Client was having a requirement to develop a freelancer platform for specific niche, a platform for the content writers for cannabis with an integration of multivendor plugin FES and digital submissions.

We, As a Development Partner, have performed customization job to make the user friendly platform for the content creator and Content sellers. We also implement 3rd party APIs to check for the quality of the content submitted by the content sellers so that, the receiver will exactly receive the unique content. We have also created the needed back-end controls to manage the overall job.


Key Features

We provided solutions that makes usage easier for non-technical real estate employees

user dashboard

User dashboard

We have created user dashboards for everyone where they can track their daily activities and contacts.

job manager

Job manager

A complete job management where client can post a project and freelancers can apply for the same.

payment and commission

Payment and commission

Upon completion of the job, clients can make payment and freelancers will receive in their account by debiting commission.

messaging module

Messaging module

We have developed a messaging module where client and freelancer can communicate.

contect quality checker

Contect Quality checker

When freelancer submits a content, we are checking content quality and uniqueness by running plagiarism checker.

mailchimp integration

Mailchimp integration

We have integrated mailchimp for the newsletter signup functionality so subscribers can get all updates in the newsletters.

Business Challanges (1)

Business Challenges

A challenge was to manage the digital deliverables securely and manage the NDAs online between two parties and many more like it. While working on a digital platform, that itself is a challenge in terms of security of deliverables and its quality.

  • To develop a platform that helps clients and freelancers make their life easier.
  • Monthly, hourly and fixed cost contacts management.
  • To check content quality before delivery.
  • To have automated commission calculations and splitting.
  • To have a filter that blocks spammers and abusive writing submissions.



Security concerns are most critical when it comes to digital platform, while our team is focused and trained in a way to keep progress high even with maintained Quality for production and development challenges were discreetly covering all the ethics.

  • Developed this platform in ease that non-tech person can use with comfort.
  • Management possibilites for Monthly, Hourly, and fixed cost Projects with custom functionalities.
  • Integrated Plagiarism API to validate content upto 95% to allow submission.
  • Vendor Comission management made ease with using automation for payment release and reports.
  • Created Comments and content moderation functionality to auto ban spamming and abuse.

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Applied technologies

Applied Technologies

HTML5 Vault
Mysql_logo My Club Market
edd Foxi Music

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