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New Infrastructure
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With the best team, lots of enthusiasm, zeal to work, and a strong passion for proving our skills drives us high on the ways of success. Doesn’t it feel so good and great when you actually grow? Like not just in terms of financial growth but also in terms of growth and advancement in the field of your work. Looking back to the time when we had a new team and a goal on our mind and all those baby steps which were the proof that the staunch determination will surely lead us to our goals one day, and perhaps this is the only time when a person should look back in his life.

After months of preparations and being on our toes for quite a longtime, facing challenging situations, managing work and setting up the new infrastructure hand in hand, with all due support of some of our colleagues directly involved in organizing the whole process, we’ve finally moved into our new office.

We have come a long way since then and it gives us immense happiness that today we are expanding our business and that we have our new office bigger than we had dreamt of and a workforce more like a family which is increasing day by day just like our business.

The New location is a critical move by the company to ensure it creates a motivating, inspiring and innovative work culture to deliver world-class web solutions to its clients worldwide.

One of the most significant decision-making factors to move was our growing team. In 2020, we went from 12 employees to 32, meaning we needed more space for desks, meeting areas, and common areas. Since we moved, we’ve added a few more to our team and we’re constantly growing.

So what’s new? Let’s get into it.

Our first impression: We love our brand logo

Now, the Reception Area carved so well right?

This is our HR cabin

Let’s introduce you to all our working area, Development Space

We love the open-concept offices. We’ve built an office which is more employee-centric. Most part of the office is covered with glass windows. This is based on the concept of natural lighting, its all bright throughout the day, which makes us feel extremely energetic and fresh while our minds are at their best.

By the way, we are fun-loving with our Gaming Zone!

Apart from our beautifully designed workspace, we do have a refreshing gaming zone in the center of our office. You can consider this as a break-in zone too ? , Where people can enjoy playing various games like Sequence, Scrabble, Carrom, Pool, Monopoly, Ludo, Chess, UNO, Housie, Puzzle, etc. Also, we have some amazing books, novels, and magazines from well-known authors where our team can refresh their minds by reading.

Next, our shiny Meeting Room: Everyone in the team is excited about this space as we hold our daily/weekly team meetings here. Free to play games on PS4 when there is no meeting! ?

And, welcome to the Cafeteria!, This is where we have our lunch, grab a bite to eat various snacks and do our celebrations.

Grand Inauguration Ceremony

The new office inauguration ceremony was grand, just like our success. The decorations all around were bling, not forgetting our roots, we began by the pooja and offering our deep prayers to the almighty God who gave us the strength to reach here and seek blessings for all future endeavors and reminding ourselves of the constant support and strength God has given us during all times. A round table gathering of all team members discussing their journey to date with the company.

However, more important than our office are our people who make the place more lovable and create a joyous environment to work at. We’ve got a great team of creative thinkers, motivated, productive, and lifelong learners.

So, as we mentioned above, our office is quite bigger, so we still have space to welcome new peers to our team! Click here to view all open positions.

We consider moving to our new office as the beginning of another chapter in our history. Thanks for being with us throughout this growth journey!

If you are in the area, feel free to stop by to say a Hello and grab a cup of coffee!

Team WPWeb

New Infrastructure
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