experience

1.5M+ Man hours

50+ IT Experts

150+ Clients Worldwide

15K+ Happy Customers

250+ Completed Projects

98%Success Score on Upwork

25+ WP Plugins Launched

94% Client Retention Rate

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How many years of experience does the WPWeb Infotech team have?

Every member of the WPWeb Infotech team has an experience of more than 5 years in their respective fields. Our execution team consists of expert-level web developers and digital marketers, and there are no trainee or apprentice members.

Can you ensure quality in outsourced web development projects?

WPWeb Infotech is an expert web development outsourcing company. Our experts thoroughly analyze your project requirements and assign a suitable project manager highly skilled and experienced in their respective fields, ensuring quality in every aspect of a particular project. We even offer you an option to hire your desired developer through a dedicated hiring model and take a one-on-one interview with them to ensure they are the exact person your project needs.

As a leading web development outsourcing company, what are common engagement models you offer?

We offer the following engagement models for our clients.
  • Fixed Price – If you have a predefined scope of work and the project requirements are crystal clear then you can move ahead with the fixed cost model.
  • Hourly Model – If your tasks are not exactly defined and need research, then hourly model works would suit you the best. This model is also the most convenient model where you can first taste the waters before moving on to larger projects.
  • Dedicated Hiring – This is the most flexible business model where the developer is dedicatedly aligned to work with you exclusively on your project. In case your project is large there is also a possibility to add another developer and meet deadlines. It’s as simple as a developer working for you on our payroll.
Still confused? Get in touch with our experts.

Do you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

It depends on the client. If the client wants to sign an NDA before the commencement of the project to ensure security, we are happy to oblige. But we don’t force any client for an NDA.

What method of communication should we use to communicate with your project development team?

Usually, we use Microsoft Team, Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Hangout and Signal for easy communication with the clients. However, we are open to other project management and communication tools like Asana, Trello, Slack, Clickup, or Jira, as long as you are okay with it.

What web development standards do you follow?

To ascertain the code quality we follow various standards for quality and performance.We always add proper actions/filters in our code so that if any new functionality needs to be added in the future we can do that by creating an add-on or a child theme.

What is your process for Website Development?

  • Kickoff Meeting & Project Planning – Once a project is finalized we get on a Kick-off meeting with all the team members & project managers working on the project and proper development plan is choked. The project is then divided into multiple milestones based on modules or sitemap pages and milestone delivery dates are scheduled accordingly.
  • Development Milestones – The development team will work and code based on the agreed milestone feature list.
  • QA Milestones – As and when each milestone is developed the Quality Assurance team will perform the quality testing for each of them. Project team leader will also do technical testing before the client demo.
  • Milestones Delivery – Project team leader will do each milestone delivery by email so that clients have clear ideas about project progress.
  • Client Demo – The project team will arrange a final demo call to manifest all the features developed under each milestone with the client. If required, the project team will provide a video which includes all the functionality of the project.
  • Final Client Acceptance Testing ( C A T) – When all the milestones are completed the project team will provide an access to staging server for Client Acceptance Testing (C A T).
  • Final Launch – Once the CAT is done the development team will hand over the source code to the client for final deployment.

What differentiates you from other web development and WordPress development companies?

  • We are Envato Elite Author on CodeCanyon and have developed 20+ WordPress plugins; having more than 15K+ happy clients.
  • 50+ IT experts, having average 5+ years of experience.
  • 94% Global client retention rate.
  • Our team has years of experience in various industries like automotive, social, telecom, educational, media, finance, event Management, etc.
  • Trusted consultant on Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Our Clients say we deliver on Clutch. We are a 5 star rating web development company on Clutch.

What kind of post-launch support do you provide?

Based on the size and kind of the project, our experts provide 1 to 3 months of bug fixing/developmental support to the client. After the end of this period, we provide you hourly slots for minor maintenance and development, other than yearly maintenance and support on a retainer basis.

Do you have a price list based on developers with different skills & experience?

Yes, you can choose the developers based on their price, skills, and experience. Moreover, we can suggest you a suitable developer as per your project requirements. Send us your project requirements in detail at