ALPEAN is the complete package of infrastructure for working, exercising and rehabilitation. You will have a coworking space in a creative environment with plenty of opportunities to attend workshops to increase your skills or open your mind to new ideas and possibilities.

Alpean is the business of Health & Wellness where our team undertsand the complete business flow and suggested the idea to implement his thought with the real world. We have helped him to provide an online facility where users can book any Health and Wellness services as well as can book Coworking space as well.

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Key Features

Qualified creatives with the design-chops to make your luminous dreams come true.

Credits System

Credits System

Users can purchase a relative subscription package where users can earn a specified amount of credits which can be valid for a time span or unlimited. Once the user has credits they can use them for booking health and wellness services.

Adaptive Booking Layout

Adaptive Booking Layout

Customize the default booking layout with the customized adaptive booking layout as per the client’s needs which includes tabbing and different day selection options for different kinds of booking services.

Booking Filter

Booking Filter

Developed a custom booking filter that can be worked upon different booking services. Each booking service have the different criteria and searches, so based upon the services admin can decide filter options from backend.

Google Calendar Sync

Google Calendar Sync

We have added features where the client can update the booking schedule directly from google calendar or from the website for each of the services as well as any booking made on website will add the booking entry to the google calendar.

KISI Door Integration

KISI Door Integration

We have integrated the KISI door API, which will allow the door access and code the user who booked or subscribed for the services for the desired time. Once the subscription or booking ends it will revoke the access for the same.



The website is completely developed with Multi-language compatibility, and developed a custom option to manage translation for each and every words. Can easily manage the translation for the English and German content.

alpean-business challanges

Business Challenges

To understand their business and flow, find and provide each complex solution with the different techniques and tools they provide, custom booking filter, and booking synchronization with google calendar for admin and it’s members.

  • Different booking filters for each different booking service.
  • Common space for booking schedule and booked services management.
  • Customize subscription for different booking services.
  • Credit system for booking services.
  • Automated Door and Code access system.
  • Multilingual web solution (in German & English) was difficult to handle.

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Our team loves the challenges as being part of this competitive IT industry developing the ever loved Health and Wellness industry becomes an adorable job for the team, with this thing in mindset our team achieved the project worth admiration before the deadline.

  • Developed a customized filter system with optimized queries to get faster results where the filter can be configurable from the backend system.
  • Implemented Google Calander with an existing booking module to manage booking schedules directly from the google calendar and see each booking detail made on the website.
  • Customized the WooCommerce Subscription plugin to match the client’s requirements.
  • Develop a custom Credit system module that can be supported by the WooCommerce Subscription plugin.
  • Integrated KISI Door API system to allow users to have automated door access and codes.
  • We have used qTranslate-X – multi language plugin and developed all custom plugin and theme compatible with that to maintain website in multilingual (in German & English).

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