GTracks has multiple roles with its permissions over access to functions. With different permissions, artists and DJs can customize their profiles & also get their own space to publish their music tracks which will then be approved by the admin for publication.

With following requirements and progress feedback from the client, the website works like an e-commerce platform for Artists and free release of music for DJs. There is integration to payment services with the WooCommerce platform and bulk email services for admin which allows broadcasting customizable template emails to different user roles. This website allows the user’s to buy and listen to music from different artists and DJs with various listings done using shortcodes such as popular artists, popular tracks &, etc these are automatically sorted based on purchases and plays.

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Key Features

Added comforting solutions to user experience.

Music player integration

Music player integration

We have integrated music player so, Within the eCommerce platform here users can also listen to tracks

Digital product security

Digital product security

Downloadable files are encrypted with the user to secure downloads only to the user who purchased the music.

Role based pricing

Role-based pricing

We have added custom pricing options for the different roles so, admin can be able to set role based pricing.

Multi currency support

Multi-currency support

We have added multicurrency support within the website so, customer can checkout on their currencies.

Social feed integration

Social feed integration

Implemented viewport of social media Feeds on the homepage for Business social profiles.

Custom search functionality

Custom search functionality

Implemented custom search function help you find music, page, artist even Dj

Business Challanges

Business Challenges

Client requirements are based on the picture while using the canvas is always a challenge, some issues are hard to overcome as of now they were just hurdles in way to give satisfactory work to our Client.

  • Artists and Dj’s can be able to add new tracks from the front-end
  • Artist track uploads are chargeable while Dj’s tracks are free
  • When Dj’s download is always free and users have to pay even artists have to pay for a purchase from different artists
  • All the Dj’s tracks are always free to download
  • User can listen to tracks for up to limited 3 plays after that redirects to buy



Fulfilling clients’ requirements is what we do, even when it’s near impossible it’s still not impossible. Team worked hard to fulfill each requirements without leaving any backlogs to achieve the result.

  • For Artist and Dj’s front-end upload we implemented Doken
  • By using the Doken vendor role for artists and Dj’s we have customized the role for the doken vendor
  • With the same changes to the vendor role we were now able to differentiate the purchase price over the role of DJ
  • Even hereafter customization over vendor role we were able to modify upload free track uploads for vendor role DJ
  • With customization done to the basic preview code we implemented the add to cart after 3 plays based on the IP request

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