Healthcare IT News is part of HIMSS Media, a B2B media group focused exclusively on healthcare and technology markets. HIMSS Media delivers news, analysis, and must-have information to an audience of senior healthcare and technology influencers. Our team get helped in this project to develop a media website with the use of Drupal CMS which can help to handle complex queries and massive data.


Key Features

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Quick load

Quick load

Due to the massive amount of data on the website Implemented the index and facet on the website to load the website quickly without taking much time to load.

Email Subscribe

Email Subscribe

Implemented Marketo subscription where users subscribes specific category and user will get email notification when any new news gets added under that category.



Develop a custom module to integrate the Brightcove video cloud on the website. It will allow the admin to embed the videos which are uploaded on Brightcove.

Custom filters

Custom filters

Developed a custom module to create custom filters for each category and type of news and stories on the website.

Blocks verities

Blocks varieties

Created different varieties of blocks on the website which will allow a website to cover all types of news to be displayed on the website.

Different regions

Different regions

Develop a custom module to allow admin to handle the news for the different regions as well as on frontside the users should be able to read news based on the region they want.


Business Challenges

The news and media industries always come with the challenge to handle lots of data, images, and videos which need better database management, process, and presentation of data. Also, HealthCareITNews provides the news based on the different regions as well so it will be challenging to handle all different news on a single website.

  • Process and handle the massive amount of data.
  • The user should be able to notify once any news gets updated or added.
  • Needs to handle to a large number of videos on the website which should not affect the site performance.
  • Quick results on the news which users want to show with verities of categories and keywords.
  • The website should have multiple sets of areas where the admin can display different news lists or static contents.



Our team has analyzed the requirements and come up with solutions for each point of the challenge. Also, before implementing the solution with the website we have verified and passed the solutions to our expert team as well.

  • Implemented Drupal search index and Facet on the website to provide faster search results as well as load the data quickly.
  • Developed a custom module to integrate Marketo form API, which will get the registration form from Marketo and allow users to subscribe for the email notification.
  • Implemented BrightCove video cloud solution on website to embed the video directly from BrightCove to the website, which will save the bandwidth of the website.
  • Implemented the views filter on the website which will allow users to search or find our specific interested news quickly instead of going through each of the news.
  • Created different types of block views on a website which represent the different areas of views on the website, so the user can see the overview of each news from one page.

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