15 Best WooCommerce Themes for eCommerce Store (2024)


One thousand new websites are launched every hour, making it appear that the online digital world is increasing at an exponential rate. No matter how small or large your business niche may be, the level of competition is only going to rise in the future. A visually appealing website will no longer be as effective in the future.

No matter how beautiful your website is, if it isn’t mobile-friendly, it won’t be very useful. Your website needs to be “flawless,” which in this context means’ fully responsive.’ Finding a WordPress theme that works is essential if you want to create or revamp a website with one of the best ones.

Finding the perfect WordPress theme might take a lot of effort because there are so many of them available. And that’s precisely why our list of the top WordPress themes for 2022 was developed in the first place: It is written to save you time and to help you make the best decision.

How To Pick the Best WooCommerce Themes

When it comes to selecting the best WooCommerce theme for your online store, there are several factors to consider.

1. Responsiveness and Mobile-Friendliness: With the increasing use of mobile devices for online shopping, it’s crucial to choose a WooCommerce theme that is fully responsive and optimized for various screen sizes. Ensure that the theme you select provides a seamless browsing and purchasing experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

2. Clean and Modern Design: The design of your online store plays a crucial role in creating a positive first impression and building trust with potential customers. Look for themes with clean, modern, and visually appealing designs that align with your brand’s aesthetic and appeal to your target audience.

3. Product Showcase: The primary goal of an e-commerce website is to showcase and sell products effectively. Choose a WooCommerce theme that offers attractive product display options, such as image galleries, zoom functionality, and clear product descriptions. Additionally, consider themes that provide filtering and sorting options to enhance the browsing experience.

4. Performance and Speed: A fast-loading website is essential for providing a smooth user experience and improving search engine rankings. Evaluate the performance and speed of potential WooCommerce themes by checking reviews, demo sites, and testing them for page load times.

5. Customization Options: While pre-designed themes can save time and effort, it’s important to choose one that offers extensive customization options. Look for themes that allow you to easily modify colors, fonts, layouts, and other design elements to align with your branding and preferences.

6. WooCommerce Integration: Since you’ll be using WooCommerce as your e-commerce platform, ensure that the theme you select is fully compatible and optimized for WooCommerce. This will ensure seamless integration and prevent any potential conflicts or issues.

7. Documentation and Support: A well-documented theme with a responsive support team can save you time and frustration during the setup and customization process. Look for themes that provide detailed documentation, video tutorials, and reliable customer support.

8. Regular Updates and Security: Choose a WooCommerce theme from a reputable provider that regularly releases updates to address security vulnerabilities, bug fixes, and compatibility issues with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce.

9. Additional Features: Depending on your specific requirements, consider themes that offer additional features such as mega menus, ajax cart functionality, wishlist or compare options, and integrations with popular plugins or services.

10. Reviews and Ratings: Before making your final decision, read reviews and ratings from other users to gain insights into the theme’s performance, ease of use, and overall quality. This can help you make an informed choice and avoid potential pitfalls.

Selecting the best WooCommerce theme for your online store requires careful consideration of your business goals, target audience, and specific requirements.

List of Best WooCommerce Themes in 2024

If you want the best WooCommerce themes in one location, you should be here right now. Check out our compiled collection of the best WooCommerce themes and choose one to launch your online store.

1. Flatsome


Flatsome is focused on eCommerce and commercial needs. The process of making a beautiful online store involves researching its demos and features. And there are multiple demos and features available in Flatsome. For freelancers, bloggers, and other personal businesses, certain professional designs are also accessible.

If you want to make changes, you can do it through an easy-to-navigate theme panel, a drag-and-drop editor, a variety of header styles, or by uploading sample data.

The toolset offered by Flatsome gives users access to a comprehensive library of content pieces, photo grids, and other premium features. In addition to that, it gives you full control over the typography of your website by utilizing Google fonts; it lets you add a stunning parallax scrolling effect to the page;and it supports lazy load effects, which increase the performance of your website and the user experience.

2. WoodMart


WoodMart is one of the best WooCommerce themes. There is a range of layouts and tools supported by WoodMart, making it an all-inclusive answer for your online store’s requirements. The Dokan and WCFM marketplace plugins are also supported by this theme, so you are also able to construct a website with multiple merchants.

This theme comes with 15 different homepage layouts that you can select from based on your preferences. Also, to avoid having to wait for the entire page to load when looking at additional items, WoodMart uses AJAX technology.

The WPBakery Page Builder plug-in is part of the theme’s package. It also comes with over 35 custom elements, allowing you to customize your website’s look and feel to your heart’s content. Users can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for by using the search box. An off-canvas sidebar with product filters is also included in the theme. This allows users to further narrow down their search.

3. Porto


The Porto theme is the best WordPress WooCommerce theme. It is compatible with the built-in pricing tables, headers, and footers of this theme. More than 120 demo websites are available from Porto, 42 of which are eCommerce sites of some sort. There are many theme options, even if you don’t want an eCommerce website; for example, you can establish a business website with a retail section.

The Porto is ThemeForest’s second most popular eCommerce theme. It has more than 62,000 sales. The Porto theme has a near-perfect 4.92-star rating after over 3,000 reviews.

Around 42 eCommerce examples and a number of more multifunctional examples will be available to you. Porto – The multipurpose theme, lets you design your header and footer with your choice of builders, such as the WordPress editor, Elementor, Visual Composer, or WPBakery Page Builder, giving you pixel-perfect control over your header and footer. eCommerce features such as product quick view, sale notifications, drop-down shopping carts, comparisons, and wishlists are just some of the benefits you get when you sign up for a WooCommerce store.

4. Astra


Astra is the most popular WooCommerce theme. Even a rookie may easily set up an eCommerce website with the Astra theme’s lightweight design and numerous pre-made designs. Pixel-perfect examples are available for the Astra WordPress theme, which includes a variety of options. Using these examples, you can rapidly get your site up and running. The visual theme customizer can also be used to customize the website. Websites that have headers, video banners, and sidebars look more polished.

Astra’s text, color, and font customization options are virtually endless. You may see the changes to your website in real-time by using the live customizer. A visual representation of your site after the changes are made is thus made possible. The Astra theme is fully responsive and SEO-friendly. It is designed to increase the number of visitors to your website. In addition, it loads really quickly, thereby reducing the number of people who leave the page before it loads fully.

In order to construct an online store on your website, you can use Astra’s seamless integration with the WooCommerce plugin. It’s now easier than ever to sell your goods and merchandise from one spot.

5. Divi


Divi’s page builder enables a great degree of customization and versatility. You may use this theme to build both a website and an online store. Approximately 600,000 people use it. The Divi theme is also straightforward to set up and offers a wide range of customization options. Users can also create custom page headers and footers.

Customers don’t need to know a single line of code to make changes to their online store thanks to Divi’s drag-and-drop page builder. The modules can be customized using CSS and saved in a custom layout. Divi allows you to work directly from the front end of your website, which saves you a lot of time. The Divi website builder is available with more than 800 website layouts to choose from.

Divi is a mobile-friendly WooCommerce theme that scales down or scales up depending on the size of the device being used. It is possible to manage your product pages, product listings, and shopping carts using the WooCommerce builder that comes with Divi.

6. OceanWP


OceanWP is one of the top WooCommerce themes, it gives you complete control over the website building process. The theme is compatible with a number of plugins, including Elementor, WPBakery, Beaver Builder, and Divi.

As far as tools and capabilities are concerned, OceanWP offers an extensive selection that is second to none in the industry. Aside from being fully responsive, the theme is also suitable for eCommerce, translation, and RTL compatibility. It features fast-loading, lightweight pages, an SEO foundation built right in, and top-notch customer service.

OceanWP base edition – The free WooCommerce theme can be deployed in minutes, can be enhanced to provide custom page layouts, Elementor widgets, and access to a variety of additional demo sites. In addition, you will find a cookie warning, full-screen scrolling, pop-ups, and social feeds, among other features.

7. XStore


The XStore Theme is a premium WooCommerce WordPress theme that can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the most flexible WooCommerce themes available, it lets you customize your eCommerce site exactly the way you want it to look.

Online shop owners who want to set their store apart from the competition will find this WooCommerce WordPress theme excellent in XStore. The theme has a lot to offer in terms of functionality and aspects, and it’s also mobile-friendly.

The XStore Theme is a must-have if you want to run a user-friendly online business. More than 300 predefined parts make it easy to quickly create eye-catching websites and eCommerce portals. Build a one-of-a-kind store by arranging the blocks in the way that best suits your needs.

8. SeedProd


SeedProd is the best drag-and-drop WordPress theme builder out there. Without writing any code or hiring any developers, you may create WordPress themes for your business website.

By installing the SeedProd plugin, you can create your theme directly through WordPress, instead of having to install multiple theme.zip files. With a pre-made design, you can get started quickly with a new business theme. Using a drag-and-drop visual editor, you can customize every aspect of your company’s website. It only takes a few clicks of the mouse to create stunning layouts that can be viewed in real-time.

Using block-based templates, you may utilize different full-width layouts for different pages and change the styling of individual elements with a single click. It’s easy to customize social media buttons and icons by picking an icon or button template. Global color schemes, Google fonts, typography, and background pictures are also available for customization. Additionally, this page builder is lightweight and free of mess. Customers can also contact the company’s customer service department for assistance.

9. Ultra


Ultra is another well-liked business theme for WordPress. It comes with a wide variety of pre-designed website themes as well as a powerful page builder, making it simple to make changes and updates. The block editor in WordPress, often known as Gutenberg, is another tool you can use to make adjustments to your design.

In addition, this theme comes with an endless number of page layout possibilities, various sidebars, custom widgets, interaction with social networking sites, and a limitless color palette, among other features.

Because of its versatility, Ultra is extremely user-friendly for those who are just starting out. In addition, the custom theme options page can be used to make adjustments to its settings. Plus, it offers a mobile responsive design, so your site looks wonderful on all devices.

10. Storefront


Storefront is built on the Underscores starter theme. Underscores is used by Automattic to create all WordPress.com layouts. It is simple to customize, loads quickly are search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, is accessibility-ready, and is lightweight, making it the ideal foundation for Storefront.

Storefront is a WordPress theme with a barebones style that can be extended by adding child themes. Because of this, the basic version of the theme activates with a straightforward and uncluttered appearance when it is first activated.

If you want to put your own mark on the theme, you’ll need to either make the alterations yourself or pay for the Storefront Powerpack plugin. The WordPress theme customizer makes it simple to make color adjustments, and you can view the results in real-time.  Storefront’s stripped-down design will appeal to developers, and the fact that actions and filters can be added to pages using Storefront Hooks will be particularly useful to them.

11. Shoptimizer


With a speed score of 96 percent, GTmetrix says that Shoptimizer is one of the fastest WooCommerce themes ever made. Therefore, Shoptimizer is for you if you desire a theme that loads at a rapid rate. Moreover, the user experience will be enhanced due to its rapid loading speed. Additionally, you will profit from its eCommerce SEO optimization capability.

The fact that the checkout page of this theme is distraction-free makes it more likely that your visitors will convert. As part of the checkout process, the checkout page also includes a progress bar that indicates the number of steps that need to be completed in order to complete the purchase.

The theme enables the display of trust badges from various security brands to improve consumer confidence. Displaying trust badges at the point where the customer enters their credit card information to minimize the likelihood of purchase cancellation.

12. Botiga


Your website needs to have the right look if you want it actually to stand out from the competition, and if that’s the case, then Botiga is the best WooCommerce theme option for you, as it simplifies the process.

This all-inclusive eCommerce theme has an appealing and streamlined design that allows you to display your store’s wares in a way that is both simple and effective. It is adaptable to any sector or the scale of a company, and it offers a wide variety of different options for the design of its products.

This includes adjustable product card features, a wide variety of checkout designs, three different layouts for the product page gallery, and five different header variations. Additionally, Botiga enables you to build a blog, select from one of six different archive styles, and advertise individual products through the use of a number of different badge types. It is worth looking into because it is a pattern that is both powerful and versatile.

13. Shopkeeper


ShopKeeper is a professional theme. Hence, if you would like to open your online shop, this is the ideal theme option for you. It has multiple features. This theme specializes in WooCommerce integration, responsiveness, and an organized blog layout.

Shopkeeper is an efficient WooCommerce theme that provides a variety of layout options for all essential pages and sections. This theme’s sleek design and photo-first emphasis are great for establishing a strong brand image in the minds of site visitors. This theme includes the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin for straightforward drag-and-drop customization. In addition to amazing typography flexibility, this theme offers over 700 Google Fonts.

This theme includes a variety of homepage layouts with distinct focuses. The Home Product Landing serves as a promotional page for a particular product or product range, using graphics and text blocks that are neatly combined. You can also select to display a grid-style section of categories. Similarly, you can select from a variety of product page layouts.

14. Infinity Pro

Infinity Pro

Using the StudioPress Infinity Pro theme requires the Genesis framework and StudioPress Infinity Pro to be installed on your website. There are many advantages to using a child theme. Modifying your website with a child theme eliminates the risk of losing your changes if the parent theme is updated.

This framework has various advantages when used as a primary or parent theme for your website. It protects your website from external attacks and improves its search engine placement. The best part is that Genesis is far lighter than other frameworks, which means it lacks bloated features and is instead straightforward and robust.

All of the Genesis child themes, including Infinity Pro, have a responsive design, bread crumbs, and numeric navigation. In addition, it offers the greatest degree of customizability and flexibility in terms of content administration.

15. Kalium


Kalium is a theme that was developed specifically for creative businesses and agencies, and it performs exceptionally well for architects, visual artists, and designers. Your content will receive the website it merits thanks to the theme’s provision of a diverse selection of layout options, theme settings, and other features.

Kalium is a combination of beautiful premade demonstrations, award-winning designs, and robust functionality. 

After making a purchase, you will have access to over 11 slick demo sites, each of which includes a selection of portfolio designs and over thirty different types of portfolios, WooCommerce compatibility so that you can create an online store and premium versions of the Revolution Slider and LayerSlider plugins.

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WordPress themes with a large number of downloads are frequently of higher quality, even though this isn’t always the case. You should try a theme that has worked for thousands of other websites before making a decision.

The number of downloads, on the other hand, does not automatically signal that a theme is suitable for your website. A premium WooCommerce theme should be examined in detail, including demos, user reviews, and listings like this one. If you can, try out a free trial version of the theme. 

As the saying goes, “The first impression is the last impression.” So if needed, opt for our WooCommerce development services. We’ll guide you through the design and development.

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