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WPWeb Infotech is a top-notch social media marketing agency that can help with all aspects of social media marketing, from strategy to implementation for all types of business. As a leading digital marketing company in India, we offer high-value social media consultancy services to help you achieve tangible results from your social media efforts. Our social media team handles day-to-day brand activities like idea conceptualization, query management, social content creation, ad running, reporting, and more.

Our developers create the content pipeline, innovate post designs, monitor publishing times, and target the right mediums with an expert team. By running targeted ads on social media platforms, we help your business conversion targets like lead generation and sales conversion. Our social media marketing services can help you stand out from the competition, increase customer loyalty, and establish a more direct line of communication with your customers.


Social Media Management & Marketing Services

We provide full-service social media marketing services to help businesses get the most out of social media. If you want to get new customers quickly from social media channels, SMM Services can help you by running your ads on social media channels.


Social Media Account Setup

Our social media experts will do everything related to your social media account to get the most out of it. They will manage your posts, set up and manage your social media community, track and measure your progress, and manage your social media identity.


Social Media Calendar Creation

We make social media content calendars to make sure we have content planned and ready to post on time. Marketers can easily plan monthly or yearly social media posts while keeping an eye on larger events, holidays, publications, and partnerships.


Custom & Creative Post Design

Our team of skilled designers will create custom designs that reflect your brand to perfection. We take great pride in our timely delivery of high-quality designs. We have the team strength and talent to develop a design from scratch or adapt yours and produce the rest of the pages.


Daily Social Media Monitoring

Our SMM experts help you to use social media monitoring tools to keep track of and manage online conversations about your brand. We help in tracking hashtags, keywords, and mentions relevant to your brand in order to stay informed about your audience and industry.


Paid Social Media Campaign

With the help of our paid advertising services, your site can get noticed right away to bring qualified people. We can help you track and test paid social media campaigns depending on your industry as well as a number of other factors the cost per lead and cost per click.


SMM Consulting

We have social media marketing packages that can help you promote your business and get people interested in it. From organic strategies to social ad campaigns, our results-driven approach to social media success is used by both small and large businesses.


Social Media Accounts Audit

We perform a social media accounts audit to provide new clarity. We optimize your business campaigns to determine what works. Our developers performs regular and honest social media audits and provides professionally strategized best SMM Services.


Brand Reputation Analysis

We provide best online reputation analysis services to help clients know how their brand is perceived by the clients and how reputation can be managed with regular brand analysis. After collecting all data and insight our team evaluates overall ranking of the brand.


eCommerce SMM

Our experts can help you promote driving traffic to a website or branded app, selling products directly on social media, communicating with customers, and collecting insights about your industry by spreading the word about your brand and making more sales in your online store.


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Additional Social Media Marketing Services We Provide

Our social strategy reflects our marketing strategy: Track, test, tweak, repeat. What you don’t measure and track can’t be optimised. Better data=better results. 

Facebook Marketing

Our experts at WPWeb Infotech can help any kind of business raise its profile, get more customers, and build a brand that people will love. We will help you do well in business with our unique and customized approach.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the social media sites with a lot of users. We offer Instagram marketing services to help you get more followers, get more people to interact with your account, and get more people to see it.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a place where you can find people who share your interests and work in your field. Our team will help you combine the marketing strategies you use on LinkedIn with the ads you run to get a lot of leads and sales.

Twitter Marketing

We are a well-known social media marketing company that can help you connect with your target audience and turn them into customers. We also help your business by giving you unique ways to market on Twitter.

Pinterest Marketing

Using this social media can be very good for your business. Our Pinterest marketing services will bring a lot of people to your website and increase your sales by bringing in people who are interested in different things.

Youtube Marketing

Now, more people watch YouTube videos than read articles or look at pictures. Our team helps with different parts of YouTube marketing by making online videos, making them better, analyzing them, and advertising them.

Tools we use for Social Media Marketing

Our team is familiar with a wide range of social media marketing tools that can help you to achieve any goal you have, including a few free and freemium products. We know there are a number of tools that can be used as the foundation of a powerful marketing stack for any company. This is regardless of whether it is managing customer relationships, winning over leads, or uncovering new marketing opportunities.


Why Choose Us for Social Media Marketing Services?

With our skills and expertise in social media marketing services, we are able to provide you with a complete solution. This will help your business expand its reach on a national and international level. It is for a number of reasons that you should choose us as your social media marketing partner.


Business-Oriented Approach

Our Social media marketers have extensive experience in working with different businesses and industries. Hire us for your project and raise your business with scalable and profitable SMM marketing services.


Experienced Marketers

Our team of Social media marketers has avg. 5+ years of deep experience in marketing. It is their experience of working across projects that make them your best social media marketing partners.


A Progressive Stance

Our SMM strategies are always evolving as we are always trying to keep up with trends. Using these services, we ensure that your business will see maximum traffic and revenues on an ongoing basis.


Flexible Time Zone

Our social media marketers are accessible to work with clients located in a variety of time zones as per your business needs, choice, time, and budget for attaining the best outcomes of your project.


Flexible Engagement Models

We never follow strict parameters while working with clients. They’ve got the flexibility to choose a different engagement or hiring model like fixed cost, hourly, or dedicated hiring for social media marketing projects.


End-to-End Solutions

From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), to Pay Per Click (PPC), Content Writing to Content Marketing, Social Media Promotions, and more, we cover all aspects of marketing.

Key Benefits of Social Media Marketing Services for your Business

With the help of Social Media Marketing Services , the overall objective is to acheive a connection with target audience at the right place nd right time in accordance with business marketing strategy.

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Improved Brand Loyalty & Retargeting
  • Cost-Effective
  • Marketplace Awareness From The Source
  • Genuine Customer Satisfaction
  • Building More Brand Authority
  • Increased Organic Traffic
  • Enhanced SEO Rankings
  • Experience Higher Conversion Rates
  • Boost sales & Generate Leads
  • Partner with Influencers
  • Provides Platforms to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Social Media Marketing Process

We got your inquiry, what’s next?


Determine Client Goals


Develop Strategy


Determine Solutions







Looking to hire Social Media Marketing Experts with proven track record?
Or Hire experienced Social Media Marketers with expertise in your needed domain.

Case Studies

The platform has been developed so that any club can join for free and immediately receive their club’s unique URL, which its members can use to participate in live odds betting, pooled betting, and other activities.
The customer had an idea that would revolutionise the way animal food is purchased online. Clients requested us to create an online food store for animals that had robust functionality such as whole-seller support, third-party integration with WooCommerce, and more.

Providing the Most Appropriate Solution for Leading Industries using SMM

We have experience in working with each leading industry so far. Whether it’s startups, small, medium, or enterprise-level businesses, we provide comprehensive web development solutions for every business at very affordable rates.



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Renewable Energy

Entertainment & Music

Entertainment & Music





Education & e-learning

Education & e-learning

Real Estate

Real Estate

Sports & Gambling

Sports & Gambling

Social Media

Social Media


What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a form of Internet marketing that engages social networking websites for promotional purposes. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience in order to build your brand, increase your sales, and drive traffic to your website. This includes publishing high-quality content on your social media profiles, listening to and interacting with your followers, analysing your results, and running social media advertisements.

What should I offer in social media marketing services?

  • Channel-specific social media services
  • Strategy planning
  • Account/profile creation and branding
  • Content creation
  • Content publishing
  • Research and analysis
  • Education and consulting
  • Campaign and community management

How much does a social media manager Charge?

Before deciding on a price for your social media management services, you need to understand the different ways you can charge clients. On average, social media management costs companies around $1800 to $3200/month, which includes both organic and paid marketing on more than one network. There are 4 different ways to charge for your services based Hourly, Monthly, Project-based and Package-based

How much does it cost to hire a social media consultant?

The qualification of a social media consultant can be determined by looking at the range and complexity of applications developed by them and the skill set they possess. The cost to hire a social media consultant is determined by several cost factors such as experience, expertise, skillset, project type, and other factors. If You need more information about the cost estimation feel free to contact us.

What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing Services?

Following are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing:
  • Increased Brand Authority
  • Improved Brand Loyalty
  • Higher Conversion
  • Builds Relationship
  • Increase the Visibility
The right social media marketing strategy will increase traffic, SEO, conversion rates, brand loyalty, and more with consistent updating. Social media should be part of every marketing strategy. Cost-effective, there’s little to lose. Don’t let your competition steal your customers on social media. Start your business sooner to see faster growth.

What SMM Package Should I Choose?

It’s not a trend to invest in social media for your business; there are numerous compelling reasons for doing so. Here are some of the reasons why:
  • Augment brand awareness
  • Attain thought leadership
  • Personify your brand
  • Stay on the top of the competitive curve
  • Increase inbound traffic
  • Get leads
  • Increase sales
  • Online reputation management

How can I schedule posts on social media platforms?

Long-term, scheduling social posts will save you time. Most social media marketing companies schedule Facebook posts with Facebook Business Manager. TweetDeck is Twitter’s most popular programme. HootSuite lets you schedule Instagram posts and posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Because not all sites allow scheduling, post to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube in real-time.

What is the difference between an organic post and paid ad on social platforms?

A post can be defined as a piece of text and image that you share on social media for your followers to see. An ad is a paid post that targets a demographic and interest-based audience outside of your following. Since most social media algorithms limit how many people view your company’s content naturally, promoting significant or relevant posts ensures that more people see them. Another good sign that a post should be promoted is how well it performs organically. If it’s already doing well, throwing money behind it will expand its reach.

What tools do you use for social media marketing?

Starting from scheduling tools, like Facebook Business Manager, HootSuite, etc. our team uses Google Docs, Adobe Spark, and Photoshop to create visually appealing content to post on social media platforms.

Do you monitor the pages for comments, messages & reviews?

Yes, your social media account manager will keep an eye on the pages to see what people have to say. We’ll respond appropriately if we already know the answer to the question or comment. If we don’t know the answer, we will notify you via email and direct the question to you.

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