The founders of this company and website started it in their bedroom, showing its humble beginnings. The aim was simple: deliver fresh fruits and vegetables right to your doorsteps. They also offer office snacks and let you give gifts.

The FruitGuys is committed to providing healthy and delicious food while also supporting small farms and fighting hunger. The FruitGuys source their fruits directly from local and regional farms. They aim to support small and family-owned farms while promoting the consumption of fresh, seasonal produce.

The Fruit Guys came to us with a simple objective: Get more traffic on the website with better-optimized content and marketing strategies. So we implemented SEO strategies with extensive keyword research along with content and URL optimization.

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Business Challenges

Right at the beginning, there were challenges with the website, some suggested by the site owners and others occurred during initial check. We explored the whole website, checking every little detail to understand what needed to be optimized, changed, or removed. Here are a few of the main challenges.

  • The Fruit Guys website wasn’t optimized for the relevant, high-volume keywords and long-tail KWs for targeted search.
  • We found the site to be slow and inconsistent on different devices as expected, along with some other technical issues.
  • The website and content had to be updated with the ever-changing SE algorithms, and made informative and engaging.
  • Some of the URLs and pages on the website were broken. They needed to be resolved or removed.
  • We found there was no real structure on the website, due to insufficient internal linking between the site pages.
  • The domain “” is over 25 years old. Being established, the website could be better optimized as a whole.

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At WPWeb Infotech, we take the challenges in stride. Nothing fuels our drive better than overcoming the challenges with ingenious solutions. We divided the challenges based on technical, on-page, and off-page and came up with the solutions. Here are a few significant solutions we implemented.

  • We conducted thorough keyword research and integrated them strategically into different website contents.
  • To counter the performance and technical issues, we optimized the images, leveraged browser caching, and utilized CDN.
  • Our experts developed a content calendar to ensure consistent updates with informative and engaging content.
  • We implemented the 301 redirects and fixed the broken links, along with custom 404 error pages.
  • We executed a well-thought-out internal linking strategy to connect relevant pages and ensure intuitive navigation.
  • Our experts optimized the on-page elements, along with building quality backlinks to enhance domain authority.

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