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laravel vs symfony comparison

Laravel vs Symfony: Choosing The Right PHP Framework

Laravel and Symfony stand out in the PHP framework landscape, each tailored to specific developer preferences. Laravel, favored for its simplicity and rapid development capabilities, is perfect for projects needing quick turnaround. Symfony offers a comprehensive and flexible framework, making it the go-to for intricate applications. Laravel excels with its intuitive Blade template engine and Eloquent ORM, simplifying tasks. Symfony, with its Twig template engine and Doctrine ORM, provides a robust solution for complex data handling. Differences in performance and setup affect their ideal use cases.

How To Develop A CRUD App with Symfony 6 and React

How To Develop A CRUD App with Symfony 6 & React

In this post, you will learn how to create modern and secure apps with React and Symfony. Contemporarily, modern web applications built with PHP framework like Symfony now require implementation of a huge amount of logic on the frontend in order to create a rich web experience for users. You will also learn how to create APIs within Symfony application and integrate it with an API created on Auth0.