Introducing SellerForce, your trusted business brokerage partner, expertly guiding small business owners through the entire sales journey. SellerForce boasts decades of experience and a remarkable track record of facilitating over $1 Billion in sales for our represented companies. It stands as a full-service firm committed to deliver comprehensive guidance and support.

SellerForce is a subscription-based Ad platform to buy and sell business enterprises. This client of ours wanted us to convert their small business website into a robust online marketplace. On this platform, the buyers, sellers, and brokers can interact with each other. They can arrange business meetings and negotiate and finalize deals.

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Key Features

We provided curated selections, advanced filters and user-friendly features for a seamless experience.

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Advance Filter

We have integrated handmade custom filters for smooth and easy search experience. Customers can easily find the business they are interested in and save the search results as well.

ad promotion

Ad Promotion

Apart from Google Adsense, we have created a custom Ads module. There, anyone on the platform can buy a subscription and run their own Ads on different pages on the platform.

zoom Integration

Zoom Integration

We have integrated Zoom video call features for buyers, sellers and brokers. So the customer can interact with the seller or broker through virtual video meetings to finalize the deals.

subscription feature

Subscription Feature

We created a custom subscription module to create custom subscription packages for business listing and Ad promotions. There is also a level based listing that depends on the purchased package.

nda signup

NDA Signup

We have implemented a digital NDA signup feature. So the sensitive business information will be hidden until the customer signs the NDA. The signed NDA is shared with listing owners.

finance calculator

Valuation Calculator

We have developed a custom business valuation calculator. It helps sellers calculate the valuations of their business based on past three years profit/loss and multiplier numbers.

business challanges

Business Challenges

Over 99% of SellerForce’s business is entirely digital. So designing a website that represents the process of buying and selling digital business was the hard part. There were also custom filters and financing features, which were very challenging to integrate.

  • At any point in time, multiple operations will be running in the background. If anything is missed, it may cause a big loss to the business.
  • SellerForce broker and sub broker modules were required to have different access and different relations with each role on the platform. Not all sellers will be brokers and vice-versa. So we had to introduce the flow and access chart and manage the data accordingly.
  • Client shared multiple reference websites with us. They wanted combinations of multiple high-quality filters for customized ones of their own. So the customers can manage financing options from the filters. They can also save the results to access them again anytime in the future.
  • We had to integrate Zoom-like meetings into the platform, based on partner up results in the same business. So let’s say somebody is interested in an investment. Then they can chat in the private chat room and move to the Zoom meeting with the other party anytime.

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After conducting extensive market and competitor analysis, our UI/UX team proposed a flow chart and Figma design, which was instantly approved by the client.

  • To avoid conflicts with other modules, we created a standard operating flow chart. That ensured its seamless integration into the custom code.
  • Our experts designed user role modules and incorporated them into user-specific tables within the database. Custom code was then developed to grant access based on assigned roles.
  • A custom advanced search module was specifically built for the listing page. It featured AJAX-powered search results displayed on the front end.
  • Zoom and partnerUP module flow are clearly defined. So it’s easy for the customers to manage Zoom meetings, chat modules and partnerUP modules.

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