Storify is automated machine working without the need for your assistance once assigned to the job, With this unique requirement by client for having a social media feeder developed for him using Code Ignitor, where he can add his wordpress websites and do posting to social media according to configured settings from Storify.

Here as a WPWeb team being expert with WordPress we have developed webhooks to link WordPress websites inserted on CI platform to perform analysis and fetch list of post categories allowing the end user to Configure the posting schedules according to his needs with defined categories. We configured cron on Client’s server to work according to the philippines timezone.

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Key Features

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WordPress Webhooks Integration

WordPress Webhooks Integration

End-user can select categories while scheduling the rule for posting, only post with selected category will be posted with this schedule.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

We have implemented Facebook and Twitter APIs to auto post on the Facebook groups & pages as well as Twitter accounts.

Interval Scheduling

Interval Scheduling

Instead of bulk posting to facebook we allowed users to choose an interval between posting on social media so the cron will work accordingly.

Google Drive Integration

Google Drive Integration

For images to be fetched from google drive we configured google drive API within this CI Platform to allow end-users to directly schedule images from google drive.

User friendly Interface

User friendly Interface

Customized interface for separated services using the same page, for two different services we used the same page to make it easy for non-technical users.

Multiple Posting Rules

Multiple Posting Rules

Users can configure as many social media accounts and rules for post schedules so it can include different posts for different accounts from the same source.

Business Challanges

Business Challenges

As Client came to us with this requirement for social media feeder it involved multiple challenges such as creating it using CI, which include post fetching from wordpress websites with rules such as selective age of post to be posted on social media with making sure the accounts don’t get blocked.

  • To integrate WordPress with the CI platform for getting posts even those posted recently to all those posted long due.
  • To implement a manageable interval on posting to avoid account restrictions on social media, with start time and end time.
  • Users can insert a google drive field with images to be posted and need to get those posted without repetition.
  • Users can have multiple rules for the same social media as well as multiple accounts with different configurations.
  • Cron needed to be set according to the client’s location where the server was based in another continent for the Website.



As for the WPWeb team being experts in WordPress development and customization works we developed a way out of these challenges to drive this Social Feeder with full throttle. Making each requirement from the client a priority with making sure the safety and security for this project is kept top notch.

  • We developed hooks to integrate wordpress websites with CI platform that enables fetching a list of categories and posts with its meta data.
  • We provided users with configurable intervals from rules configuration where they can select start time and end time for posting too.
  • We integrated Google Drive API for users to be able to add their google drive filled with images and developed webhooks that fetch those images.
  • We made each rule set to act as individual allowing user to have multiple rules for posting and can sign up multiple accounts with same website or different.
  • Due to restrictions from hosting server changing timezone was not allowed so we configured cron time manually to work according to client’s timezone.

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