HiNeon is a designer and manufacturer of custom and pre-built neon signs and artwork. Their site allows customers to shop for pre-made HiPatterns Neon LED products as well as place orders for custom HiScript and HiLetters Neon LED signs.

Although HiNeon had a website, it struggled to attract traffic due to poor design and user experience. The client reached out for a solution, so we analysed the site and recommended rebuilding it completely, improving the layout and UX, and adding new features.

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Key Features

Qualified creatives with the design-chops to make your luminous dreams come true.

Assets Management

Smooth design & User experience

Developed and design the website in a way that customers can easily understand the website domain and what they looking for and better UI for the shopping experience.

Seamless Login

Advance filter system

Customized the filter system where admins can design and decide the filter they want on their website with the fast and specific results that customers want.


Neon Builder & Preview

Created customized Neon LED builder where customers can have the ability to select the color, and font as well as can see the approximate sizing of the LED.

Follow Sellers

Custom Order Request

The user can place the order request with the description of what they want and finally the admin will send the order link to the customer to payout for the same.

Alerts & Notifications

We have integrated API to get the customer reviews and information and display all available reviews on the website on defined section.

Wallet Integration

Google Analytics Events

Implement the Google Analytics Event tracking for each action performed on the website like product show, add to cart, checkout, and payment process.

Business Challanges

Business Challenges

Each business has unique logic and ideas that differ at every step. Our job was to comprehend their business concept, along with the existing site code and features developed by other developers, and identify solutions to increase traffic and sales.

  • The large product volume required solutions to enable customers to find desired products quickly.
  • Customers should be able to easily view relevant products.
  • All order requests needed consolidated management from one interface.
  • Transparency in business operations for customers.
  • Client visibility into customer actions for improved business outcomes.



Our team has the capability to learn about diverse business types, embracing new challenges and opportunities to gain novel skills. We delivered quality work that met the client’s satisfaction.

  • Customised the website’s filter system with new filters for all product variations, configurable from the backend.
  • Built a custom product builder tailored to Neon LEDs where customers instantly see outcomes.
  • Developed a custom order system for admins to fulfil and track custom orders.
  • Integrated the API to display verified reviews and customer data on the site.
  • Implemented Google Event Tracking for client visibility into all customer actions on the site.

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