Best Drupal Themes: Elevate Your Website with Top Picks

Themes act like outfits for your website, defining its look, feel, and overall user experience. They offer a variety of benefits, from saving you time and resources to creating a website that resonates with your brand and audience. There’s a wide range of themes available for Drupal websites. But it can be pretty overwhelming to choose the right one.

We will help you navigate the theme selection process aligning with your website’s goals and target audience. Plus, you’ll see the top-ranking themes according to our Drupal development company. Let’s begin.

What are Drupal Themes?

Drupal themes are the visual layer of a Drupal website that directly affects the end-user experience while visiting your website. The theme defines layout, colors, fonts, and images, creating a unique look and feel that creates your brand image.

While templates come with pre-designed styles, most of them offer customization options to showcase your brand identity. The most important part is it fits every screen perfectly, whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Compressing it all, Drupal themes empower you to build a website that provides aesthetic looks and flawless functionality without a coding expert.

Why Use Drupal Themes?

Drupal themes make the development process fast-paced with a lot of features and benefits Themes offer a pre-built foundation, saving a great amount of effort and time compared to starting from scratch.

In addition, most theme templates are customizable, allowing you to design a layout and style that fits your brand identity. A well-designed theme can highly boost the user experience with its aesthetics. By enhancing navigational functionality and readability, you can certainly increase the website’s time.

Simply put, Drupal themes provide a solid foundation for your websites. A well-chosen theme can revamp the look and feels of your website and help it grow exponentially.

Best Drupal Themes to Use

Here is a list of the 10 best Drupal themes for your website. You can explore them and choose the best one according to your website requirements. Let’s see what these themes have to offer.


barrio theme

Barrio is a free and popular Drupal-based theme built with the Bootstrap 4.5 framework. It offers building websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly. With features that include responsiveness, customizability, and strong community.

This Drupal theme comes with minimal styling by design. That allows maximum customization but requires additional design or development work to achieve a visually appealing website. Letting you build websites that are personalized and unique.

Pricing: Free to download from


kunco theme

Kunco is a premium Drupal theme that is designed for non-profit organizations, NGOs, and fundraising websites. It offers a clean, modern aesthetic and a robust set of features to empower your website.

It is built with Bootstrap 4 and supports Drupal 8.7 and above versions. The key features that make it unique include donation management, extensive widgets, and Gavias content builder.

Pricing: Starts from $58/year.


tico theme

Tico is a premium Drupal theme specifically designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers a clean, professional user experience. It is also a great option for building a strong online presence.

Tico supports Drupal 5.4 and above. The key features include responsiveness, drag-and-drop easiness, and multiple theme variations.

Pricing: Starts from $48/year.


kiamo theme

Kiamo is a multipurpose Drupal theme well-suited for businesses of all types. It brings modern professional design with a robust set of functionality to create a wide online presence.

It is built with Bootstrap 3. Also offers integration with SlideLayer to create impressive and engaging sliders for content and promotions. The theme also includes built-in widgets and shortcodes, making it flawless and responsive.

Pricing: Starts from $48/year.


mag theme

TheMag is a premium Drupal theme that is specifically designed for creating feature-rich magazine and blog websites. It also offers drag-and-drop building tools, and pre-designed layouts to support various types of content beyond blogs.

The responsive design ensures seamless functionality across devices with multiple homepage layouts. It enables users to share a lot of information on a single page, resulting in a concise website.

Pricing: Starts from $54/year.


pivot theme

Pivot is amongst the best Drupal 9 themes for educational and nonprofit organizations. It offers a page builder with widget options and design options with the support of Bootstrap and HTML5.

It is a fully featured multipurpose, responsive bootstrap-based theme that helps you build websites that fit your institutional requirements. That also includes sliders, drop-down menu social media buttons, and much more.

Pricing: Starts from $48/year.


stack theme

Stack is a multipurpose Drupal theme designed for a wide variety of websites. It’s built with the Bootstrap 5 framework, which ensures better responsiveness and makes it mobile-friendly. This also offers over 140 content layouts that include 30 niche homepages, presenting users with a wide range of options.

This Drupal theme also includes drag-and-drop functionality, making it simple to create and customize.

Pricing: Starts from $48/year.


rogan theme

Rogan brings a featured pack for a multipurpose Drupal theme that is designed to craft all kinds of websites. It focuses the most on design aesthetics and performance with a robust set of functionality.

Built with Bootstrap, Rogan guarantees a seamless user experience. Also, the integration of various plugins and functionality enhances website capabilities, which depend on the version you choose.

Pricing: Starts from $48/year.


facdori theme

Facdori is one of the popular industrial and factory business Drupal 10 themes designed specifically for companies in those sectors. Some of the key features of Facdori include a powerfully themed control panel, drag-and-drop website builder, and industry scalable.

It also leverages the latest web technologies, including Bootstrap 4, SASS, HTML5, and CSS3. They enhance the loading speed, making it more responsive.

Pricing: Starts from $48/year.


mion theme

Mion is a Drupal theme designed for creating modern and professional websites for businesses offering services. It includes over 22 widgets integrated with the latest web technologies like Drupal 10, Bootstrap 3, SASS, HTML5, CSS3, and Font Awesome 4.

The theme has its own super powerful theme control panel with lots of useful options and tools to manage your site: Block Builder, SliderLayer, Customize, etc.

Pricing: Starts from $48/year

With these ten diverse themes explored, you’ve discovered a strong contender to elevate your Drupal website. Keep in mind that the ideal theme depends on your specific project goals and target audience. Consider conducting user testing or gathering feedback for themes before making the final call.

To explore beyond this list, you can contact Drupal developers. They can help you choose from a vast selection of themes and even develop customized ones according to your requirements.

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How to Choose the Best Drupal Theme?

Choosing the best theme for your website can largely impact your site traffic. To get the best of what you need, you can consider the below factors.

Know Your Goals

Identify your website’s purpose and target audience to guide your theme selection. Knowing your goals can bring clarity to your theme choice.

  • Website Type: Business, blog, portfolio, e-commerce? Fixate the type of website you want.
  • Target Audience: Who are you trying to reach? Design a theme that creates the right identity for your website.
  • Essential Features: Make a list of features that are essential for your website and prioritize them.

Prioritize Functionality

Ensure the theme offers the features you need and integrates seamlessly with essential modules.

  • Responsive Design: A responsive theme ensures a smooth experience on all devices, whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: If you are not a coding expert or don’t want to hire one, a drag-and-drop builder can smoothen the process.
  • Theme Features: Look for pre-built elements like sliders, forms, or content blocks to streamline website development.

Design and Customization

Choose a theme that reflects your brand and allows for easy customization to match your vision.

  • Theme Style: Choose a theme that showcases your brand identity and resonates with your target audience. Look for customizable options for better impact.
  • Customization Potential: Customization is key. Can you adjust colors, fonts, and layouts to match your brand?

Research and Reviews

Read user reviews and explore live demos to gauge the theme’s performance and user experience.

  • Theme Provider: Go for themes that are reputable and offer good customer support.
  • Documentation & Support: Clear documentation and easily available support are important in case you need help.
  • User Reviews: Read reviews of customers to gain insights into the theme’s ease of use, functionalities, and potential drawbacks.

Consider the Cost

Free and paid themes offer varying functionalities and support. Select the option that best suits your budget.

Free themes can be a starting point, but premium themes often offer more features, customization options, and ongoing support.

Well, now you know how to choose the best theme by considering your project needs. Even if you are not an expert, you can easily consider the above points to get the perfect theme for your website. But if you need customized themes that are unique to your brand, you can hire Drupal developers to find the right fit. For detailed guidance and personalized suggestions, you can opt for our Drupal consulting services.

FAQ About the Best Drupal Themes

Are there any free Drupal themes available to use?
Yes, there are many free themes available. However, compared to premium ones, they tend to be less customizable and have no further updates for security and compatibility.
What should I consider when switching themes on my Drupal site?
You can at least consider the points below before switching themes on Drupal.
  • Back up your website before making any changes.
  • Ensure the new theme is compatible with your current Drupal version and modules.
  • Test the new theme thoroughly before making it live.
Can Drupal themes affect my website performance and speed?
Yes, a poorly coded theme can slow down your website. So, it's always better to go with an optimized theme.


A perfect theme doesn’t just give aesthetics to your website but also offers easily navigated functionality to users. Drupal, like WordPress, offers a variety of themes to customize the design and layout of the website.

You can choose the best Drupal theme according to some key factors, like:

  • Technical requirements
  • Desired features
  • Extent of Customization
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Cost

So, want to transform your Drupal website into a powerful online presence? Then consult with our Drupal development experts today!

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