WooCommerce Marketing Guide For Store Owners


These days, if you are a product or service-based enterprise, one of the first things you need to do is set up a new eCommerce store to increase your brand’s visibility online. For that, one of the most popular choices is WooCommerce, as it is essentially a plugin of WordPress and offers the best themes and plugins to the owners to ensure the best appearance and functionalities on the website. 

But often, people think developing an eCommerce store would be enough to bring more visitors to the business, which is one of the first mistakes they make. 

There’s a good chance there are thousands of similar eCommerce stores selling similar products and services online as your business. So it’s very easy to get lost in the crowd. To stand out amongst your competitors, you will have to create effective marketing strategies to ensure your business is able to reach as many eyes as possible. 

So in this blog, we’ll discuss how WooCommerce marketing strategies might be beneficial for your eCommerce store.

Why Need a WooCommerce Marketing Strategy?

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Having a dedicated marketing strategy can be highly beneficial for your WooCommerce store in several ways:

Reach a Massive Target Audience

Internet users have been growing by the millions every year, and currently, almost 60% of the world’s population uses the internet. So you can expect your target customers to be in the millions as well. With an effective marketing strategy, you can reach them and increase your traffic and sales quite effortlessly. 

Influencing Customer Choices

An effective digital marketing strategy can not only bring more crowd to your eStore, but it can also influence their choices. People often put items in their carts and forget about them. Digital marketing services can help them make their choice and maybe even convert sales. 

Market the Products more Effortlessly

If you are trying to sell your own proprietary products on the new eCommerce store, a WooCommerce marketing strategy can help promote these products more effectively. 

Stand Out Amongst the Competitors

Even though you might be selling proprietary products, your competitors might have the same types of products and services. So it’s essential to promote your WooCommerce website through digital marketing strategies as it will help you stand out amongst the crowd. 

Increase your Market Share

One of the most significant advantages of implementing a marketing strategy for your WooCommerce website would help increase the market share of your business enterprise. That would make your website more trustworthy, enticing more customers to purchase your products. 

There are several other benefits of implementing a digital marketing strategy for your WooCommerce store. Still, the ones mentioned above might be enough to entice you to create one for your own eStore. 

How to Develop Digital Marketing Strategy for WooCommerce Store?

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Digital marketing can be excellent for your WooCommerce store and the products and services on it quite effectively. But it’s important you create the best strategy; otherwise, the outcomes may not be as good as you were expecting. 

So let’s see how to create the best digital marketing strategy for your new WooCommerce store:

Integrate SEO & Content Marketing

One of the most significant digital marketing strategies to effectively promote your WooCommerce website is implementing an SEO strategy. It helps rank your website higher on the search engine result pages, improve the user experience on the website, and increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce store. Moreover, if your website ranks higher on the SERPs, your target audience will find it more credible compared to your competitors. 

Then, there’s content marketing, a strategy focused on creating and promoting well-researched, high-quality, relevant content to attract more of your target customers to your eCommerce website. Nowadays, people tend to read or watch a comprehensive video about a particular product (whether it is a general product or a proprietary one) before buying it. 

That’s why if you have high-quality content about the products you sell on your WooCommerce store, it will help entice more people to buy them. So implement an eCommerce SEO and content strategy and promote your business with ease. 

Implement Rewards and Offers on the Website

Positive reinforcement is a great way to ensure people respond to what you are saying or selling. That’s why offering discounts and rewards can help improve the sales and traffic on your WooCommerce website. 

Let’s say one of your customers is interested in a product on your website. Then there are two things that might happen. First, they would go ahead and buy the product, which is fantastic. But the other option is they would be turned away by one of the key attributes of the product and move on to a different option. Now, there is a good chance one of these attributes is the product’s price. They might feel the product is not worth the price placed on it. 

But if you implement positive reinforcement, adding a reward, offer, or discount to this product’s price, it may pull back the customers that turned away. If you add a discount to the price or an offer like buy one get one free, it will attract more customers to your website than before. 

You may even start a loyalty program on your WooCommerce website, through which people can start accumulating points on every order, which you can redeem at a later time. That will ensure customers are recurrent on the WooCommerce website. Using Bravo – WooCommerce Points and Rewards extension you can set how many reward points you want to set for a specific amount of purchases. It’s time to reward your customers for giving feedback in your support forums or for detecting a bug! Just give away some points that they can redeem when they buy next.

Have the Customers Promote your Website

What better way to promote your website than having your loyal customers do it for you? Good word of mouth can help thousands, even millions of people, make up their minds about purchasing products from your WooCommerce website. 

First, you can have a review section on your website where customers can write what they think about your products and services. A showcase of the best reviews can help promote your website and business quite easily. 

You can also integrate a wishlist into your website. People love compiling their wish lists and sharing them with their friends and families. Docket – WooCommerce Collections / Wishlist / Watchlist Plugin gives your customers the ability to gather and share products they like, want, or recommend. It allows you to show buyers what you have for sale or share and organize your favorite products.

Implement Cross-selling & Upselling

These sales and marketing strategies can be excellent for your WooCommerce websites. Have you ever seen your favorite shopping site recommend similar products to you? These strategies are called Cross-selling and Upselling.

Cross-selling: Shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. often couple your desired product with other similar products through a section ” Frequently Bought Together” or “Customers Who Buy This Product Also Liked”. Through this process, you can market and sell similar products to your target audience. 

Upselling: Shopping sites also recommend similar but more expensive products, which may help increase your website’s revenue. This strategy may also be familiar through sections like “Products Related To This Item” and “Similar Products”.

Focus on Particular Product Categories

Rather than trying to project your website as the jack of all trades (meaning the customers can buy anything and everything on it), market it as a website or business famous for a few specific types of products. That will help keep your goals and marketing strategy precise, thus giving better outputs. 

You can, however, gradually move to selling and marketing more products after starting with a few. That would ensure you have enough time to scale and market your business properly rather than rushing the marketing for thousands of different products. 

Integrate Social Media with your Website

One of the best digital marketing strategies is integrating the website with social media platforms. Through social media, you can market your products and services along with the WooCommerce website to millions of people for free. Social media also serves as an effective communication and support channel so that your customers can reach out to you in case of any issues with the website and its offerings. 

With social media, you can resolve the customers’ issues more quickly, which will help improve your WooCommerce store’s credibility, increasing sales and traffic on the website. So create a business account on the different social channels and add their logos and backlinks on the website itself. 

Another thing you can take care of is letting the customers share on social media what they have just bought on the website. You can even hire social media marketing experts for your website to build a social presence and be in constant touch with your present and potential customers. 

Implement Email Marketing

Email marketing is another great way to attract more sales and increase the revenue of your business enterprise. You can compile an email contact list through newsletters, subscriptions, contact forms, pop-ups, etc., and share product information, new offers, rewards, discounts, etc., with the target audience. Beginner friendly email marketing platforms, like Omnisend, can make all of it a breeze, as they already have pre-made templates for emails, forms, segments and even automations.

Sometimes, some products in the customer’s wishlist tend not to be available at the time of order. So you can notify them through email when that product is available for purchase on your website. That would get you an instant conversion and a positive customer experience. 

So follow these digital marketing strategies to take your WooCommerce website to the top of the game and stand out amongst the crowd more effortlessly. These strategies will help improve the traffic and sales on the website and increase the return on investment. 


In conclusion, creating a marketing strategy for a new WooCommerce store is essential for driving traffic and sales. By identifying your target audience, setting clear goals and objectives, and utilizing various digital marketing techniques such as SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising, you can effectively promote your store and generate leads. Additionally, monitoring and analyzing your marketing efforts, and making adjustments as needed, will help ensure the success of your strategy.

With a comprehensive marketing plan in place, your new WooCommerce store is sure to attract and retain customers and ultimately achieve its business objectives. These strategies mentioned above will help you reach millions of your target audience and grow your business at a rapid pace. That will help your website stand out amongst the competitors and thrive in the industry. 

So after hiring a WooCommerce Development Company to build a new eCommerce store, ensure you have a digital marketing strategy in place for its promotion.

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