The client contacted us and shared his concept with our team. The client desires a completely working job portal that includes basic functionality as well as advanced functions such as multi-currency, multilingual, frontend submissions, social networks, a chat system, SMS notifications, and RTL support.

Our team completed an analysis and created a system prototype. We have created a full-fledged job portal that is popular in the Philippines using our proprietary search algorithms and innovative features.

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Key Features

Uniquely designed dashboard interface to manage their profile, job openings & message panel.

Message service

Login with Social Media

Implemented social login functionality with Facebook, Twitter and Google providers.

SMS & Email notifications

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrated Stripe and PayPal payment gateways with recurring payment support.

Easy one-click login with social media

Multilingual Support

Implemented translation module where the whole portal can be translated in any language.

Applicants information security

Multi Currency Support

Implemented multi currency support to accept payment in different currencies.

Easy CSV export for job and applications

Credit buy Functionality

Implemented credit buy module so, for each job posting it will debit credits from the subscriptions.

Multiple company for user

Plans / Packages

Recruiters can choose plans or packages according to their needs and they will get credits in their accounts accordingly.

Plans Packages

Advance search for all

Implemented advance search filter to get accurate results for job seekers and companies both.

Google Adsense

Easy CSV export for job and applications

Recruiter can export job openings and applications easily by applying advanced filters.

CMS based customization for homepage

SMS and Email notifications

Job seekers and recruiters both will get all updates via email and SMS based on their involvement in each job.

Business Challanges

Business Challenges

With this massive idea, the customer came to us to develop a job portal with complicated capabilities, and we only had a business plan from the client side. With aspects such as developers’ issues with flow on many products in mind, there were numerous things to focus on while solving issues where no flow design was provided by the client side, and it’s our job to ensure the flow stays perfect for the requirements and doesn’t become as irritative as expected for many websites.

  • They demand a more advanced search with filters for location, job type, date posted, category, income, and so on.
  • They want to integrate the premium job system so that the company can make their job available in the featured section.
  • They want to integrate automated backup with Amazon S3 and Dropbox backup frequency support.
  • Twilio and Nexmo APIs SMS notifications
  • Create a chat module to allow recruiters and job seekers to communicate instantly.
  • CMS for static pages like: About Us, FAQ, Terms & Privacy, etc.



Our dedicated UX team designed an extensive and attractive flow for the job portal, and the client was happy with the defined flow; therefore, we handed over the project to the development team with that flow. Involving the UX team in such initiatives may be a wonderful way to create trust with customers in our capabilities and provide a clear image of what we will achieve, and we did the same.

  • Developed a custom search page that allows users to select results using various criteria. We built a cache system to speed up searches.
  • Developed Plans and Packages modules with the ability to specify the duration of job posts to show featured in the section.
  • Developed a cron job with support for Dropbox and Amazon S3 for automatic backup. Backups that are scheduled will be kept in Dropbox or S3.
  • Developed a chat module using Pusher’s real-time messaging service.
  • Developed Stripe using the Laravel Cashier Stripe package, and PayPal was developed using the srmklive/laravel-paypal package.

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