Sightglass Coffee is a company that sells coffee and offers the best quality imaginable in every element of the industry. Sightglass Coffee previously had a Shopify store, but were having problems with the UI and design of the website. They were also seeking improvements to the current store and adding new features.

Hence, we proposed to create a brand-new Shopify 2.0 theme for the store from scratch. Additionally, we also gave our recommendations for the User Interface as well as other feature additions, which the client appreciated the most.

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Key Features

We integrated some features that made it easier for coffee lovers to shop for their ultimate desire.

subscriptions module


Integrate and customize the Skio App for the Subscription features which provides users to purchase coffee for number of months or years, so they don’t require to place orders for each month.


Free Shipping / Gift suggestion

This feature offers suggestions on the additional amount needed in your cart to qualify for additional offers. By acting on them, users can effortlessly avoid shipping charges on their orders.

advance filter

UPSell products

Introduced a feature that allows admin users to customize upsell product displays for customers, as per items currently in their cart. This enhancement provides more relevant upselling opportunities.

login and registration

Brand colors choice for product details

Provided admin user an option for the product to choose the brand color, so based on that the Product detail page will be displayed based on the theme color selection.

all access pass

Section and Block features

Crafted diverse sections with dedicated blocks for each distinct design, allowing the admin to effortlessly adjust, modify, and personalize page layouts, enhancing the overall user experience.

music player

Customize product combo suggestion

Enable admins to effortlessly create a Product combo pack for customized customer suggestions. If customers find it appealing, they can purchase all items with one seamless click.

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Business Challenges

When the project for Sightglass Coffee came to us, we took a look at the company’s existing Shopify store and its operations and understood their business model.
Following a discussion of all the requirements and needs we recommended updating the theme to Shopify 2.0, which has all the capabilities and features that are required for a store.

  • Customer should not require to place order for each month/year.
  • Upsell products based on product target instead of Shopify default recommendation API.
  • Follow the guidelines of each Coffee brand on website for the Product details.
  • Ensuring a mobile-responsive design for the influx of mobile users was a challenge.
  • Need to sell the other products related to the Coffee.
  • Attract customers to make additional store purchases.

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Despite not being very technical, the SightGlass team was able to clarify what they actually needed. WPWeb’s Technical Project Manager comprehended the entire set of needs and provided a comprehensive solution plan for the entire store and the features the client needed.

  • Selected and customized the top Shopify subscription app to promote subscription plans over single purchases.
  • Designed a section block for users to pick desired products after viewing combo packs.
  • Enabled admins to set the number of suggested products based on cart items via a backend option.
  • Offered a backend option for brand color selection, affecting product display themes on the frontend.
  • Crafted code to display the amount needed for Free Shipping/Gift, prompting more purchases.

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