Vault is a solution for client having his business working from home. During this pandemic many businesses had to switch to work from home and among those, our client was facing issues with managing staff and keeping the work flow smooth. So he asked us for a system to track staff activity while allowing them to access technical resources or in-house aid.

With vault we developed easy flow for client where he as a Super Admin can manage the user roles and keep an eye on all the data being transferred among staff with that we added functionality where staff can arrange meetings and also share updates on those meetings as also can have post meeting conversation and follow up to the task discussed.

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Task assignment

Task assignment

We created interface where User’s with role for project manager can assign tasks to employees listed from custom Contact List.

Daily Activity

Daily Activity

We Created a log sheet system for users to upload, where they can upload all the task they did in their daily schedule.

Viber Integration

Viber Integration

For Instant notification of task or any update on allotted task we integrated Viber API for Message service when new update is there.

Email Integration

Email Integration

For those users who didn’t subscribe to Viber notification we also integrated Email Notification with event triggers like Task added, Meeting Scheduled etc.

Contact List

Contact List

Only Super-admin can manage this contact list so admin can decide who can see which functionality of the project, Using easy check-box click to enable & disable.

Multi-User level

Multi-User level

This project contains multiple user roles, Super-admin, Admin, Business Managers, and Users. Where only super-admin can add and manage access of each user.

Business Challanges

Business Challenges

To understand the needs client have for keeping records of meetings and allowing updates to permissions was not hard as it is commonly faced by businesses while keeping track with daily interaction and providing a solution way where users can be kept freshly updated with the updates on meetings is highly prioritized.

  • To design the system according to client’s requirement where he involves having multiple user roles with different access to the system.
  • To make it an effective and easy to use functionality to schedule meetings with keeping and adding updates to it post meeting.
  • To make sure each user role has different access to the system and designing the user interface accordingly with securing other data.
  • To send Instant Notification to Viber and email on task add & update is necessary so users can stay tuned with the ongoing task for performance tuning.
  • To integrate Amazon S3 server for each file uploaded on the system goes to the Amazon S3 instead of keeping that load on the server.



For providing a business solution it is required to have each module in mind and with the requirements being clear from client it was been an easeful task for Team WPWeb Developers to solve this challenges and create an Easy to use environment for the Business needs of client.

  • Designed a Multi-interface website with multiple users where each user will have a different Interface on login from the common login page.
  • Created Meeting Interface with table view on front to show all existing meetings and add button with form to create new meeting with dynamic form to add participants.
  • As each user has different access to systems and different permissions according to what is assigned by super admin while creating a user they will not be able to access restricted modules.
  • For instant notification requirements on each meeting we configured Viber API with triggers for new meetings and updates as well as with different modules.
  • Created short-code support with message content for dynamic post content, while added customization field on Super-Admin so content can be changed according to needs.

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