Client wanted to create Enneagram personality test that will show you which of the 9 personality types suits you best. User will get a score for each type based on the score assigned on each answer. If a question is skipped then no points are added to any type. Client wants a pretty simple UI as non-technical users are going to use it. Also need to show progress to the user and it should be multilingual.

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Key Features

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Manage User Progress

Manage User Progress

Users will see progress on the frontend. Progress will be increased as the user gives answers to questions.



Users can see the questions in their preferred language. Users can switch the language also.

Test Results and Notifications

Test Results and Notifications

Users will see points for each of the 9 types on final results page. Results will be emailed to the user with PDF report.

PDF Report

PDF Report

The Full-Report, with thorough info on strengths, pitfalls, communication style, leadership style etc are predefined and created manually – in pdf-format.

Manage Groups

Manage Groups

Admin can manage groups. Groups individual page displays all details of the group and members listed belong to that group.

Manage Members

Manage Members

Admin can see member listing and each member’s individual page. Members points for each 9 types and option to resend the report to the user.


Business Challenges

To understand the whole business concept and propose the design that represents the business using a prototype that gives an exact idea of the end results is the huge challenge as to propose something to meet client’s expectation requires high level conceptual work.

  • Client wanted to manage questions and answer with points. So calculating points based on user answer was major challenge.
  • Show current progress to users. Total number of questions to user not decided so incrementing random progress and need to show user.
  • Client wanted to manage the backend in vue also. They wants to manage groups, manage members, individual group and member page everything in vue.
  • Web application must support multi language features. Users can see the questions in their preferred language and users can switch the language also.



For providing a business solution it is required to have each module in mind and with the requirements being clear from client it was been an easeful task for Team WPWeb Developers to solve this challenges and create an easy to use environment for the Business needs of client.

  • Score point added as attribute to each answer element to easily calculate score based on user choice.
  • To show progress, custom vue component created as we need to increment progress randomly.
  • All API developed in laravel for groups and members.
  • Developed groups listing, member listing, group individual page and member individual page in vue.
  • Created 2 vue js app. Once for backend to manage groups and members and frontend app developed to show questions, result and generating pdf.

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