Add ChatGPT to WordPress: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

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Nowadays, everyone wants ChatGPT on WordPress websites. But why? Is it the extensive amounts of research-based info provided by it on nearly every topic? Or is it the ability to answer every query in a human-like conversation flow? It can certainly make your website more creative.

Whatever the reason, businesses and companies around the world now, want this complete AI package on their website. And, when it comes to improving a website, one of the techniques recommended by every top WordPress development company is integrating it with ChatGPT.

So, in this blog, we are going to explore the different ways to add ChatGPT to WordPress websites. But before that, we’ll see what ChatGPT is, along with its benefits and use cases. Let’s dive in.

What is ChatGPT?

It’s crazy to think that just 6 months ago, nobody had thought AI would be giving out the answers even Google couldn’t. Who thought AI would write everything from simple content to fully-fledged movie scripts? Further still, it would write programs to develop advanced software.

Nowadays, the whole internet, especially social media, has shown a variety of use cases of ChatGPT. But what is this phenomenon taking the internet by storm?

ChatGPT is an AI language model introduced by OpenAI in November 2022. This model is based on the GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) architecture. It analyzes natural language queries through deep learning techniques and generates near-accurate responses. These responses are nearly accurate and in a human-like tone.

OpenAI developers have trained ChatGPT on copious amounts of data from the internet. So it can generate contextually-relevant, accurate, and grammatically-correct responses. That’s why experts consider it beneficial in a variety of use cases.

ChatGPT’s training was split into three phases: pre-training, fine-tuning, and optimization.

During the pre-training, the developers trained it to understand the underlying context and structure of the language. That way, it can predict the next word in a sentence.

After that, ChatGPT was fine-tuned through supervised learning techniques. So it could work on tasks like text completion and answering questions. In this phase, it was provided with large labeled data sets for adjusting the parameters. That helped improve its performance.

Finally, it was optimized through reinforcement learning and supervised learning. That helped generate more accurate and relevant responses and maintain a human-like conversation flow.

That’s why it is so good at generating good responses to human queries and prompts. 

Adding ChatGPT to WordPress Website for Writing Content

Although ChatGPT can help you write the content, you need to understand the best ways to do so. Otherwise, the AI-generated content won’t let your website rank well. Now, the biggest benefit of WordPress is, arguably, its plugins. They can add the best features to your website quite efficiently. 

Let’s check out the step-by-step process to integrate this AI advancement into your WordPress website:

Step 1: First off, install and activate the particular ChatGPT-based plugin on your WordPress dashboard. Let’s say the plugin name is XYZ.

install and activate plugin

Step 2: Then, you’ll see XYZ on the left sidebar of the WordPress dashboard. Click on XYZ. That will open the AI plugin menu. 

Step 3: Now, open a free account on the OpenAI website and generate an API key for using ChatGPT. 

Step 4: After generating the API key, go back to the plugin settings and enter the key in the respective field. (Make sure to copy and paste the key to ensure there is no mistake)

Step 5: Finally, click on Save Changes, and you can generate quality content for your website through a ChatGPT plugin.

But now that your ChatGPT-based plugin is ready for use, how to generate content on the website?

ai plugin in wordpress

Step 6: Click on Add New near Posts. You’ll see an AI icon on the top. 

Step 7: Click on the AI icon and there will be a pop-up field with AI content generator settings. 

Step 8: Fill out the information regarding your blog post, like Language, Article Title, and No. of Headings. Then, Click on Next.

start generating content using chatgpt

Step 9: After that, fill out more details like Writing Style and Tone, along with checkboxes like Add Image, Add Introduction, and Add Conclusion. 

Step 10: Finally, click on Generate Article. 

generate article

Then, just sit back and relax as AI generates high-quality content for your WordPress website, automatically. But if you find installing and using these plugins tricky, hire a WordPress developer. They have the necessary skills and experience to make the most of these plugins’ abilities.

Now that you know the appropriate process, let’s check out the best plugins alternatives to integrate ChatGPT into your WordPress website:

#1 AI Engine

ai engine logo

With over 20,000+ active installations, AI Engine is an excellent plugin to integrate ChatGPT with your WordPress website. It can help with functions like chatbots, written and image content generation, SEO, translation, WooCommerce product fields, and other recommendations. 

Moreover, you can create templates for anything imaginable, which will help save time. With the Whisper API, you can use it for speech-to-text. Plus, with AI Copilot, you can use it to write faster and brainstorm ideas more effortlessly. 

#2 All In One SEO

all in one seo plugin logo

All In One SEO is among the most popular SEO plugins, with over 3 million active installations. It covers a variety of on-page SEO features that can help customize the website in a way that it reaches the top of the SERPs. 

But this plugin also includes AI title and description generation and OpenAI integration to improve the search rankings by integrating it with ChatGPT.

#3 GPT AI Power

gpt ai power plugin logo

GPT AI Power is a comprehensive AI package for WordPress websites. It includes Chatbot widgets, Embeddings, AI training, and WooCommerce integration. It can help generate high-quality content and images along with stuff like forms for your website through GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and even DaVince AI models. 

It is considered one of the best AI WordPress plugins with features like automated content writing, WooCommerce product writing, AI training, content fine-tuning, AI forms, automated SEO optimization, etc. 

#4 AI Chatbot

ai chatbot plugin logo

How to add ChatGPT chatbot to WordPress for customer support? This plugin helps you add a chatbot to your website without any coding know-how. You can just install and activate it and power it with ChatGPT or DialogFlow. 

It also supports multiple languages, including the RTL (right to left) ones. This AI Chatbot is for customer support on WordPress to decrease the bounce rate and increase the dwell time, raising page views significantly. 

#5 ContentBot AI Writer

contentbot ai writer plugin logo

This plugin can help you develop introductions, titles, creative listicles, and even whole blogs for your website. The top features of ContentBot AI Writer are generating blog topic ideas, summarizing, brand names, startup and slogan ideas, and brand stories. ContentBot AI Writer can also help create some fantastic captions for photographs and social media posts. 

Any of these plugins and more can help you write well-worded content for your WordPress website with limited time and effort. Moreover, they can make integrating chatbots with WordPress websites much easier.

But if you are looking for some customized ChatGPT functionalities in your website, our WordPress plugin development services would be of help.

Researching & Writing Content for WordPress Websites Through ChatGPT

Writing any type of content can be kind of a tricky process. You need to be wary about things like context, quality, and accuracy of the information. Moreover, you have to consider grammatical accuracy, flow, readability, and more. That’s why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. 

So let’s see how research and write the content with this technological marvel efficiently:

Step 1: Visit the ChatGPT website: 

chatgpt website

Step 2: Create a new account or sign in (if you already have an account).

create a new account or sign up page, chatgpt

Step 3: Click on New Chat to start a new query conversation.

chatgpt interface

Step 4: Write your query for any type of written content. It can be anything from a blog or article to a video script or social media post caption. 

write your query for any type of written content

For blogs and SEO articles, you can request the title, keywords, meta description, research pages, and even the whole blog. You can even specify the number of paragraphs, sentences, words, and even the number of characters (if you are trying to write a social caption or tweet). 

Step 5: Then, ChatGPT will provide a relevant response within seconds. If you are not satisfied with the answer, click on Regenerate response. Then, this AI model will generate another response to your question or task. 

regenerate response on chatgpt

Since the inception of ChatGPT, this process has become a little easier. You can do research and get near-accurate information on almost any topic. Now, you can even write SEO-based blogs, articles, product descriptions, and meta descriptions more easily. But since it is, after all, AI-generated content, make sure to review it before using it anywhere.

Editing the ChatGPT-Generated Content for WordPress Websites

ChatGPT can help generate long-form written content in just a few seconds to minutes. In fact, that’s why it became an overnight sensation in the content world.

process to edit chatgpt generated content for wordpress websites

But still, you may not want to just copy the content from ChatGPT and paste it on the website as it is.

Although not grammatical errors, the AI-generated content may have some plagiarism and statistical anomalies. It may even lack the human element. That means the reader might identify it as AI-generated, which won’t be good at all.

So here are a few ways to edit the ChatGPT-generated content for WordPress websites:

Review the Content Carefully

You can’t just copy the ChatGPT-generated content and leave it at that. It’s very important that the content is accurate and makes sense in the context. You need to make sure that it reflects your intended thought in the best way possible. 

Make the necessary edits to improve the grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Also, check for consistency in tone, voice, and formatting. Then you can make the necessary improvements.

After editing comes the SEO. The SEO experts recommend you research and identify the most relevant keywords and phrases for your content. These KWs can help add hyperlinks to other pages of your website and even external websites. 

You can provide your readers with extra info by placing these links with keyword anchor texts throughout the content. It will also provide more context to the search algorithms. That improves the visibility of your website on the SERPs. 

Add Suitable Images

Images are crucial for adding more context to your written content. They also make the content more engaging and the page more appealing. So choose some high-quality, topic-relevant images from any stock image source. Or you can create your own customized ones (or get in touch with a graphic designer). 

But make sure you optimize the images for better performance and SEO outputs. First, compress the images’ size without affecting their quality. Second, use descriptive alt tags for search crawlers.

Personalize the Content

An AI model like ChatGPT won’t understand your personal style and brand image. So you will need to tailor the content and add your own voice. That will make it unique and personalized to your brand. 

It’s always great to share your insights and experiences related to the topic. A personal touch on the topic will help establish a better connection with your audience. That way, your content will be different from other AI-generated ones.

Optimize it for Search Rankings

Last but not least, it’s very important you optimize the content for SEO. Incorporate the KWs (researched earlier) into the relevant headings, subheadings, URLs, image alt tags, and body text. That will help your web page and site achieve better visibility in the search engines. 

Also, make sure you include a meta description and title to reflect the essence of the content. Don’t forget to include the keywords in the title and meta description as well.

In case you find it tricky to optimize the website for search rankings, you may get in touch with a white-label digital marketing agency. Their experts know exactly how to get your page in the rankings.

With these editing steps, you can optimize your AI content for both readers and search engines. That will help provide valuable information, improve the user experience, and drive more traffic to your website.

Benefits of Adding ChatGPT to WordPress Website

benefits of adding chatgpt to wordpress website

With the following benefits, ChatGPT can be a great improvement factor for a WordPress website:

  • User Engagement: By integrating ChatGPT into the website as a chatbot, you can improve the user experience. In case of any queries, this chatbot can provide the user with relevant responses in a casual flow. That simplifies navigation and customer support. That ensures the users would want to stay on the website longer to surf or make a purchase. Either way, ChatGPT will improve user engagement.
  • Round-the-Clock Availability: ChatGPT has no definitive “working hours”. So whether you have a query at 2 AM or PM, its chatbot will provide you with the same kind of customer support. 
  • Incredible Efficiency: ChatGPT is a commendable multi-tasker. So with the right system, it can handle thousands of queries with excellent response times. 
  • Range of Features: ChatGPT can be used as a bulk content generator, image generator, product description writer, and more. With its range of features, you can develop and maintain the website more efficiently. 
  • Cost Saving: By using ChatGPT, SEO teams, and customer support teams can save a whole lot of time and resources that can be invested in other areas. 
  • Tailor-Made experience: A big advantage of using ChatGPT is that you can customize it to suit your branding (in terms of language and context). You can also integrate ChatGPT with other analytics software. That can help analyze customer sale patterns, preferences, and demographics. Then you can customize the experience accordingly. 

ChatGPT is incredibly popular nowadays. So you can imagine how “cool” the new age users would find it as a chatbot on your WordPress website. That alone could help improve the engagement and click rate of your site.


ChatGPT is a remarkable piece of tech with a variety of uses for WordPress websites. Although you can incorporate it in a website in several ways, the best option is usually as a content generation tool. 

It presents well-researched information and content in a conversational flow. So you can use it to create more user-focused content in no time at all. So in this ChatGPT tutorial for beginners, we have covered two ways to use ChatGPT for a WordPress website.

First is the manual method, in which you can access the ChatGPT website and generate the content. The second one is integrating it into the website through WordPress plugins like AI Engine, GPT AI Power, AI Chatbot, etc. 

Moreover, for more customized ChatGPT plugins, our WordPress plugin development services might help. You can use either method to create high-quality content for your website. But for a more customized ChatGPT experience on your website, contact our experts.

Nikita Shah is a technical content writer at WPWeb Infotech known for simplifying complex topics. With expertise in various technical fields, she crafts engaging articles that makes technology easy to understand. Her clear and concise writing style ensures that readers gain valuable insights while enjoying the content.

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