WPWeb is one of the leading WordPress and WooCommerce development companies. They offer custom WordPress plugin development, WooCommerce plugin development, and theme customization services to help clients implement their websites with essential features and functionalities.

They have developed 100+ WordPress plugins and themes for various industries, such as Automotive, Social, Telecom, Educational, Media, Finance, and Event Management, among many others.

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Business Challenges

WPWeb is working in a very competitive market. There are so many similar companies that are working in the same industry. WordPress is open-source and huge resources available related to website development, plugin development, theme development, and customizations.

  • Our first challenge was to increase organic traffic to the website, as they facing low-traffic issues compared to their competitors.
  • Some spammy and irrelevant links need to be identified and need to remove before implementing an SEO strategy for this website.
  • A website not getting quality leads from their current SEO campaigns.
  • The website has a very high page loading time and is not optimized to achieve the core web vitals score.
  • When visitors land on the website and they are not able to convince themselves to make a contact because the website doesn’t have social proof to increase conversions.



Our SEO experts understand the current competition and define custom SEO strategies to achieve desired results. With the help of our design and development team, we made some necessary changes to optimize the website.

  • Define custom SEO strategies which include technical SEO, on-page optimization, and content optimization.
  • Improving overall website page speed by optimizing images, minifying CSS & JavaScript, and removing unnecessary CSS and design elements. Achieve good core web vitals score.
  • After doing proper keyword research, optimize the title, meta description, and alt tags of images of all webpages with targeted keywords.
  • Use primary keywords at the start of the content in every webpage.
  • Define content calendar and do content marketing activities on a regular basis.
  • Implement social proof as well as call-to-action at relevant and required places on the websites, it helps to improve the conversions.

Looking for Similar Results?

Then say hello, and share your requirements with us, we’ll get back to you with suggestions on how to get things moving.

Results We’ve Achieved!

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