MyWinePlus is a premium wine business that operates as an online retailer in Los Angeles, offering high-quality wines. The client has already set up their store on the Shopify platform, but they lack the necessary knowledge to properly organize the store and display their products effectively. They approached us with a specific request to showcase their wines with comprehensive filters that would allow customers to find the exact wines they are looking for.

Our task was to create an organized and user-friendly display of their wine collection on the Shopify store, ensuring that the customers can easily find and purchase the wines they desire.

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Key Features

We provided curated selections, advanced filters and user-friendly features for a seamless experience.

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Advance Filter

Integrate and customize the filter App which will provide users to filter the wines based on color, type/ variety of grapes, and prices which will narrow down the results.


Wine’s Suggestion Based on Region

Customers would be able to find different collections of wines based on their brands, color, taste, and region which will help them to land on specific wine they want.

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Variety of collections

Customer can able to find different collection of wines based on their brands, color, taste and the region which will help customer to land to the specific wine they want.

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Business Challenges

With MyWinePlus website the challenge for us was to understand the details and types of the wines and then organize and showcase them on the website. New: As the client did not possess technical background, they actually wanted us to understand things and manage them all.

  • The wine collection consists of various brands and flavors, and there is a need to present the desired wines to customers efficiently.
  • Different customer regions have diverse preferences when it comes to wines, posing a challenge to provide a solution where customers from specific regions don’t have to browse through an extensive list of wines.
  • Additionally, the wine selection offers a wide range of options in terms of brands, flavors, quality, and prices. Simply displaying all the wines on a single page is not effective.

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The WPWeb expert Shopify team assisted the client by offering suggestions and solutions to address each of their challenges, resulting in the successful setup of an organized Shopify store. The client was delighted with the outcome, as they experienced surprising growth in sales through their store.

  • The team implemented and customized advanced filters, allowing customers to filter products based on brands, flavors, and prices.
  • Custom options were created in the backend, enabling the selection of regions for each product. This information was utilized to create filters on the frontend, making it easier for customers from specific regions to find suitable products.
  • Each product was carefully analyzed and categorized into different collections based on brand, prices, and regions, streamlining the browsing process for customers.

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