Baileys Living is a new innovative home building company for new homes with a focus on exceptional design and market-leading service. The Baileys Living business model has been developed to streamline every stage of the home-building journey whilst still giving you the freedom to configure your own architect-designed home. The online option gives you real-time design updates and a beautiful new home that you helped design and all from the comfort of your own home. Our team dives into the requirement and provides a feature on the website with the online facility where users can select the property, colors, and types of packages, and at the end user can get the final price estimate.


Key Features

Qualified creatives with the design-chops to make your luminous dreams come true.

Custom Package Builder

Custom Package Builder

Admin can be able to handle all the packages from the backend with predefined prices. Admin can assign different plans and a number of facilities with each package.

React Layout

React Layout

Develop a custom planner layout, where users can view the new layout of the house immediately by selecting the options available on the website with the use of react action and event listener events.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Created a custom module for collecting online payments with the use of the Stripe SDK library where the client can select the specific package and plan they want and then can pay online.

Home Collection

Home Collection

Develop a module for users where users can be able to select the package and plan they want and at the end will save it for the latter to use to make a payment. Users can be able to download the saved plan as well as can create multiple collections.

Google Map

Google Map

We have customized the Google Maps and integrated to find and select the land where you are looking to build your house. After selecting the location the land information will be automatically fetched.

Finance Calculator

Finance Calculator

Developed a financial calculator where users can input the loan amount and can get the results with the interest rate they need to pay based upon the deposit and the number of years for the payments.

baileys living - business challanges

Business Challenges

It was complex for our team to understand the real estate business as well as the packers and the tools. The client has provided its different packages plan and the requirements only, where we have challenges to provide the road map and flow for the entire website.

  • Users should get the fast and smooth UI for the packages and options they select.
  • Admin should be able to manage and add different packages from their own with easy steps.
  • Users should be able to pay online for the services.
  • Users can have an option to pay immediately or later.
  • Don’t require inputting the land data manually.



Finally, with the help of a number of meetings with the client understand the rough idea that what the client needs. At the end, our R&D team comes up with the solution for each challenge we have.

  • Developed a React JS module for property package builder, so the user can have a faster response and smooth UI.
  • Created a custom module for the admin where the admin can add all the packages information with different layout plans.
  • Integrated Stripe payment gateway with the help of Stripe SDK library.
  • Develop a module for frontend users to save their selected package and plans and when they decided to purchase they can come and directly pay from the saved collections.
  • Implement the Google Maps library with ability to select land and gather land information from the Google Maps API.

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Website building is in our nerves, we just don't build the website, we turn your imagination into a reality.

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