Acorn Intelligence is the eCommerce solutions provider which helps intelligence empower brands and sellers to maximize returns from eCommerce investments. Acorn products and services can help eCommerce businesses bloom and successfully conduct business across the web.

Our team helped Acorn to understand it’s needs to cover on the website and understand Acorn products and its business so according to that our team can design and develop a website that can easily represent what Acorn does with fewer words.

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Key Features

Qualified creatives with the design-chops to make your luminous dreams come true.

Interactive Animation

Interactive Animation

Implemented a lightweight animation on the website which shows the technical capabilities of the business.

Custom filters

Custom filters

We have implemented custom filters for each template to search NEWS, Stories etc based on the brands.

Ignite Integration

Ignite Integration

The third-party platform called Ignite integrated that pass new leads coming on the website to the existing CRM.

Social share

Social share

Users coming on the website will have an option to share stories and NEWS on their social media accounts using social share buttons.

Unique design

Unique design

Created unique web layout templates with the use of XD tools and implemented design with the actual WordPress templates.

Smooth scrolling

Smooth scrolling

The whole homepage divided in sections with the help of fullpage JS to provide smooth scrolling experience to users.

Business Challanges

Business Challenges

To understand the whole business concept and propose the design that represent the business using prototype that gives and exact idea of the end results is the huge challenge as to propose something to meet client’s expectation requires high level conceptual work.

  • To understand the business and provide XD prototypes with conceptual design.
  • To implement light weight custom animations on the website that won’t affect website speed.
  • To integrate third-party tool Ignite and pass leads on the CRM.
  • To use Lottie animations into Gutenberg blocks.
  • To develop a color changing strip on scrolling for each page.



Our team has the capability to learn about every different kind of business which always have new challenges and opportunities to learn something new which never did. Still, did a good job and the client was satisfied with the solutions which we provided.

  • Our UI/UX team get involved and presented mockups. Upon approval of mockups we have created XD prototypes to give an exact ideas of the end results.
  • We have created interactive globe animation in three.JS and implemented on the website that won’t effect on the page load speed.
  • We have created custom API to create a bridge between the website and CRM to pass all leads.
  • We did export all Lottie animations as a .json and import in the WordPress media library to use inside Gutenberg blocks.
  • We did set gradient background on each page that likes it changing a color on scrolling.

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