Whoosh Music is a subscription based music library website that helps music lovers to upload, purchase or listen to the music and track they love.

Our client wanted us to develop a subscription based platform for a stock music library using WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads where users can download music from and upload music to. We have designed and developed this website from scratch and implemented user based modules like admin module, artist module and customer module with different rights.

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Key Features

We provided solutions that makes usage easier for non-technical real estate employees

subscriptions module

Subscriptions module

Users can subscribe to different credit packages and will get download access based on active subscription.



We have developed a playlists page where users can filter themes, Genres, moods & playlists.

advance filter

Advance Filter

Developed custom filter with ability to filter as collections, tags, categories, Trending, Newests, BPM, moods, instruments and Genre

login and registration

Login and Registration

A customised login and registration popup that we created has been placed into the website header menu.

all access pass

All access pass

We did integrate credit system where user can buy credits and download music based on available credits.

music player

Music Player

Developed music player with wave integration that pops in the footer area.

Whoosh Business Challanges

Business Challenges

The business concept of woosh music is a multi vendor platform with a credit based system so, vendors earning module was quite complicated as we have to handle financial benefits of admin as well as an artist.

  • Solution for managing artists that includes a dashboard.
  • While downloading music from artists, a credit computation mechanism is used. Also, to include a module that transfers actual money to Artists in accordance with credits earned.
  • Limit music downloads based on the user’s credit balance, and download a preview if no credits are available.
  • To have a fully customizable music player as a widget that can be placed anywhere on the website.
  • Using filters for collections, tags, categories, trends, and newest items, advanced search is possible.

Whoosh Solutions


As our team is expert in doing market research, they came up with different earning modules and represented them to client. Client was super happy with the research and choose earnings module of credits that we have implemented.

  • Created a specialised sidebar filter with the ability to filter using various criteria. used the transitory notion to speed up search.
  • To prevent users from downloading after the cap is met, subscription and credit modules were developed, and downloads were logged.
  • Everywhere on the website may utilise the developed music player and shortcode with wave and play/pause features.
  • Created custom playlists page with themes, genres, and moods as filter choices. Added tunes to playlists is also developed.

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