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Trends constantly change with time, and several examples show exactly that. Not too long ago, people used qwerty phones, but now they are using ultra-advanced phones with AMOLED touchscreens. Gaming used to be just for fun’s sake, and people played 8-bit Mario Bros & Contra. But now, gaming has transitioned into a profession with games running on 64-bit platforms and with an option of virtual reality.

Just like that, web design and coding have become more creative. Since it is the perfect culmination of creativity and technology, there is no surprise that web design tools, techniques, and trends have been evolving at the speed of light. So if you want to create a website keeping with the current trends, hiring a UI/UX Design company would be the way to go. The growing user base of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Metaverse, etc., will make the latest design trends easier to incorporate into a website in the coming years.

Coding advancements have helped designers be more creative. Although 3D and pseudo-3D graphics and text have always been incorporated into digital platforms, these technologies were never so easy to access.

Intuitive interfacing can also be enhanced by 3D and pseudo-3D graphics. Technology has helped the designers make floating menus stay static rather than disappear into the background as the user explores the website, which ensures they always have a point of reference.

Although a few ideas of web design popular today may have been inspired by popular ones from the late 90s, there are some design elements and website features that were once modern and innovative that may have become redundant and overdone. But users are leaving your website because of an outdated look, and UI/UX is the last thing you want. That’s why web designers have been using a wide variety of typographic, muted color palettes, and serif font styles to ensure their styles don’t become outdated after a while.

Many web designers are now trying to create designs using advanced visual effects and other contemporary methods so that their websites don’t look outdated after a while. But out of all these kinds of designs emerges which one to choose for 2023 which types of design will reign in 2023? Don’t worry, I am here to save you time by listing out the top web design trends for 2023.

Make your brand stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression with your website’s design. And for that, check out the web design trends that will dominate in 2023 and beyond. 

1. Videos as Design Components

video component

With video, you can add diversity to your page. When you add a video to your site, you receive some extra brownie points in the form of engagement. People don’t like to read the text very much, so if you add a video in between, people will learn from the video in a few seconds, which would have taken more time if there was a text version.

The creation of websites now makes use of videos in new and different ways. They are undergoing a transformation from purely informative components to design elements now. As a direct result of the steady development of new technologies, websites are now able to incorporate videos in ways that are both cutting-edge and exciting.

2. Interactive Fonts

Interactive Font

What is wrong with classic fonts? In truth, hardly anything major. But web designers seem eager to try out different fonts, and interactive fonts will give them the chance to do just that. Because of this, it’s important to pick the right fonts and use them in creative ways. The reason is, that we have access to so many tools and technologies that are very advanced, and we can use all of our creativity and imagination when working with fonts.

For example, you might want to look at the website Dillinger. It makes use of a font that, as the cursor moves over the text, alters the weight of the font. It’s important to note that the selected text is easier to read because of the effect of shrinking it against the black background.

3. Linework


Changing the line between old classics and modernism is, you guessed it, linework. Web designers are increasingly turning to lines as a way to give sections, paragraphs, headers, and product galleries on websites additional visual weight and style. The linework is a great way to make grids that change and can be used all over a webpage. With these lines and grids in place, static websites look and feel more like mobile apps because of how they look and how they are set up.

The Appart Agency website design features lines of an extremely fine thickness. The result is one that is precise, technical, and understated. The use of orange, black, and taupe in the graphic design and color scheme brings to mind the Minimalist art movement of the 1960s. The movement of the horizontal line as the scroll is completed is also a nice touch.

4. Split-Screen Website

Split Screen Website

In 2023, split-screen layouts will be used on landing pages more and more. Most of these images show screens that are split either vertically or horizontally, with each side showing either the same clickable functions or actions or different ones.

The best designs for split-screen interfaces do two things at once: they give the user a visually interesting experience and let them dig deeper into the content. Also, with the help of the split-screen layout, you can play with different types of color contrasts.

5. The Black and White Scheme

The Black and White Scheme

People know that color palettes that are mostly black and white are simple, on-trend, and elegant. One of the most powerful visual effects that you can use on your website is contrast, specifically between black and white elements.

A website with a black-and-white design is easier to read, which helps it stand out on different types of screens. This colour scheme works particularly well for web designs that are kept simple and put emphasis on the content.

6. Experimental Typography

Experimental Typography

Scrolling transformations have significantly altered the way that users navigate websites. This ongoing trend will still be evident in 2023, as Horizontal Scrolling, Scroll Animations, and Scrollytelling all get better. 

Because of the experimental typography web design, websites have become more user-friendly and interactive, instead of just being a way for people to connect to different online activities. So, these modifications complete it. It is possible for users to have more interesting experiences on websites while still getting the information they are looking for.

7. Oversized Pointers

Oversized Pointers

Be aware that this modern web design trend will prevail in 2023.

Why would anybody want to put something like this on their website? This current trend in user interface design is helpful because it makes it easier for website visitors to interact with the design and gives them useful information about how the website works. Creative oversized Pointers can work as text translators as well for bilingual websites.

8. 3D Elements

3d Elements

Let’s talk about another black sheep that will emerge from the cold in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Google’s research shows that when the page load time goes from one second to ten seconds, the chance that a mobile site visitor will leave goes up by 123%. Because of advances in technology like smartphones, high-speed internet access, and cutting-edge web design, 3D elements on websites have become very popular.

If a designer wants to show off their skills and get more people to recognize their brand, using the 3D elements can be a very effective way to do both. There has been a recent uptick in the number of websites that make use of 3D graphics in their user interfaces as a means of sprucing up their presentation and bringing more attention to their offerings. In graphic design, typography, and digital art, it’s becoming more and more common to use computer modeling software to make three-dimensional objects. People often put it on their professional websites and in their personal portfolios.

9. Gradient


It is important to use gradients when a website’s design becomes monotonous or if the colors don’t work well together. The gradual blending of color tones is referred to as a gradient. Using gradients in design is always a good idea. They’ve been around for a long time in the world of web design. Any design can benefit from gradients, which can add dimension, texture, and fun to a website’s design.

Even typography and logos can benefit from using gradients. To get the most out of gradients, you must find the right balance. For example, small menu icons or logos, anything can be made to stand out by using gradients.

10. Fun, Optimistic Design

Fun Optimistic Design

In this world, we always want to chill out and have some fun. Web designers are adding fun elements to their website designs. It’s just to show that we can have some fun even when we’re doing our business. And I guess that’s all we are in need of for now.

A presentation that injects a sense of fun and optimism, uses images that include faces, cooler typefaces, captivating fonts, and colors that inspire positive feelings. The best thing you can do in order to capitalize on the trend is to choose elements that are lighter when it comes to a font or color choice, and stay away from elements that are too bold.

11. Inclusive Design

Inclusive Design

The simple meaning of Inclusive Design is “design, which is easily accessible by as many people as possible” with respect to ability, age, gender, culture, and other forms of human difference.

Inclusion is not just about race and gender equality, but also about cultural and physical access. Your website should be designed in that way so that anyone who wants can access the website without any problem. This is the fundamental principle that should guide the design of your website.

12. Extraordinary Imagery

Web Design Trends-Extraordinary-Imagery

When your boss tells you to think outside of the box, you can opt for extraordinary imagery because the sky is the limit when it comes to this type of design. You can let your imagination go wild, and you can cross the line between real and imaginative imagery. And use your creativity to build the website.

In the illustration by K Plus Film, the depicted image is visually pleasing and the color scheme is striking. The character is seen walking atop a fruit. This style of design is anything but usual compared to other websites you may have visited. This design will be created with the assistance of a UI/UX designer to provide a better user experience to website visitors.

13. Organic Shape Design

Organic Shapes

As I mentioned above, in 2019, the geometrical design was in trend. Just like that, in 2023, organic shape design is taking over. Most web designers prefer to use organic shapes in the background of their websites. Organic shapes, like the shape of a river, some mountains, or anything that is connected to nature, and these types of designs are mostly asymmetrical.

When you do organic shape design, you are able to break the design of a website easily without rough angles or edges. 

14. Moving Type 

Lyst Web Design

In today’s world of design, moving type is very much in demand. Websites are being enriched with animated elements such as moving text. When the text is displayed in moving type, it catches the eye of the reader, and people gravitate toward it so they can read what is written there.

Furthermore, when you are writing in a moving type, you have the option of writing more than one thing in that particular line if you want to. In this way, you are able to inform your readers a whole lot more about the subject matter that you are covering.

15. A Creative Scrolling Experience

A Creative Scrolling

Scrolling transformations have significantly altered the way that users navigate websites. This ongoing trend will still be evident in 2023, as Horizontal Scrolling, Scroll Animations, and Scrollytelling all get better. 

Because of this, websites have become more user-friendly and interactive, instead of just being a way for people to connect to different online activities. So, these changes make it possible for users to have more interesting experiences on websites while still getting the information they need.

Make Use of a Quick, Clean, and Eye-catching Design

By analyzing design trends at the right time, professionals and creative experts can always be on the cutting edge of the design business. This gives them the ability to generate more beautiful designs that win the hearts of consumers. As a leading web design company, we expect to see websites that are attractive, captivating, vibrant, and well-organized in the coming year. To enhance the user experience, websites should incorporate video and animation.

This list of web design trends expected to be popular in 2023 is provided in the hopes that it will help you be ready for that year and inspire you to make websites that are more appealing and have a bigger impact.

Vish Shah is Technical Consultant at WPWeb Infotech since 2015. He has vast experience in working with various industries across the globe. He writes about the latest web development technologies and shares his thoughts regularly.


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