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react vs angular which one is best for your next project

React vs Angular: Best Choice for Modern Web Development

React, a JavaScript library for UI development, and Angular, a TypeScript-based framework for web and mobile development, are two prominent players in the world of web development. React, introduced in 2013 by Facebook, offers a minimalistic approach and is known for its virtual DOM, enhancing performance by reducing browser load. Its unidirectional data binding ensures stable code and easier debugging. Angular, launched in 2016 by Google, is a full-fledged framework that doesn’t typically require additional libraries.

learn how to build a task management app with react

How To Build A Task Management App With React

Can you become more productive by making a productivity app? Not sure about that, but you can definitely become more productive by building new projects and a task management app that has been on my mind for a long time now. I decided to build it in React without using any additional plugins except node-sass which allows you to use .scss files in your project. Let’s have a look at “how to build a task management app with React?”

How To Develop A CRUD App with Symfony 6 and React

How To Develop A CRUD App with Symfony 6 & React

In this post, you will learn how to create modern and secure apps with React and Symfony. Contemporarily, modern web applications built with PHP framework like Symfony now require implementation of a huge amount of logic on the frontend in order to create a rich web experience for users. You will also learn how to create APIs within Symfony application and integrate it with an API created on Auth0.


How to Create a Headless WordPress Site with ReactJS

ReactJs offers a lot of advantages, like the ability to reuse components easily. Since developers don’t have to write different codes for the same features over and over again, it saves them a lot of time. In this article, we will go through What is headless WordPress and why it is getting popular. Furthermore, we will see how you can use Headless WordPress and React.Js together to build a website.

angular vs react vs vue

Angular vs React vs Vue – Navigating the Best Fit for You

For developing web applications, the three most widely used frameworks are Angular, React, and Vue.js. Every front-end developer should be familiar with these three frameworks. In terms of building front-end applications, they are similar in many ways, but there are some differences too, so in this blog we compared them and understand how their differences differ.