Ljusmannen is a candle sales portal where wholesalers can register accounts and invite students to register accounts. School classes, associations, and large groups can use this portal to streamline administration and sales.

The portal enables students to place candle orders without payment. Their parent or teacher accounts then verify and submit the orders to the site for actual payment. This allows students to sell products first and then pay for orders afterwards. The portal facilitates this process to help students sell.


Key Features

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Custom order system

Custom order system

The user can place the order without any cart or checkout process. Students just simply need to select the product and the quantity they want to order.

Product group pricing

Product group pricing

Admin should be able to set the default pricing rule for the product group, where the product is assigned to the specific group.

Account hierarchy

Account hierarchy

Portal has the account hierarchy where the Parent (Teacher) account can invite the user (Students) with the link will be the Subaccount for the specific Parent account.

Bulk Order process

Bulk Order process

Customize the order section for the parent user account to validate each order of their students and generate bulk orders to the website with the payment.

Custom Seller page

Custom Seller page

The teacher’s account will have its own seller page where the people can see the list of products they have and can place orders directly from the seller page.

Update existing orders

Update existing orders

Added options for teachers’ accounts can able to update orders which are placed by their children’s accounts.


Business Challenges

To comprehend the client’s business needs and implement them using the desired technology, we have customised the existing WooCommerce plugin to function as needed, including custom order management with account hierarchy.

  • Implemented different cart and checkout processes based on user roles.
  • Created differentiated pricing rules per user group.
  • Enabled teachers to manage student accounts and orders.
  • Allowed teachers to place all student orders at once on the site.
  • Gave teachers the ability to modify student order data.



Every challenge has feasible solutions, and our team has the expertise to identify specific solutions. We discussed the complete business process with the client and provided a roadmap.

  • Developed a custom cart and checkout process separate from WooCommerce using minor code customizations.
  • Created an admin module to manage user groups and associated pricing.
  • Implemented account hierarchy, enabling teachers to invite student registration under them.
  • Built an independent order management system for teachers to handle all student orders and process them into actual site orders.

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