WPWeb Infotech Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary @Udaipur

WPWeb Infotech Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary @Udaipur Main Image
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This time, the WPWeb Hogwarts house went to the magical city of Udaipur, also called the City of Lakes, to make memories and celebrate WPWeb Infotech’s 7th anniversary.

Our 9 ¾  platform was City Centre 2, and we took off on a beautiful journey from there. 

This Hogwarts house was created by Mr. Jigar Shah 7 years ago by taking in some well-known and expert tech wizards, who were eager to create a magical world of Web development by showing their wizarding skills.

And their wizarding skills are not just for this year; they have made and learned some new techniques and technologies. 

Our Visit to Udaipur – The City Of Lakes


Udaipur is a magical city that is rich in heritage, picturesque, and elegant. Udaipur is known by many names, including “the City of Lakes”. It is definitely one of India’s most magical cities. It is nestled between the ancient Aravalli Hills and its famous lakes, which have clear water.

Even though Udaipur is one of the biggest cities in Rajasthan, it still has a charming small-town feel. The peaceful Lake Pichola is in the middle of the city, and the Old City runs along the east side of it.

Built on a series of hills, the city is made up of small, winding alleys that make sharp turns and lead to beautiful marble castles, hibiscus-covered gardens, beautiful fountains, and palaces. This enchanting locale has inspired numerous artists and writers.

Bamboo-saa and its Magical Cottages


The Bamboo Saa Resort & Spa is in the mountains of Udaipur, in the area known for its history. Monsoon Palace and Jagdish Temple are two important places to visit, and Gulab Bagh shows the natural beauty of the area.

In 2017, they began offering their luxurious services. They have a full team of people who work to make their customers feel at home at their venue and help them make sure their special event goes well.

And because of that, you can concentrate solely on enjoying your special day, their goal is to provide you with smooth service and the finest amenities, which will take care of all the minute aspects.

The stay at Bamboo Saa Resort & Spa was wonderful with all amenities and food. Take a dive into the pool of elegance and comfort at Bamboo Saa Resort & Spa loaded with every beautiful element, it is a venue made right for your beautiful celebrations.

The Time We Spent Creating Memories

Day 1

Day 1

What can you think of if you wish to build many memories?

Well, we considered several options, and everything was executed flawlessly; it was the most flawless trip we’ve ever experienced; it was like magic to us.

The Day started at the resort with some refreshments and team pictures which made the atmosphere alive. As time passed everyone indulged in exploring the resort and its beauty.

Soon everyone got to the pool party as arranged, in eye-warming attires after having delicious lunch, which made it the most fun event. Heat sometimes can be a real mood killer & the best way to enjoy a nice cool weekend is to arrange a pool party. Everyone was excited about the party – A Pool Party with Dance, Music, Swimming, and delicious snacks with mocktails.

Everyone left their office worries outside the pool and jumped in to refresh themselves. Then we played games to strengthen our ties with one another. After some rest and chilling, again we enjoyed a folk dance at night with some live music.

Last but not the least, before the end of the night, we had a DJ party where everyone was on a full fledge because they wanted to have the time of their lives dancing their hearts out. Pictures were being taken everywhere and people were enjoying their own flow. After a long night of dancing and munching, the night had to end with tired feet but happy faces. This was the ideal method to celebrate the 7th year anniversary. No one wanted to sleep till the wee hours of the morning because no one wanted to be left out creating happy memories.

Day 2

Day 2

The next morning, with fresh faces and an amazing breakfast the day started with things like cycling in and around Bamboo Saa. We also had the chance to try ziplining, rock climbing, and archery activities along with some indoor games which justify the saying “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

A photo session was a must when doing all of those things, as people were having an adrenaline rush. We took a tour of the property as it was amidst nature, and as the saying goes, “Nature is the closest thing to Heaven.” 

Finally, we checked out and started returning to Ahmedabad with lots of memories and the wish for the trip to never end. We played some more games on the journey back home, and they were some mandatory games. Without them, the bus tour would not be over. I guess everybody could pretty easily guess them. “Dumb charades” & “Antakashri”.

We will keep these memories we created together and cherish them for the rest of our lives. All the moments described above have one thing in common: fun! Working at WPWeb Infotech is a lot of fun because it allows us to connect and achieve meaningful results. And it never gets dull because there’s always something new to learn about the ever-changing world of web development.

These six years have certainly flown by, but we shouldn’t be surprised by that. After all, time flies when you’re having fun!

Last But Not the Least, Words by our House Head, Jigar Shah

“Every company needs to take their employees out. They work for you, but your company works because of them. ” -Jigar Shah

WPWeb Infotech Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary @Udaipur Main Image

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