30 Must-Have WooCommerce Plugins

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Do you want to increase the sales of your products through an eCommerce store? Then it is possible with the plugins that are available for the  WooCommerce store. Well, truth to be told, there are over 6000+ WooCommerce plugins in the  WordPress plugin directory and, further, there are 1400+ WooCommerce plugins on CodeCanyon. So, of course, not all the plugins available will help you to boost your WooCommerce store, because some are badly coded and some have the same functionality as other plugins. And installing many plugins will be counted as an “act of foolishness”, and of course you are not one of them.

There are a plethora of plugins available on WordPress, making it easy to get lost in the options. Because there are so many plugins to pick from, it might be tough to make a decision. The WooCommerce Web Development Company can help you in this situation to make a proper plugin selection for your eCommerce store.

WordPress WooCommerce’s functionality and aesthetic appeal can be enhanced by using a variety of free and paid plugins and extensions that are readily available online. Your online store may be up and running in no time at all with WooCommerce. So we have made a list of essential WooCommerce plugins, you should install in your WooCommerce store.

List of Must-Have WooCommerce Plugins

By using WooCommerce, you can develop a secure and user-friendly eCommerce store and there are many WooCommerce plugins available to supercharge your online store. In this blog, we have created a list of the most popular and reliable plugins when setting up a WooCommerce store.

1. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

WooCommerce PDF Invoices Packing Slips 1024x397 1

You can simply attach PDF invoices automatically to each and every order using the plugin WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips. You’ll get the option to download or print invoices and packing slips from the WooCommerce order admin page. This plugin lets you create and print PDF invoices/packing slips in bulk or in an individual.

This plugin is available in multiple languages like Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish & Ukrainian. You can use the default and basic template which is available in the free version of this plugin and if you want to customize or create your own template then you can purchase it from WPOvernight.com


  • Attach PDF invoices to the WooCommerce emails of your choosing.
  • Download the invoice/packing slip in PDF format from the order administration page.
  • Create several PDF invoices and packing slips.
  • HTML/CSS invoice templates that are fully customizable.
  • Invoices can be downloaded from the My Account page.
  • Sequential invoice numbers, with custom formatting.


A free version of this plugin is available, however, a professional version of this plugin price starts at €59.00/year.

Why should you use WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips?

If you’re running any type of online store or running subscription-based businesses, which have fixed pricing and are required to generate automatic PDF invoices or packing slips then this WooCommerce plugin is the best choice for eCommerce store owners.

2. Social Login – WordPress / WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Social Login 1024x397 1

The checkout process will take an unnecessarily long waiting time, causing users to become bored and reducing your sales. However, if you use WooCommerce Social Login, it will save your customers’ time, resulting in a sales boost.

When a user visits your website for the first time, you can simplify the checkout process and allow them to check out as a guest. However, this creates friction for customers who seek to make several transactions on your website. They must generate a new login and password.

WooCommerce Social Login simplifies and secures this process by enabling consumers to log in with their existing Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Windows Live, VKontakte (VK.com), Amazon, PayPal, LINE, or Apple as opposed to generating new user accounts.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that if a buyer can simply create an account during the checkout procedure, they are more likely to purchase the product. This plugin further streamlines the WooCommerce checkout process for customers that prefer to sign in using different social networks.


  • One-click registration.
  • Customers don’t need to remember another username or password to access their accounts.
  • Auto-Integrate at Checkout.
  • Set a custom redirect URL once a customer logs in using social media.
  • The Admin can drag and drop social network buttons.
  • View each social network’s sign-ups.
  • Create pie charts for each social network’s registration rate.
  • Account linking on ‘My account’ and ‘Order received’ pages for future convenience.
  • Even if social accounts are unlinked, WordPress user accounts can be accessed.
  • A simple admin UI to manage everything.
  • Allow just email sign-in or sign-up.


$39 USD (One-time payment) including 6 months of support and lifetime updates.

Why should you use Social Login?

You should install this plugin to improve the number of people who sign up for accounts on your website, simplify the checkout process using social media networks, and ultimately it helps you to increase the conversion rate (CRO) of your eCommerce store.

3. Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce 1024x397 1

The Booster for WooCommerce serves multiple purposes. The booster comes with many different features, such as dynamic pricing, discount configuration, and cross-selling. There are a lot of tools, and each one can be used for more than one thing. There is also a paid version of the software. In this all-in-one plugin, you can choose between a single option or a number of different ones. 

Booster for WooCommerce allows additional functionality such as the addition of crowdfunded products, the display of information regarding products’ availability, the display of products categorized by country, and the display of data specific to the shopping cart. It has the ability to automatically convert goods prices to local currency. You may add 159 other currencies to WooCommerce and display the appropriate currency symbol.


  • Modify prices and currencies with multicurrency.
  • You can change the labels on buttons and prices, and there are options for personalized price labels, free price labels, and more button labels.
  • Customize products using features such as product images and input areas.
  • Change the shopping cart and checkout by adding required fields, checkout fees, and buttons for empty carts.
  • Add minimum and maximum amounts, payment gateways by delivery method, and payment gateways by type to your payment gateways.
  • You can improve your shipping process with features like order quantities and shipping calculations.
  • It improves the simplicity and quality of PDF invoicing.


A free version of this plugin is available. However, Booster Plus for WooCommerce starts at $99/year.

Why should you use Booster for WooCommerce?

There are many features to boost the functionalities of the WooCommerce store, so if you want to get rid of multiple plugins for different functionalities, all you need to do is install one bundle pack of Booster for WooCommerce.

4. WP Rocket

WP Rocket 1024x397 1

A premium caching plugin for WordPress is known as WP Rocket. It is widely acknowledged among WordPress professionals as the most efficient caching tool. Because of its comprehensive selection of choices and automatic optimization capabilities, it is simple to use for both seasoned WordPress users and those who are just starting out with the platform. Unlike many other caching plugins, this rocket can be launched without the help of a rocket scientist.

Caching with WP Rocket makes sure that websites load very quickly, which is very important for improving SEO results and getting more people to convert.  They worked hard to make it the easiest-to-use caching plugin possible, one that requires the fewest settings to get up and running.


  • All pages are cached for easy browsing.
  • Preloading pages into the cache.
  • Reduction of HTTP requests to speed up page load times.
  • Using GZIP compression to decrease bandwidth usage.
  • Apply optimum caching headers to the browser.
  • Combine and minify JavaScript and CSS files.
  • Deferred image download (LazyLoad).
  • Critical Path CSS generation and postponed loading of CSS files.
  • Control of the WordPress Heartbeat API.


The Plugin is available in 3 plans starting from Single – $49 / year with product updates and support.

Why should you use WP Rocket?

It functions regardless of the size or type of a website. From a basic blog to an e-commerce website, WP Rocket will speed up the loading time. WP Rocket plugin helps websites to achieve incredible speed results and optimize your website for the Core Web Vitals.

5. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache makes a copy of each page on your website as a static HTML file. When someone visits your website, they will receive the version that has been cached for them, rather than having the complete website built from scratch for each and every visit.

Because of this, both the speed and performance of your WordPress site will improve greatly. Your site visitors will not be required to wait for the page to load if you have a cache plugin installed because it will skip several phases in the background.

In addition to this, you will improve the whole experience that visitors to your website have. It is more likely that users will return to a website if it loads quickly. Because of this, customers will spend more time on your pages, which will enhance both engagement and conversion rates.


  • Exclude some content from caching.
  • Integrate with a content delivery network (CDN).
  • Enable the preloading cache feature.
  • Add browser caching.
  • Configure the additional minor parameters.
  • A Scheduler for managing the deletion and re-caching of data at specified intervals.
  • Caching for mobile-device-using site visitors.


A free version of this plugin is available.

Why should you use WP Super Cache?

If you want an easy and quick way to optimize the speed and performance of your WordPress website, the WP SuperCache plugin is considered to be the best.

6. Social Auto Poster

Social Auto Poster 1024x397 2

Social Auto Poster Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, Telegram, Reddit, Medium, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google My Business automatically. You can post old and new content to keep them alive and to reach as many people as possible. 

The Social Auto Poster is an excellent scheduling tool. It is compatible with personal accounts, websites for businesses, and organizations. The plugin also works nicely with personal profiles, business pages, groups, etc.

The Social Auto Poster has all the features you need to post on social media, and it costs less than similar plugins. The Social Auto Poster plugin is great for people who want premium features at a price they can afford. The best element of this plugin is its active assistance. The support provided by this plugin is also hyperresponsive and time zone-specific. This enhances the performance of the tool.


  • Scheduling the intervals between publications.
  • Factoring in the age of the posts for reposter.
  • Google Analytics Campaign Tracking.
  • Exclude posting days, taxonomy, and specific posts.
  • Bulk scheduling.
  • URL Shorteners.
  • the number of times the same post can be shared.
  • Category and tag-wise posting.
  • Customize Message Format and more.


$45 (One-time payment) including 6 months of support and lifetime updates.

Why should you use Social Auto Poster?

If you want to post on multiple social media sites all at once without delay, then you should opt for the social auto poster. Social Media Auto Posting and Scheduling, enhance your business online presence, audience, social community, engagement, and website traffic by quickly and easily publishing all types of WordPress posts.

7. LiveChat

Livechat – Premium Live Chat Software for WooCommerce 2

By adding a chat platform to your WooCommerce store, you can increase your sales by making the shopping experience better for your customers. A live chat feature may be added to your WooCommerce store with the help of a plugin called LiveChat.

The plugin lets customers get answers to questions they have while shopping in your online store right away from any online representative. The plugin’s appearance can be modified to match the aesthetic look of your website. The plugin works with Google Analytics as well as other CRMs and email marketing plugins. It also works with other plugins. You also have the ability to automate chatbot responses with this plugin.


  • The technology logs live chat transcripts to analyze which representatives are most helpful.
  • With the plugin’s multi-channel communication, clients can be reached on social media platforms.
  • Strong live chat capabilities for WooCommerce stores.
  • Adaptable layout with personalization possibilities.
  • Intelligent query routing for greater storage capacity.
  • Compatible with additional WordPress plugins and utilities.


A free version of this plugin is available. However, the starter version of the LiveChat plugin price starts at $16/month.

Why should you use LiveChat?

The live chat option in your eCommerce store helps you to provide a better user experience to your customers. When your customer lands on your eCommerce store and looking for any assistance then the LiveChat plugin is the best one to satisfy your users’ requirements easily.

8. SUMO Subscriptions

SUMO Subscriptions

SUMO Subscription plugin is developed by FantasticPlugins, it helps you to create and sell subscription products from your existing WooCommerce store. By using this plugin, you got the flexibility of a complete WooCommerce subscription system for recurring payments. You can easily select the renewal frequency and number of installments for order subscriptions. One of the best features of this plugin is that you can update product settings in bulk.


  • It permits you for simple, variable, and grouped product subscriptions.
  • It allows you to select the subscription duration and the number of renewals.
  • Permit access to customers for buying a subscription and non-subscription products together in a single checkout.
  • It supports both automatic and semi-automatic renewal billing with both these gateways.
  • It allows you to charge a signup fee to offset your subscription management costs.
  • Both free and paid trials are supported.
  • Resubscribe to expired or canceled subscriptions effortlessly.


The Plugin is available for $49 with 6 months of support and future updates.

Why should you use SUMO Subscriptions?

If you want to run a subscription-based business, sell subscriptions online, and want to create different types of subscriptions then this SUMO Subscriptions should be your ideal choice.

9. WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers is the best and most popular WooCommerce plugin for creating PDF vouchers or coupons that can be used in person or online. It is the best way to generate gift vouchers, certificates, prizes, promotions, event tickets, movie tickets, and tickets to sports games, giving your customers full freedom. 

You can create an endless number of vouchers for both local businesses and internet retailers. The WooCommerce PDF Vouchers plugin will provide a modest boost to your business. Additionally, vouchers can be redeemed online or at physical locations. This guarantees a seamless operation and makes the customer’s life simpler.

The plugin comes with a bundle of essential add-ons, such as importing vouchers, which allows you to import the voucher system from other plugins. If you redeem your voucher by mistake and want to fix your mistake then Reverse Redemption will help you.


  • With the aid of the Drag-and-Drop builder, it is simple to generate vouchers.
  • You can deliver the voucher electronically or physically.
  • Both online and offline voucher redemption options are also available.
  • The voucher may be partially redeemed.
  • You can change the email so that it automatically informs the merchant when all vouchers are gone.
  • When you use a voucher code, OTP verification lets you send an OTP via email or SMS.
  • It supports QR and BARCODE for straightforward and rapid scanning.
  • Vendors can customize their own logo, website URL, location, and other attributes.
  • A gift certificate is password-protected and may only be redeemed with the correct password.


 $45 (One-time payment) including 6 months of support and lifetime updates.

Why should you use WooCommerce PDF Vouchers?

If you’re running a business where you can offer gift vouchers, online and offline delivery coupons, gift certificates, product vouchers, promotions, event tickets, sports tickets, and many more then you should go with WooCommerce PDF Vouchers.

10. BRAVO WooCommerce Points And Rewards


With the Bravo WooCommerce Points and Rewards extension, you can set a limit on how many points and rewards a customer can get for each purchase. This barrier can be set per product, per category, or globally, according to your preferences. The plugin provides customization and reward point or loyalty point management control. 

This plugin also allows you to manage points and reward discounts for each product category. Other interesting features of this plugin include the ability to manage customers’ points, deduct points for returned purchases, reset points, set the maximum number of points, earn points for selling points, etc.


  • Accumulate points with each purchase.
  • Expiration facility for points.
  • Transfer or import/export user points.
  • Reward clients’ purchases with discount-eligible points.
  • The practical provision of discounts is based on the conversion rate you establish.
  • You can earn points for selling things based on the conversion rate you determine.
  • Customers can simply exchange their points for merchandise based on the conversion rate.
  • Manage the maximum discount amount.
  • Earn points for your initial purchase.
  • Incorporate previous loyal customers into your points and rewards program for future purchases.
  • It allows multiple currencies.


$45 (One-time payment) including 6 months of support and lifetime updates.

Why should you use Bravo?

If you want to engage your customers with a loyalty program and want to increase your client base then you should choose Bravo WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin. eCommerce businesses focusing on customers and retail businesses should use this plugin.

11. WooCommerce Multilingual Plugin

WooCommerce Multilingual

In a study done by the EU, 42% of respondents stated that if a retailer does not offer a multilingual experience, they are likely to shop elsewhere. And if you operate a WooCommerce store, you’re likely to have a multilingual clientele. Consequently, you may be missing out on a potential customer.

With the WooCommerce multilingual plugin, this problem may be solved, and a store that can be used in more than one language can be set up. WPML also works with popular WooCommerce currency switcher plugins, so you can create an online store that is fully localized.

WooCommerce Multilingual is a powerful plugin that enables users to create multilingual websites using WooCommerce and WPML. It allows users to effortlessly manage the translations of their website and products and provide visitors in their native language.


  • Translation of each product in WooCommerce.
  • Simple management of the product, category, and attribute translations.
  • Maintains the same language throughout the payment procedure.
  • Email clients and administrators in their native language.
  • It allows inventory tracking without linguistic segmentation.
  • It allows a single WooCommerce store to support various currencies. based on either the language or region of the customer.
  • It allows alternative payment gateways to be enabled based on the location of the customer.


A free version of this plugin is available.

Why should you use WooCommerce Multilingual Plugin?

If you are planning on expanding your online store, then this is a necessary plugin so that everyone can understand the product you are selling. All WordPress platform developers who deal with websites with multiple languages can use this plugin.

WooCommerce Menu Cart Pro

The process of checking out is made easier by using this plugin. The plugin adds a button for a shopping cart to the menu of your website, making it accessible from each and every page.

The button for the shopping cart may be customized in any way you choose, and it blends in perfectly with the menu. This includes the ability to show the number of items and/or the subtotal in the menu, as well as the choice of 10 different cart icons and menu positions.


  • Show the cart icon.
  • Display products, prices, or both.
  • Always display or just display when there are goods in the cart.
  • Float left, float right, or use the default settings for your menu.
  • A selection of over ten cart icons.
  • A comprehensive trolley detailing the flyout.
  • The capability to add a cart and fly out for an endless number of menus.
  • capability to include a custom CSS class.
  • Automatic updates for any new and exciting features.
  • A shortcode to display the shopping cart anywhere on your website.
  • Rapid and exhaustive support.


A free version of this plugin is available. However, Menu cart Pro starts at €29.00.

Why should you use WooCommerce Menu Cart?

If your current WordPress theme lacks a cart icon, consider using the WooCommerce Menu Cart plugin. It increases the user-friendliness of the website due to this feature.

13. Product Addons for Woocommerce

product addons

The Product Addons for Woocommerce is a great way to add more product options because it is light, fast, and efficient. Its name comes from the fact that it adds custom forms to WooCommerce. The plugin comes with over 13 different types of custom product fields. That includes checkbox fields, text area fields, radio fields, text and numeric fields, and many more.

This plugin is different because it gives you more ways to change things, like conditional logic, custom price formulas, and custom price fields. These choices give you the ability to show or hide certain fields based on the information that is provided in other fields. A drag-and-drop form builder is included in this plugin, which is one of the reasons why it is so user-friendly.


  • Text and Textarea fields allow for short and long text inputs, respectively.
  • Number, Date, and Color fields use HTML5 for specific data types like numbers, dates, and colors.
  • Radio and Checkbox fields enable single and multiple selections from given options.
  • Select field offers a drop-down list for choosing options.
  • Password and Email fields provide secure password inputs and email format validation.
  • Conditional Fields and Grid Layout enhance form usability by showing/hiding fields and organizing them in a two-column grid.


A free version of this plugin is available. However, the Premium version starts at $43/year for a single site.

Why should you use Product Addons for Woocommerce?

If you want to add more custom fields to your product pages that allow customers to personalize the products and increase sales by additional options you can use this plugin.

14. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

The WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin lets you get back some of these abandoned carts by making customers enter their email addresses during the checkout process. When a buyer cancels their transaction, the system is able to automatically send a sequence of recovery emails to the customer’s email address.

You have the ability to design your very own personalized email series, complete with one-of-a-kind discount codes and links that quickly repopulate each customer’s shopping basket. Even if you only retrieve a small fraction of the shopping carts that are left behind, it could have a substantial impact on the amount of money your store makes.


  • It helps decrease shopping cart abandonment even further.
  • A series of automated follow-up emails.
  • It includes efficient email templates.
  • Add coupons and incentives to recover lost sales.
  • Support for WordPress hooks to expand the functionality.


This Plugin is available Free of Cost.

Why should you use WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery?

If you want to encourage the customer to come back and complete the purchase that they left in the cart the last time they visited your store, the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery extension allows you to achieve it. You can use the extension to compose multiple follow-up emails and schedule them to be sent at particular intervals.

15. YITH WooCommerce Quick View

YITH WooCommerce Quick View

The YITH WooCommerce Quick View plugin makes things easier for customers by letting them use a feature that draws attention to a specific product in the context of other listings or pages.

When a site visitor moves their mouse pointer over a product image, they can see a larger image, a description of the product, and a button to add the item to their cart. This can be a great way to get customers to buy things on the spot and shorten the overall time they spend in the store.


  • The YITH WooCommerce Quick View plugin is a simple method to expedite the purchasing process for your clients.
  • Installing the plugin and displaying the quick view module for all products is easy to use.
  • Add buttons to product loops and collection galleries to display rapid product information in pop-up windows.
  • AJAX is used to power the fast view lightbox so that it loads quickly and does not interfere with the operation of your website.
  • You can alter the module’s appearance to match your own brand.


A free version of this plugin is available, However, YITH membership (all plugins) costs $59.99 per year.

Why should you use YITH WooCommerce Quick View?

The YITH WooCommerce Quick View plugin is designed for people who want to speed up the customer checkout process. Keep in mind, however, that the fast view feature can complicate and degrade the shopping process for customers. For a few days, test it and collect client feedback before rolling it out across the site.

16. Docket – WooCommerce Collections / Wishlist / Watchlist

WooCommerce Collections

Docket enables your customers to collect and share products that they appreciate, desire, or recommend through the use of WooCommerce Collections, Wishlists, and Watchlists. 

The Docket is powered by WooCommerce, a WooCommerce wishlist plugin. It allows you to showcase items you are selling or to organize and share the things that are your favorites. It has a design that is very adaptable in nature. You can show a user’s collections, or individual collections, alter current collections, or create new collections using any page on your website.


  • Add a product to an existing collection or create new collections without leaving the product page.
  • Create an endless number of collections.
  • Privacy controls. Users can build both public and private collections. Public collections are able to be shared and are accessible to all users.
  • Share collections with a short URL on many social networks. LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.
  • Share your collections with your friends and family via email.
  • View and manage the collections of your customers using the WordPress administration.
  • Display a text-only link or button.
  • Choose from five distinct icons (compatible with both plain text links and buttons) or have no icon at all.
  • Disallow visitors to create collections.
  • Modify the text of the “add to collection” link with ease.
  • Only enable social sharing services that your customers can use.
  • Manage the sort order of collections and collection objects in the WordPress admin with a drag-and-drop interface.


$39 USD (One-time payment) including 6 months of support and lifetime updates.

Why should you use Docket?

If you want your customers to share their desired products, wishlist, or watchlist to their friends and family members then you should use this plugin. It helps you in increasing website traffic and sales of your eCommerce store.

17. WOOF-Product Filter for WooCommerce

WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce

WOOF-Products Filter for WooCommerce is a filtering plugin for WooCommerce products. Customers can use the application’s filters to sort products by price, category, attribute, and tag, among other taxonomies.

With the help of shortcodes or widgets, the plugin lets you add the right filters. You can choose the filtering options in addition to checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdown menus. One thing the free edition doesn’t have is the ability to add images and other visual elements to filtering menus. On the other hand, the WOOF API makes it very easy for programmers to add new filtering options. 

In addition to this, it has product filtering features that other plugins don’t have. You could, for example, change how you show the number of results as users add new filters.


  • Prices, categories, tags, and custom taxonomies can be used to filter products.
  • Utilize widgets or shortcodes to insert product filters.
  • To filter products, use checkboxes, radio buttons, and drop-down menus.
  • It shows how many results a filtered search will turn up in a dynamic way.
  • Using the ajax function customers can search the products quickly.
  • Infinite scrolling support is available.


This plugin is available free of cost. However, the Premium version is available at $39.

Why should you use WOOF?

From small to big stores, everyone should use this plugin to extend the functionality of the WooCommerce plugin to allow your site users to search for products based on their categories, characteristics, tags, taxonomies, and prices.

18. WBW Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Currency Switcher

You can display pricing in a variety of different currencies, use an unlimited number of different currencies, and manually or automatically define the conversion rate for each currency by using the WBW Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin.

The plugin uses Cryptocompare and Free Converter’s services to give you the most up-to-date exchange rates. Based on the customer’s IP address, the purchase can be automatically changed to the right currency. Convert the values that are displayed in real-time. Based on the customer’s IP address, the purchase can be automatically changed to the right currency.

Currency Rates, Converter, and Tooltip modes can all be used in conjunction with the WooCommerce Currency Switcher because it is compatible with additional modules. Your customers will be able to pay in the currency of their choice, which will result in an increase in the amount of money your store makes.


  • You can convert whatever currency you like and add as many as you like.
  • The currency switcher uses the aggregators Cryptocompare and Free Converter. The plugin offers both manual and automatic exchange rate configuration.
  • The plugin offers the option to alter the currency at checkout and permits consumers to pay in their preferred currency.
  • Configure the Base currency, Name, Title, Symbol, Position, Cents, and Rate fields.


This Plugin is available Free of Cost.

Why should you use WBW Currency Switcher for WooCommerce?

The Currency Switcher provides an easier way to let users switch between currencies in real-time to help them make a purchase decision. 

19. Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

Order Delivery Date is meant to give customers the best experience possible, even after a purchase has been made.

This free plugin will allow users to choose their delivery date, allowing you to send their things at the most convenient time for them. As the store owner, you can set up the shipping process so that it goes as smoothly for you as it does for your customers.


  • Permit clients to choose a delivery date during checkout.
  • Deactivate the weekdays you do not deliver merchandise.
  • The minimum needed delivery time can be specified in hours.
  • Make the delivery date a required field on the checkout page.
  • Disable shipping for virtual and featured items.
  • Along with the delivery date, record the delivery slot.
  • Add numerous time slots separately in a single operation.
  • Add many time slots with a set duration and interval.


A free version of this plugin is available. The Pro version for a single store starts from $149 / yearly.

Why should you use Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce?

With the Order Delivery Date lite version, you can deliver a personalized shopping experience where the user can pick a delivery date and time at their convenience. Any eCommerce store owner wishes to enhance the post-purchase experience for their customers.

20. WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings

With the help of this plugin, your clients will have the ability to make bookings and schedule appointments straight from your website. Using the plugin, which requires you to set up some options, you can make products that can be booked in your store. 

You may also provide your customers with freedom by offering a range of different answers to their problems. You are also able to create particular discounts that are dependent on the number of booking days and visitors.


  • Schedule one-on-one meetings and group events.
  • Offer discounts for groups, days, and individuals.
  • Display availability in the time zone of the customer.
  • It is entirely up to you to require confirmation and provide free cancellations.
  • Send out reminders to decrease no-shows.
  • Customizable calendar management, including synchronization with Google Calendar.


The plugin is available at $249 which includes 1-year extension updates and support

Why should you use WooCommerce Bookings?

If you want your consumers to arrange their own bookings, appointments, or rentals, no phone calls are necessary. Save time and fill your calendar by allowing your website to perform the necessary tasks.

21. WC Vendors Marketplace

WC Vendors Marketplace

With the help of this plugin, you may provide other retailers the ability to set up shop on your WooCommerce-driven website. You can create your own marketplace and make money by letting other people sell their goods on it.

It makes it possible to award commissions to the suppliers only after the order has been fulfilled by those suppliers. You can also get a monthly report of the vendors’ sales, commissions, and income.


  • It provides individual vendor dashboards for managing their items, sales, shipping, etc.
  • You can run your marketplace and all of its parts, like the sellers and products.
  • The plugin provides live customer care services to assist shoppers.
  • The suppliers can generate and maintain their own unique discount coupons for several products.


A free version of this plugin is available.

Why should you use WC Vendors Marketplace?

WC Vendors Pro gives your vendors to control their need to manage their stores quickly and efficiently. With the vendors in control, you are free to focus on your complete marketplace business. Reduce your workload, and save you time and money.

22. Dokan – Best WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace


If you want to build a multivendor store or marketplace, Dokan is the best WordPress plugin to use.  This holds true regardless of the type of store or marketplace you want to build. Dokan is an eCommerce plugin that adds to the features of WooCommerce, which is currently the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin.  It does this by combining the best front-end experience with the specific features that any marketplace needs. It is the most important multivendor plugin that is currently on the market.

Dokan can be used to make many different kinds of websites, such as an online marketplace where people can buy and sell digital or physical goods, an online auction site, or a site where people can buy and sell bookings.


  • The plugin provides an independent store with a configurable storefront for each vendor.
  • Vendors are given their own dashboards to keep track of their products and sales in one place.
  • The administrator can make money from every transaction thanks to a global commission structure and different commission rates for different vendors.
  • With the vendor dashboard, suppliers can keep an eye on how their store is doing by looking at their sales insights.
  • The Admin has control over everything occurring in the marketplace.
  • Vendors are able to maintain and configure their store and public profile.
  • Individually, vendors can handle the shipment of their stores.


This Plugin is available Free of Cost including basic features. However, the starter pack starts at $149 / year.

Why should you use Dokan?

The plugin offers an independent store for each vendor with an attractive and customizable storefront. Dokan supports all payment gateways that are compatible with WooCommerce. As a result, it provides you with a significant feature that allows you to quickly select your own gateway for your multi-vendor website.

23. RankMath

Rank math SEO

RankMath came out in 2018, and it quickly became popular. In just two years, it had 500,000+ active downloads, which is a huge number for a WordPress plugin.

As an SEO suite, RankMath is a plugin that is full of features and works to make sure that your website is optimized in a way that follows best practices in the search industry. If you have ever used another WordPress SEO plugin, you should already have a good knowledge of how RankMath works because it is quite similar or I say easy to use compared to other well-known WordPress SEO plugins. RankMath offers more features in the free version with comparing other plugins.


  • RankMath is made so that you can get the right information at the right time.
  • Take advantage of AI-generated suggestions.
  • You may view the keywords for which you rank, the status of your sitemap, and indexing problems.
  • RankMath integrates the Google URL Inspection API straight into your WordPress site.
  • Use RankMath’s Rank Tracker to keep an eye on how well your website is doing in relation to certain keywords.
  • Keyword research is simplified by Rank Math.
  • RankMath builds XML Sitemaps compliant with search engines.
  • RankMath automates image SEO by adding the ALT and Title properties to all of your website images.


A free version of this plugin is available. However, the Pro version of the RankMath plugin price starts at $59/year.

Why should you use RankMath?

RankMath is easy to use WordPress SEO plugin, it helps you to optimize your website in terms of on-page optimization, keyword ranking tracking, content analysis, internal-linking optimization, rich snippets optimization, and redirection checker, and many more functionalities.

24. WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration 2

Tracking eCommerce store website traffic is an essential component of the prosperity of online enterprises. When it comes to monitoring the performance of your WooCommerce store, Google Analytics is the most reliable tool that is currently accessible. The WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin makes it easy to add Google Analytics dashboards to a website’s admin page.

Businesses can use real-time information and learn more about how they run without having to constantly log in and out of the Google Analytics website. The WooCommerce plugin can also help a business redesign its methods and improve its sales funnel to get a better return on investment (ROI).


  • Google Analytics allows you to monitor basic data such as sessions, users, and events.
  • Integrate Enhanced eCommerce Analytics to get basic information about eCommerce, such as what people put in their carts and what products they look at.
  • Exclude administrator visits to obtain a more accurate depiction of consumer data.
  • Helps you to measure display ads performance.


The Plugin is available free of cost.

Why should you use WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration?

Any company that generates a lot of sales and traffic should keep an eye on Google Analytics and take the next step, and allocate a marketing budget with website traffic and user behaviors in mind.

25. YITH WooCommerce Compare

YITH WooCommerce Compare

The YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin is an extension of the WooCommerce plugin that lets your customers compare certain products. All of the products are kept in a single, all-inclusive table where the user can tell them apart. In the product configuration, you can set the WooCommerce attributes for each product feature.

You can also add a simple widget that shows the products that users have added and lets you manage them. Additionally, you can easily tailor the comparison table to your taste by modifying the design.


  • Personalize the table comparison template.
  • Select the fields to display in the table.
  • Sort the fields in the table of comparison.


A free version of this plugin is available. However, Premium costs $63.99.

Why should you use YITH WooCommerce Compare?

If your products have comparable features that demand comparison, you must include a comparison in your online business. 

26. WooCommerce Pay Your Price

WooCommerce Pay Your Price

The WooCommerce Pay Your Price Extension Plugin is a WooCommerce Plugin that lets your customers set their own prices for the products they buy. This increases the value of your customers. This, in turn, is likely to result in an increase in the number of sales you make.

Pay Your Price can be used to make it easier to get donations by making your price the minimum price and the donation amount plus the minimum price the recommended price. It is also possible to use it to determine the prices that customers are willing to pay for your products on the market.

By setting a minimum price and a maximum price, you can force users to pay within a range that you choose. You have the option of setting a recommended price, which will be used to populate the initial price in the text box. You can even give users the opportunity to pay whatever they want to if you do not create a minimum price or a maximum price for the product.


  • Utilize Donations with Pay Your Price lets you set the minimum price as your desired price and the recommended price as the donation plus the minimum price.
  • By allowing users to set their own prices, you give them greater value, for more sales.
  • Examine the market to determine the prices at which your products are offered.
  • Enable Pay Your Price just for the selected products.
  • You can force people to pay within a range by giving them a minimum and maximum price. You can establish a suggested price by setting the price as a suggestion.
  • It works with basic products, basic subscriptions, and variable products.
  • WPML Compatible.
  • Recommended pricier options for labels, error messages, etc. that are customizable.
  • Simple and user-friendly.


This Plugin is available at $29 with 6 months of plugin updates and support.

Why should you use WooCommerce Pay Your Price?

An eCommerce store that wants to clear the stocks or who wants to do charity out of the money they earn from this page should use this plugin. It lets you define minimum and maximum ranges as well as price suggestions. You can control how much involvement you want to give your customers in determining the pricing patterns of your online store.

27. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts is a flexible way for online stores to set prices and discounts. Its versatility is its greatest strength since a wide variety of pricing techniques and conditions can be combined to fulfill the requirements of almost any pricing strategy.

This actively maintained extension can easily replace a number of other tools. It can be used for regular sales, promotions, special offers, bulk pricing, tiered pricing, bundle pricing, deals of the day, flash sales, wholesale pricing, member pricing, individual pricing, loyalty programs, behavior-based pricing, location-based pricing, and more. If it becomes necessary, you can also raise prices on a case-by-case basis or add new fees.


  • You can increase sales by using pricing parameters on a single variation or the whole store.
  • To get people to buy, offer cart discounts based on customer information, previous orders, etc.
  • Create product/category discounting rules based on customers, user roles, and groups.
  • Select fixed/percentage pricing guidelines for your consumers.
  • Using bulk pricing, tiered pricing, product combinations, and other tools, you can come up with an infinite number of pricing options.


This Plugin is available at $69 with 6 months of support.

Why should you use WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts?

It will help to add different discounts to attract customers to your online store to maximize purchases. So, a small store owner should use this plugin to attract clients. This automatic pricing solution saves you time by eliminating the need for time-consuming manual processes.

28. WooCommerce One Page Shopping

WooCommerce One Page Shopping

WooCommerce One Page Shopping makes it possible to complete the checkout process much more quickly than before. One Website Shopping is a shopping solution that eliminates the need for customers to visit a different page in order to complete their purchase. 

The user is able to immediately complete the transaction after adding an item to their shopping cart, which triggers the display of the checkout fields at the bottom of the same page. 

Using the advanced plugin settings, you can show cart and checkout combinations on the store page, category pages, and product pages. These options are dependent on the preferences of the user.


  • When a customer adds an item to their cart, let them proceed to the checkout on the same page.
  • The checkout fields will be displayed immediately after a customer adds an item to their Cart.
  • Choose where to configure the single-page checkout option.
  • Simple configuration settings.


This Plugin is available for $20 with 6 months of support

Why should you use WooCommerce One Page Shopping?

If you want to ease the overall shopping experience of the customer and stop the lengthy process, you should install this plugin. It allows users to complete the checkout process without spending time moving to a separate checkout page.

29. Order Export & Import for WooCommerce

Order Import Export Plugin 1024x397 1

The Order Export Import Plugin for WooCommerce is a good way to move order information from one WooCommerce store to another while keeping order history, including orders for subscriptions. This plugin can be found in the WooCommerce plugin directory (available in premium). 

You can also easily switch an existing store from another eCommerce platform to WooCommerce by using the order export plugin for WooCommerce.You can also use the plugin to move hundreds of coupons from your former eCommerce platform or campaigns.


  • Provisions for easy export/import from the database, based on a template that has been saved or a fresh export with advanced parameters.
  • Multiple FTP Profiles or Scheduling alternatives are provided.
  • It allows orders to be imported and exported from and to various formats.
  • A straightforward Ajax interface and a versatile API.
  • Multiple filtering options for customized import and export.
  • View the complete cron schedules, debug logs and history.
  • This allows for smooth back-and-forth migration.


This Plugin is available with starting price of $69.00/year.

Why should you use Order Export & Import for WooCommerce?

If you have a large chain of eCommerce stores and your products go from place to place until the final delivery to the customer’s house, you need this plugin.

30. WooCommerce Product Bundles

WooCommerce Product Bundles 1024x397 1

Product bundling is a common marketing tactic that many store owners favor. You can make a bundle of several related products and provide a discount on the package as a whole. 

This would assist you in increasing your store’s average order value. In addition, you can increase the sales of slow-moving products by packaging them with faster-moving items. This WooCommerce extension allows you to do this and more.

You will be able to handle items with multiple independent components that have been assembled. Basically, you will be able to make items that are partially or completely built, or you could even sell all the parts separately. You can make product bundles out of any of your product types, even those that are variable or grouped.


  • If you sell digital or downloadable products, you can create digital or product bundles.
  • Rearrange the order of bundled products with a simple drag-and-drop feature.
  • Enable or disable bundle-level stock management.
  • Set up the details of the product bundle to show the price, location, thumbnail, and other information based on your plans.
  • To strategically arrange bundles above or below the “Add to Cart” button, in a new tab, etc.
  • Set a minimum or maximum quantity rule for the entire bundle or for each item and require buyers to comply in order to receive the benefits.


This Plugin is available at $49 with 1-year extension updates support.

Why should you use WooCommerce Product Bundles?

WooCommerce product bundles can be configured to only provide discounts on bundles. Customers will prefer to buy bundles rather than single products since they will receive a much larger discount. By displaying related products on the same page, bundled offers can assist drive upsells and cross-sells.

Final Thoughts On Essential WooCommerce Plugins

All of the above listed must have WooCommerce plugins useful for providing better user experience, enhanced speed and security of eCommerce store, and increasing conversion rate of your eCommerce store. You must keep in mind that the success of online shopping is highly dependent on minimizing obstacles and friction as much as possible and delivering a seamless user experience so that conversions occur and customers return to purchase with you.

If you want any custom feature in the existing WooCommerce plugin then you can hire WooCommerce developers who will help you to develop or make customization in the existing plugin. Before installing any WooCommerce extensions, create a list of the site features you wish to include. You can also examine the websites of your competitors to determine what is effective or not to get a better idea.

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