Foxi Music produces all music tracks in-house and are the exclusive copyright owner of all tracks, allowing you to get a hassle-free licensing deal that suits your needs. Foxi music is a business of royalty free music. Foxi music contacted us and represented his idea to our team. Client wants a fully featured music website where users can download free and paid tracks with subscription.

Our team met with Foxi Music leadership to understand their business, members and challenges. We created a timeline of milestones and deliverables to ensure we would hit their event launch date.

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Key Features

Qualified creatives with the design-chops to make your luminous dreams come true.


Subscriptions Module

Users can subscribe to different packages like personal, commercial and enterprise and will get download access based on the active subscription.


Access Integration

User will be able to purchase all access pass license and can be able to download anything from the website in defined timeframe.


Advance Filter

We have developed a custom filter with ability to filter out tracks based on collections, tags, categories, Trending, Newest etc.


Login and Registration

We have developed a custom login and registration popup and integrated it in the website header menu.



We have developed a playlists page where users can be able to filter themes, Genres, moods of the tracks from the playlists.

music player

Music Player

We have developed a custom music player where user can listen tracks even on the checkout page before purchasing it.


Business Challenges

The task at hand was very clear and at the same time quite broad. High level of competition as there are a lot of already promoted and popular music services on the web. Our team met with Foxi Music leadership to understand their business and challenges.

  • client was expecting the development agency to have a local team and presence for day-to-day communication on this project.
  • They want advanced Search with filters by collections, tags, categories, Trending, Newests etc.
  • Restrict music downloads based on active subscription and download preview if the user has no active subscription.
  • To generate playlists in a fast and easy way. Add tracks to playlists.
  • They want a music player with wave effect and play one track at a time.
  • As there are high level of competition on the web they want eye catching design.



Our team loves when the task is full of challenges as with challenges comes the evolution and as being part of this competitive IT industry developing the ever loved Music industry becomes a adorable job for the team, with this thing in mindset our team achieved the project worth admiration before the deadline.

  • Adopt a hybrid project management approach agile + scrum to complete the webiste on time .
  • Developed a custom sidebar filter with ability to filter by different parameters. Implemented the Transient concept to make search faster.
  • Developed subscription modules and tracked downloads to stop user from downloading once limit is reached,
  • Developed music player with wave and play/pause functionality
  • Developed custom playlists page with filter option like themes, genres and moods. Also developed add tracks to playlists.
  • Using Agile processes, we delivered these technical solutions on time and within budget while ensuring effective communication with their team

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