My Club Lotto is the widest lottery platform in UK dedicated to the sport clubs. Users can win the lotteries and pricing by just supporting the clubs and can raises money for good causes in UK. Supporters can buy match tickets, Gift vouchers and claim tickets. At the end of each month the winner will get announced for the lottery and can raise the funds for the clubs they are supporting. Winner will get the amounts and prizes for each month. All supporters will get the chance to win prizes of up to £25,000 for just £1 per week

Our team get understanding of this business and prepared a very detailed flow and taken a care of the development and calculation logics very closely as at the end it would be a financial website the needs a care of single digit calculation perfections.


Key Features

ZOHO integration

ZOHO integration

We have integrated the whole system with ZOHO CRM to track each leads and pass the club data and their supporter data.

Goal calculator

Goal calculator

We have developed a custom calculator to set goal of supporters for each month and to display the progress on the club listing page.

Live chat module

Live chat module

We have integrated live chat module where supporters can have a chat with the support team and get their queries resolved.

Lottery calculator

Lottery calculator

We have developed a custom calculator where winning amount get divided between clubs and supporters automatically upon announcement.

Funding module

Funding module

We did develop a funding module where supporters can find their club and support them by donating 1 EUR and become a member.

Advanced custom filter

Advanced custom filter

Implemented an advance custom filters where clubs can be searched by name and categories of the club cause type.


Business Challenges

As My Club Lotto is a fully financial platform, it’s a huge challenge to take care of even minor calculation. If something went wrong in the calculation that cause a financial risk and disputes. Also, the platform needs high level data security.

  • To integrate the system with the ZOHO CRM to pass the lead and club data on CRM.
  • To implement ZOHO forms and ZOHO analytics.
  • To develop a fully automated system to transfer the winning amounts to clubs and winners.
  • To implement ticket selling module and gift voucher functionality using that supporters can claim the tickets.
  • To implement high level data security for the clubs and supporters data and to avoid any shell attacks on the platform.



Our team loves when the task is full of challenges as with challenges comes the evolution and as being part of this competitive IT industry developing the ever loved real estate industry becomes an adorable job for the team, with this mindset our team achieved the project worth admiration before the deadline.

  • Developed powerful search for properties with filter options like location, price, category, bedrooms and date range
  • Implemented database cache and WordPress transient concept to make search faster
  • Used WooCommerce for property management and created required custom fields for property so it requires team efforts less
  • Team did R & D for integrating cluster map functionality and successfully integrated in Google map
  • Team implemented amazon s3 Floor plan and Brochures document so that it loads faster when user views it and also keep website memory low

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