Electric Confetti is a business of the neon lights. Our UK based client was already in this business since 5 years and growing highly in the market. They contacted us to develop an eye catchy website with conceptual features like product builder, gift cards, custom quotation for own designs that help them to improve traffic and checkout conversion rate.

We have proposed client and developed a website that is unique in its design to the concept of work. There are tools that allow you to book your orders with shop even there are plugin implementation that allows shop to measure estimation on order with precision. Wishlist/ waitlist is customized with notification to users on availability of product.


Key Features

Qualified creatives with the design-chops to make your luminous dreams come true.

Custom Neon Light Board

Designing any kind of product

We have created custom builder which allow users to design and customize font, color shadow , image etc. very easily and see the preview of their custom product.

Booking and scheduled delivery

Booking and scheduled delivery

This feature allows the customer to pre-order the product whenever they want and the product can then be scheduled for delivery at any time that they wish.

Product Feeds to google marketplace

Product Feeds to google marketplace

Establish a connection between the Google marketplace and the website, to update the Google marketplace feed with the newest products that are added to the website.

Social media logins

Social Media logins

We have integrate an social login option into the website therefore the customer can log into it by using their Google and Facebook identities while signing up.

Stripe, Brainstree, afterPay

Payment Gateway Integration

We have integrated payment gateways such as Stripe, Braintree, and afterPay with WooCommerce in order to make the payment processing more streamlined.

Back-end Invoicing function

Back-end Invoicing function

An admin would be able to add and send custom quotations and invoices from the backend of the platform easily if the customer orders a custom quotation.

Pop-up promotions & Voucher Discounts

Pop-up promotions & Voucher Discounts

A gift voucher functionality has been added to the website, and guests are greeted with promotional pop-ups offering discount vouchers and gift vouchers.

Product listing as multi-store

Product listing as multi-store

There are four versions of the website to meet the needs of different nations. The store may alter based on its geolocation, but the listing will be never removed.

Responsive mobile view design

Responsive mobile view design

The website has been designed to be compatible with all screens and devices. We have also designed separate mobile screen version for the custom neon builder.


Business Challenges

As The Electric confetti have been doing creative design work for over a decade in the neon lights industry without failure and disappointment to their customers, when their website design project came to us we were pleasured to work along guidelines from their creative head Natalie for each steps where we had multiple things modified out of the course from its basic nature to new concepts.

  • Create custom builder that fully functional / compatible to work with woocommerce.
  • Migration of 1000+ products hosted on non WordPress website to standard Gutenberg WordPress format.
  • Heavy traffic meant managing the site speed was becoming a huge challenge. This high traffic levels posed a serious challenge as it lead to slow system performance with reduced site speed and increased number of crashes.
  • Implement real time Sync of Product Feeds to google marketplaces.
  • Tight deadline of the website launch.



Electric Confetti team was highly qualified designers in Neon Lights with their creative minds filled with colors. They have been making the environment blast with color as well Designers from Team WPWeb were none the less out of hope for giving out their best performance with support from well qualified developers. We were able to turn fall-backs to trampolines and jump over the hurdles we faced within the time-frame for project deadline.

  • We’ve built a separate Neon Light Board builder plugin that functions as a shortcode and can be added to any WordPress page.
  • Developed a lightweight plugin for booking / pre-order and custom invoice so that the administrator can review all quote requests in the backend and generate custom invoices upon approval.
  • We’ve created a custom migration script that exports the previous website’s products in CSV format and imports them into the new site in WordPress compatible format.
  • For speed optimization ,we moved new website on dedicated server where we have enable server caching, CDN. We have also used W3 total cache plugin to optimize site speed. we used database indexing to speedup the search result page.
  • Conceptual eye caching design for mobile view.

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