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With WPWeb Infotech, you can have a new home for your WordPress website through comprehensive migration services. Our WordPress developers are highly experienced, who can help execute innovative WordPress migration services. That’s why start-ups, SMEs and MNCs from around the world consider us their preferred choice of partner for migrating their website from other CMS to WordPress.WordPress is used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet. We can also help you to migrate your current website a non-WordPress to a more receptive, SEO optimized WordPress platform.

Our team of expert WordPress developers follows a proven process to ensure a smooth and seamless migration of your website to WordPress. This includes a thorough analysis of your existing website, understanding your business requirements, and planning the migration strategy accordingly. Our WordPress migration services are designed to help businesses of all sizes migrate to WordPress with minimal disruption and maximum benefits. So if you are looking for an advanced CMS to power your website, opt for the WordPress website migration services offered by WPWeb Infotech.


WordPress Migration & Upgradation Services We Provide

WPWeb Infotech offers a range of Migration Services for all types of WordPress and
Non-WordPress websites.


CMS Migration

Non-WordPress CMS Migration process helps migrate the websites, which are built in any CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Magento and more migrate to WordPress.


Database Migration

Our WordPress database migration services help to move data across databases for smoother operation and ensuring data will not loose and affect to your runnig website.



Professionals work diligently to transfer hosting including hardware and configurations to a new, improved hosting provider for smooth operation.



Our WordPress migration experts help migrate from subdomain to root domain or any type of domain migration services without any error or loss of data.



Make secure your wordpress website with upgrading WordPress version and its plugins to their latest versions to stay in benefit from the latest features.



In Content migration services, From backups to exports and imports, we’ll migrate all other page content, including comments and links.



We migrate the template of your WordPress website to another domain to make sure about not losing valuable data during the process of migration.



In our WordPress migration services, we reconfigure your WordPress website without loosing any new and old appearance and security features.


Website Backup &

To avoid any kind of trouble while WordPress website migration process, we take a complete backup of the website before transferring it to any other portal.

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From Any CMS to WordPress Migration Services We Offer

WPWeb Infotech helps your website migrate from any other content management system to WordPress.

cms migration 1

Sitecore to WordPress

cms migration 2

Drupal to

cms migration 3

Joomla to

cms migration 4

Blogger to

cms migration 5

to WordPress

cms migration 6

WordPress to
WordPress Multisite

cms migration 7

Django CMS
to WordPress

cms migration 8

Proprietary CMS
to WordPress

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WordPress Migration Services Process

We follow a practical approach to migrate your website to a new CMS, hosting provider or domain.



We enquire about your specific business needs to form your project. This way, we get a goal to target. We also assess the current site for potential issues.



Our experts in WordPress website migration service formulate a detailed strategy to get the migration done without any impact on routine operations.


Backup & Migration

We get a backup of all crucial files and data to be moved. The various elements include the theme, core, plugin, coding, and the database.



We successfully migrate your site to WordPress CMS before smooth delivery. We thoroughly test it to ensure no functionality or appearance changes.



Post the delivery we provide support services in case you need any assistance. You will also get a comprehensive performance report regularly.


Why Choose Us for WordPress Migration Services?

WPWeb Infotech always believes in performing well by delivering the best WordPress website migration services according to your business interest and needs:


100% Secure Migration

At WPWeb Infotech, our experienced WordPress developers ensure 100% data security throughout the website migration process.


Retain SEO Ranking

Whether you run enterprise level website or eCommerce store, We aim to retain the website rankings on the SERPs after the migration.


Custom Migration Services

We provide custom WordPress website migration services based on your requirements, so you can get most out of it and helps to run website smoothly.


Ensure Business Continuity

Do not worry about your business while you’re planning for website migration. As our developers are well-experienced for smooth WordPress migration.


5+ Years of Experience

we have a team of WordPress developers with 5+ years of experience working in the WordPress domain only. So be assured about the quality, when you hire us.


Flexible Time Zone

Our WordPress developers are accessible to work with clients located in a variety of time zones as per your business needs, choice, time, and budget.

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Are you planning to migrate your website from other CMS to WordPress?

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What will be the website downtime during WordPress migration?

WPWeb Infotech aims to keep a minimal downtime. Your downtime majorly depends on how long your domain’s DNS needs to propagate. For the WordPress migration process we assign the best of our experts who are well-aware of the pros and cons involved during the process. Hence, we can assure you a minimal downtime with almost 99.9% uptime. In addition to the above we can work out and decide a time when your website is least active i.e. when you expect least web traffic. This will cause less friction during migration process.

Will my website lose features or important data during the migration?

We do not leave any inadequacy during the migration process. Our WordPress migration specialists are extremely skilled to take care of each and every aspect involved in the migration.

Can you transfer my website to any hosting provider?

Yes we surely can transfer to any hosting provider that supports WordPress requirements. To make sure we would suggest contacting the hosting provider before choosing their services. If you not sure which hosting provider to choose, we definitely recommend

How much time do you need to migrate website to WordPress server?

It totally depends on the work involved. If you have a large database and plugins installed on your website, the time required to move them all would be more than compared to websites involving lesser data stored.

What information do you need for WordPress migration?

To start the WordPress Migration process, we would only need you to provide your current and new hosting account details. Once we have transferred your website files and database, we would ask you to update your domain’s DNS.