WordPress Pricing: Find Perfect Plan for Your Need

So many people think of WordPress as the best CMS, and one of the key reasons behind that is the affordability. Generally speaking, WordPress is a free CMS. But things are not so simple. It depends on its two versions: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Both come with their advantages and costs, and you may be confused about which to choose.

WordPress development services choose between the two versions based on the site requirements and budget. Let me give you an idea on the WordPress prices and how they differ based on the plans.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and can be paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. It’s well known for its user-friendly interface and flexibility.

Originally designed as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into a versatile tool for creating various websites. With WordPress, you can create blogs sites, eCommerce stores, and more. The reason for its popularity is customizable themes and plugins.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

There are two distinct ways to use the WordPress platform:

WordPress.com is a hosted version of WordPress. You can sign up for a free account and get a website with a .com extension. WordPress.com offers hosting, security, and site backups, making it a good choice for beginners. However, the free version has limitations on customization and monetization.

WordPress.org, on the other hand, is the self-hosted version of WordPress. You can download the CMS from WordPress.org and install it on your chosen WordPress hosting service. This option requires more technical knowledge but offers more flexibility and scalability.

Using WordPress.org, you have full control of the site, including using chosen themes and plugins.

HostingHosted by WordPress.comSelf-hosted (requires finding a web hosting provider)
DomainSubdomain (yourwebsite.wordpress.com) or custom domain (paid)Custom domain
CostFree (with limitations) or paid plans for more featuresFree (open-source software) + cost of hosting and domain
CustomizationLimited (themes and plugins restricted based on plan)Full control (use any themes and plugins)
MonetizationLimited (advertising and eCommerce restrictions)Full control (can monetize with ads and eCommerce)
MaintenanceManaged by WordPress.comSelf-managed (requires technical knowledge)
SecurityManaged by WordPress.comSelf-managed (requires installing and maintaining security plugins)
SupportLimited (based on plan)Community forums, documentation, and self-help resources
UpdatesAutomatic (core updates)Manual (core, theme, and plugin updates)
eCommerceLimited (requires Business plan for full eCommerce functionality)Full control (can use any eCommerce plugins)
Ideal UsageBeginners, personal blogs, small websitesDevelopers, businesses, large websites

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WordPress Pricing

WordPress offers a variety of pricing options depending on whether you choose WordPress.com or WordPress.org. WordPress.com provides plans ranging from free with basic features to paid plans with additional features.

On the other hand, WordPress.org is free to use, but you’ll need to pay for hosting, domain, and any premium themes and plugins you choose to use. Understanding the pricing differences between these options is crucial for deciding which is right for your needs.

WordPress.com Pricing

WordPress.com offers four managed plans. You can opt for the one that meets your specific needs. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing and features for each plan on WordPress.com:

Free Plan

The free plan is a good starting point for personal projects or experimenting with WordPress. However, storage, customization, and monetization limitations might become restrictive as your website grows.


  • Limited Storage (1GB): Suitable for basic text and images but not ideal for large video or audio files.
  • Subdomain: Your website address will be a subdomain of WordPress.com (e.g., yourwebsite.wordpress.com).
  • WordPress.com Ads Displayed: Ads will be displayed on your website, which you cannot remove on the free plan.
  • Limited Themes and Plugins: You’ll have access to a smaller selection of free themes and plugins than paid plans.
  • Basic Support: Access to basic support resources through forums and documentation.

Ideal for: Personal websites, simple blogs, or anyone just starting out.

Personal Plan

This plan offers a significant upgrade for a reasonable price. You can remove the ads, customize your website domain, and have more storage for your content. It’s a good option for those who want a website but don’t necessarily need full eCommerce functionality.

Includes everything in the Free Plan, plus:

  • Removes WordPress.com Ads: Clean your website’s look and provide a better user experience.
  • Free Custom Domain for the First Year: Use your own domain name (e.g., [invalid URL removed]) instead of a subdomain.
  • Increased Storage Space (6GB): Allows more content like images, videos, and plugins.
  • Access to a Wider Selection of Themes: Choose from a larger library of free and premium WordPress themes for better design options.

Ideal for: Bloggers with a growing audience or those wanting a professional-looking website with more control.

Premium Plan

Premium plan provides more design flexibility and access to powerful plugins. This enables bloggers or creators to enhance their website’s functionality and monetization (although with limitations). The unlimited email support is also a valuable benefit for those needing more technical assistance.

Includes everything in the Personal Plan, plus:

  • Unlimited Email Support: Get priority email support from WordPress.com for any website issues.
  • Access to All Premium Themes and Plugins: Unlock the full library of premium themes and plugins, offering advanced design features and marketing tools.
  • Limited Monetization Options: Allows monetization through paid subscriptions and limited ad placement options (restrictions apply).

Ideal for: Content creators, bloggers wanting to monetize their website, or those needing access to premium features and plugins.

Business Plan

This plan caters to businesses or individuals needing a robust online store or website platform. You’ll get a significant storage boost for content and access to a wider range of plugins. The eCommerce functionality, payment integration, and marketing tools allow you to run a complete online business with WordPress.com.

Includes everything in the Premium Plan, plus:

  • Increased Storage and Bandwidth: Handles more content and higher website traffic.
  • Advanced Customization Options: Gain more control over your website’s design and layout with advanced customization tools.
  • Premium Marketing Plugins: Access to premium plugins for SEO, marketing automation, and analytics to optimize your website’s performance.
  • Payment Integration: Accept payments directly on your website through WordPress integration with payment gateways.
  • Full eCommerce Functionality: Build a fully functional online store with product listings, shopping carts, and secure checkout.

Ideal for: Businesses, online stores, or websites with high traffic and complex needs.

Commerce Plan

As the name suggests, this plan is meant for creating high-quality, successful online stores. In fact, it’s dedicated to WooCommerce. It equips you with everything you need to create a powerful and profitable website to sell products and services.

With this plan, you can create unlimited product listings for physical goods, digital downloads, personalized items, product bundles, and even gift cards.

Includes everything in the Business Plan, plus:

  • Optimized WooCommerce hosting: You get a dedicated hosting for WooCommerce, the leading eCommerce plugin for WordPress.
  • Powerful store design tools: The Entrepreneur plan unlocks access to premium themes and advanced design tools. So you can create a unique and engaging shopping experience.
  • Custom marketing automation: Streamline your marketing efforts by automating tasks like abandoned cart emails and targeted promotions.
  • Unlimited products: There are no limitations on the number of products you can list with this plan.
  • Inventory management: Keep track of your stock efficiently with built-in inventory management tools.
  • 0% transaction fee for payments: WordPress.com won’t take a cut of your sales. You’ll only pay the standard fees associated with your chosen payment gateway.

Consider your website’s purpose, needs, and budget when selecting a plan. The free plan is a good starting point, but a paid plan will be necessary for most websites. If you need to create an online business, get help from WooCommerce development services to make the best eStore website.

WordPress.org Pricing

WordPress.org is the self-hosted version of WordPress, meaning the software is open-source and free to download and use. However, creating a website using WordPress.org involves several associated costs. So WordPress website development costs primarily include the costs of domain name, hosting, and themes and plugin.

Domain Name

A domain name is your website’s address on the internet. You must purchase and register a domain name through a domain registrar such as Bluehost or GoDaddy. The cost can vary depending on the registrar and the demand for the domain name you choose. Some hosting providers offer a free domain for the first year you purchase a hosting plan.

Cost: Typically ranges from $10 to $20+ per year.

Web Hosting

WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting service specifically designed to meet the needs of websites built with WordPress. When choosing a WordPress hosting service, consider factors like performance, reliability, and additional features like SSL certificates and backups. Popular web hosts for WordPress include WP Engine and Bluehost.

Cost: Ranges from $3 to $25+ per month, depending on the type of hosting.

Themes and Plugins

WordPress.org offers a vast library of free themes and plugins. However, premium themes and plugins provide advanced features, functionality, and design options. These can be purchased individually or through subscription services. The prices can vary depending on the theme/plugin and licensing model.

Cost: Typically ranges from $3 to $100+ per year

You can opt for more WordPress development tools depending on your requirements and the cost of development will vary according to that.

Here’s a quick way to decide between WordPress.org and WordPress.com:

  • Choose WordPress.com if: You’re a beginner, need a simple website quickly, and don’t mind limitations on customization and monetization.
  • Choose WordPress.org if: You want full control over your website and need advanced features or customization, with monetization motives.

You can make an informed decision by understanding the cost involved for domain name, hosting, themes, and plugins. To build a site with WordPress.org, you may consider consulting with our WordPress development company.

FAQs About WordPress Pricing Guide

How can I save money when using WordPress?
To save money when using WordPress, consider using free themes and plugins and opting for affordable hosting options. Hire WordPress developers who provide affordable and effective services to save on development costs.
Is it necessary to pay for premium themes and plugins?
No, it is not necessary to pay for premium themes and plugins. There are many free options available that can still provide a professional and functional website. However, some premium options may offer additional features and support.
Are premium themes and plugins a one-time purchase?
It depends on the provider. Some premium themes and plugins are a one-time purchase, but many require annual renewals for continued access to updates and support. Always check the licensing terms before purchasing.


WordPress pricing is primarily based on the version of this CMS, i.e. WordPress.com and WordPress.org. For budget-conscious beginners or those who want a user-friendly, all-in-one solution, WordPress.com’s Entrepreneur plan offers a compelling option. But if you crave complete control, customization freedom, and a flexible budget, then WordPress.org is the way to go.

Ultimately, the best WordPress pricing strategy aligns with your project’s scope, technical expertise, and budget.

To leverage your site, hire WordPress developers. They can choose the best option and build your site in a cost-effective way with dynamic design and features.

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