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One of the most significant WordPress services offered by WPWeb Infotech is website speed optimization. Website speed and performance are very important to search algorithms like Google; if your website loads slowly, it will impact your search rankings, bringing down your sales.

So you can opt for our WordPress speed optimization services to improve the user experience and rank it higher on the SERPs to attract more traffic to the website. Furthermore, it will ensure fewer people bounce off of your website due to slow speed and weak performance, which will improve sales and ROI.


WordPress Speed Optimization Services We Provide

WPWeb Infotech offers a range of optimization services for WordPress websites to improve their speed and performance.


Image Optimization

When the images are optimized, it can help them load on your website quickly on all types of devices. Our developers can enable lossless image optimization to reduce file size without compromising image quality.


Theme & Plugins Analysis

We perform a comprehensive audit of all themes and plugins installed on your WordPress website to decide which ones to retain and which ones to discard. That ensures a boost in website performance.


Caching Plugins

We integrate caching plugins with the website to ensure users can see a particular page or content without loading it frequently. This process will help cache website to improve UX with faster loading.


Hosting Server Analysis

Our expert developers perform a comprehensive analysis of the web hosting services to check if it is the reason for the decline in site load speed. You can use CDN to extract better performance.


Minify JavaScript & CSS

This aspect of our speed optimization services involves analysis and identification of the CSS/JS files that can be compressed while ensuring the website works without a hitch. That will improve website speed.


Cleanup Codes

Your website may be riddled with unnecessary HTML code snippets. So we will minify the code and have it W3C validated to improve the website’s performance and loading speed effectively.


Render Blocking Resources

Render-blocking resources can cause your browser to stop loading other content until they’re processed. That can put the entire rendering process on hold. So we eliminate these resources to improve website speed.


Database Optimization

Gradually, your database may be filled with spam comments, revisions, transients, auto-drafts, etc., which may be bringing your website to a crawl. So we optimize the database to improve the speed.


Leverage Browser Caching

We perform a comprehensive audit of all themes and plugins installed on your WordPress website to decide which ones to retain and which ones to discard. That ensures a boost in website performance.

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Why Choose Us for WordPress Speed Optimization Services?

WPWeb Infotech always believes in performing well by delivering the best WordPress development services according to your business interest and needs:


Focus on Core Web Vitals

We focus on Core Web Vitals to inspect the significant parameters of a WordPress website and optimize to achieve higher score in CLS, FID, and LCP.


Experienced Developers

Our WordPress developers have vast experience in optimizing enterprise level WordPress website to large WooCommerce store.


Security is Priority

At WPWeb Infotech, we aim to keep the WordPress website secure during the speed optimization process and save the website from malware and hackers.


Guaranteed 90+ Score

With our WordPress speed optimization services, we ensure your website secures a 90+ page speed score for mobile and desktop devices.


Detailed Reports

Our WordPress website speed optimization report includes detailed performance reports before and after the website optimization details.


Flexible Time Zone

Our WordPress developers are accessible to work with clients located in a variety of time zones as per your business needs.

WordPress Speed Optimization Process

WPWeb Infotech follows a realistic approach to optimize the speed and performance of your website.


Submit Your Details




We Audit Your Site


Optimize & Improve


Report of Speed Optimization

WordPress Development Case Studies

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Do you want to speed-up your WordPress website to load faster?

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Is it possible for you to ensure a specific XYZ score on Google PageSpeed Insights?

Google PageSpeed insights score depends on various factors such as website design, coding, server performance, and other technical aspects. So we suggest, you should not focus on the score of any testing tool score, despite focusing on optimizing your website for Core Web Vitals and better user experience.

So if anyone boasts to you about achieving any number on Google PageSpeed Insights score then believe us, they only sell their services to you without giving proof of work.

At WPWeb Infotech, we never give false promises to our clients. Our team of expert WordPress developers has rich experience in optimizing any kind of WordPress website for core web vitals metrics. You can check our website performance at PageSpeed Insights and you will get an idea about our expertise in WordPress speed optimization services.

How do you evaluate the speed of a WordPress website?

Our WordPress developers used various tools like GTmetrix, Pingdom, and PageSpeed Insights to evaluate the speed and performance of WordPress websites.

How much time it will take to achieve top speeds?

Achieving the speed of the website is depend on various factors like the number of plugins used in the website, images, web pages, and the functional complexity of the website. And more importantly, if your website was not developed by following proper WordPress coding standards, then it may take more time to achieve the desired speed of the website.

Will you offer speed optimization services for WordPress Multisite?

Yes, we do have expertise in optimizing WordPress Multisite projects and have a list of satisfied clients. WordPress Multisite enables you to create and run multiple websites using the same WordPress installation on your server. WordPress Multisite is best used when you’re creating a network of sites sharing similar functionality.

Will my design or functionality of the website be affected while performing speed optimization?

Don’t worry about the website design and functionality. While performing website speed optimization tasks our developers take care of all the things related to website design and functionality and make sure it doesn’t get affected. Still, if we found any necessary steps that need to be taken to increase the performance of the website, then first we coordinate with you, if you approve then we proceed further.

Will you boost the speed of my website on mobile too?

Yes definitely, we can help you to achieve higher speed in the mobile version too. And we have a good track record of achieving 90+ scores on mobile devices for all our clients.

Will I lose my data during WordPress website speed optimization?

Not at all, before starting the WordPress website speed optimization task, we take all precautionary steps to ensure your data will not be affected or lost. Your data will remain safe and secure while performing website speed optimization.

What will happen to my current website SEO status?

Performing website speed optimization doesn’t affect negatively on your website ranking and SEO. If you optimize your website for core web vitals then your website get benefits in SEO and from search engine like Google which certainly helps you to achieve a higher ranking on SERPs.

Do you give a 3-second load speed guarantee?

We always aim to bring down the load times to under 3 seconds, which is possible for the majority of the websites. Every website is built differently, so there is no way to guarantee the load time will be under 3 seconds. Nevertheless, we perform every trick of the trade to bring down the site load speed as much as possible.

What plugins do you use for WordPress speed optimization?

The expert developers at WPWeb Infotech use plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, Smush it, WP Optimize, etc., depending on your website’s performance before the optimization.

Would CDN (Content Delivery Network) benefit my website?

You may try using a CDN to enrich your website asset’s delivery for visitors coming to your website from across the globe. However, a reliable hosting company and a well-optimized website should be more than enough for local businesses with audiences limited to a single country. But if you use a WP Engine hosting server for your website, you do not need to use any CDN services; WP Engine provides its own CDN service.

Can you optimize my eCommerce website?

Speed is one of the most significant aspects of an eCommerce website and can significantly impact the website’s earning. We recommend WP Engine’s hosting services for WordPress websites or WooCommerce stores to ensure they are well-optimized for speed and performance

What details do you need to get started with my website’s speed optimization?

All we need is a WordPress administrator account and an FTP account (or your cPanel/Hosting account details) to start optimizing your website for better speed and performance.

Can my website be transferred to a new server?

WPWeb Infotech can help transfer your website to a new server through our dedicated WordPress migration services.

What is the cost of WordPress website speed optimization services?

We can’t tell you right now the exact cost of speed optimization services, as it depends on various factors like website size, complexity, plugins, modules, content, images, etc. So exact cost of WordPress speed optimization will be determined by looking at your current website and performance.

Still, based on our past experience, we can optimize any kind of WordPress website within 2 weeks of time.

If my website has lots of ads/third-party scripts, are you able to make it faster?

Our team of WordPress developers has expertise in native and display ads and website analytics. We use various techniques like lazy-loading, parsing of JavaScript, and minimizing CSS and HTML. We also offer third-party code optimization to make elements of your website faster.

Do you offer speed optimization services for WordPress multilingual websites?

As WordPress experts, we offer assistance in optimizing the performance of multilingual WordPress websites to ensure they achieve their maximum speed.