Invoice is a full featured web application for managing Invoices. Client wants to manage expenses, GST rules, access control, custom fields and automated reports. Client provided a list of features and functionalities that required and our team met with cient to understand their business, and challenges. We created a timeline of milestones and deliverables for project smooth execution.

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Key Features

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Quotes, Invoices, Payments

Quotes, Invoices, Payments

Invoice is a solid application to manage your complete billing circle: from quotes over invoices to payments.

Manage your Clients

Manage your Clients

The application provides CRM-like management for your clients. Enter contact details, notes or add custom fields.

Projects Management

Projects Management

We have implemented the basic project and task management is also available in invoice application.

One-Click Online Payments

One-Click Online Payments

The invoice system allows your clients pay the invoices by using different payment providers like PayPal, Stripe and Direct Bank Transfer.



You can customize an invoice to make sure it fits your needs: select from different themes, set amount formats, modify email and PDF templates or many more.

Multi Language Interface

Multi Language Interface

Invoice is translatable into any language. Admin can choose their preferred languages and all modules content will be loaded accordingly.

Business Challanges

Business Challenges

It was complex for our team to understand the few features as client don’t have wireframe and design. The client just provided descriptions of what he needs. Security and privacy are of utmost importance. Some of the challenges that came along the way are:

  • Client wanted to know the expense for each payment received from the customer so needed a kind of expense module which shows revenue of the company. Also wanted to manage expenses from the client as well as from the company.
  • Client wanted to define custom fields for payment, Invoice, User, Quotation etc.. modules.
  • Client wanted to develop GST compatibility based on India rules. Client wanted to handle both domestic and international clients based on the GST rule.
  • Accessing a few modules based on permission was a major challenge as it’s not like a normal permission module. Client have special requirements for few user roles which require robust logic.
  • Client want a report by client wise, by custom date, by particular sales executive, by Invoice status as well as by bank account in which they received the payment.



Our team loves the challenges of Invoices. With the help of a number of meetings with the client understand the idea of what the client needs. At the end, our team comes up with the solution for each challenge we have.

  • Developed a custom expense module which facilitates defining expenses from client or company. Generate reports for expenses so that the company can know net revenue.
  • Developed GST custom rules where company can exclude the client, state if wanted to exclude it. These GST rules are also taken into consideration while generating reports. Company can add GST at invoice level so that total bill will be product amount with GST.
  • Developed custom fields module where you can define the position of the field, label of the field, required or not, description etc.. for each custom field.
  • Developed access control interface so admin can define what access gives to which user. Team developed access control settings for Admin, Manager and Semi Manager based on client requirements as well as few access control settings at user level.
  • Team developed a report module along with all possible filters, search. Report will be generated in PDF format and the admin can send that report to a particular email.
  • Also developed an automated report which will be sent to admin and CA at the end of every month.

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