WP Engine vs WordPress VIP – Which is Right for You?

Trying to create a WordPress website? Then you must know that this CMS is self hosted. That means you will have to choose a suitable WordPress hosting provider for your website. It will help you with various facets of your website, including storage, security, server management, performance, etc.

Now, there are several WordPress hosting providers revered for their capabilities. But one of the most common options preferred by the dedicated WordPress development services is WP Engine. But how does it compare against the paid, premium version of WordPress itself, i.e. WordPress VIP?

That’s what I aim to uncover with this blog. But first, let’s see what WP Engine and WordPress VIP are.

Overview of WP Engine

WP Engine is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider. It is designed to deliver scalability, security, and lightning-fast performance for websites built on the popular CMS platform. It caters to a broad spectrum of users, from budding bloggers to established businesses with high-traffic websites.

Being a managed WordPress hosting provider, WP Engine handles server maintenance, security updates, backups, and other technical aspects. So you can focus on content creation and site management. Plus, WP Engine offers regular server upgrades along with advanced protections to ensure the best security and performance for your website.

Key Features of WP Engine

  • Blazing-fast loading times: WP Engine utilizes advanced caching technologies and server infrastructure to ensure your website loads quickly and smoothly, even with high traffic.
  • Scalability: Their platform automatically scales to handle traffic spikes and growth, ensuring your website remains reliable and responsive.
  • Global content delivery network (CDN): With WP Engine, you can use a CDN, which distributes your website content across geographically dispersed servers. That minimizes latency and improves performance for visitors worldwide.
  • Advanced security measures: WP Engine implements proactive security measures like automatic malware scans, patching vulnerabilities, and blocking suspicious activity.
  • Staging environments: This platform helps you create a WordPress staging site. So you can safely test changes and updates before deploying them to your live website. It minimizes any potential security risks.
  • Expert support: Their team of WordPress security specialists is available 24/7 to assist with any security concerns.
  • Easy-to-use interface: Manage your website, plugins, and security settings through a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Automated backups and staging: Protect your website data with automatic backups and test changes in a safe environment before pushing them live.
  • Built-in SEO tools: Optimize your website for search engines with built-in tools and integrations.
  • Developer-friendly features: Access advanced features like Git integration and WP-CLI for experienced developers.

Overall, WP Engine is a powerful solution for businesses and individuals who require high-performance, secure, and scalable WordPress hosting. 

Overview of WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP, offered by Automattic, is a managed WordPress platform specifically designed for high-traffic, enterprise-level websites and applications. Unlike WP Engine, it goes beyond basic hosting, providing a comprehensive suite of features and unmatched scalability for some of the world’s largest brands.

Comparing WordPress VIP with WordPress, the former is tailor-made to comply with the demands of large-sized organizations. So they can command heavy traffic without compromising reliability. WordPress VIP is, basically, standard WordPress on steroids. So you get the “best of the best” in every facet of the website.

Key Features of WordPress VIP

  • Globally distributed infrastructure: WordPress VIP utilizes a global network of servers strategically located around the world, ensuring fast loading times and low latency for visitors regardless of their location.
  • Automatic scaling: The platform automatically scales resources based on your website’s traffic, guaranteeing optimal performance even during traffic spikes or sudden surges.
  • Customizable caching: Leverage powerful caching configurations to optimize content delivery and further enhance website speed.
  • Proactive threat detection and prevention: Advanced security measures like intrusion detection systems, malware scanning, and DDoS protection safeguard your website from various threats.
  • Continuous monitoring and patching: A dedicated security team monitors your website 24/7, identifying and patching vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
  • Regular security audits: Independent security experts conduct regular audits to ensure the platform’s overall security posture remains robust.
  • Built-in marketing automation: Access tools for email marketing, lead generation, and customer engagement, streamlining your marketing efforts.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting: Gain deep insights into your website’s traffic, user behavior, and performance with comprehensive analytics dashboards and reports.
  • Custom plugin development: Develop custom plugins and integrations to tailor the platform to your specific needs and workflows.
  • Server-level access: For experienced developers, VIP provides access to the underlying server environment for advanced customization and control.
  • Seamless integration with various enterprise tools and services: Integrate with CRM, marketing automation platforms, and other business-critical tools for a unified workflow.
  • Custom API access: Develop custom API integrations to connect your website with other applications and services.
  • Dedicated support team: Access a team of WordPress experts available 24/7 to assist with any technical issues or questions.
  • Proactive account management: A dedicated account manager provides personalized guidance and support to ensure you get the most out of the platform.

Remember, these are just the highlights. WordPress VIP offers a vast array of features and functionalities that can be customized to fit your specific needs. That’s why it is one of the most preferred managed hosting solutions among the WordPress website development services.

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WP Engine vs WordPress VIP

FactorWP EngineWordPress VIP
Target AudienceBusinesses, bloggers, individuals with high-traffic websitesLarge enterprises, very high-traffic websites, media companies
PerformanceHigh-performance hosting, optimized for speed and scalabilityUnparalleled performance, automatic scaling, globally-distributed infrastructure
SecurityAdvanced security measures, regular updates, 24/7 supportProactive threat detection, intrusion prevention, dedicated security team, continuous monitoring
FeaturesBasic features like staging, backups, CDNExtensive feature set including marketing automation, analytics, custom plugin development
CustomizationLimited customization, primarily managed hostingHighly customizable, server-level access for experienced developers
ScalabilityGood scalability for moderate traffic growthAutomatic scaling for massive traffic spikes and growth
PricingTiered pricing plans, higher than standard shared hostingCustom pricing based on website needs, typically higher than WP Engine
Support24/7 expert supportDedicated support team, account management
Best forBusinesses needing high-performance, secure hosting for WordPress websitesLarge enterprises, high-traffic websites requiring maximum customization, security, and scalability

What are the Differences Between WP Engine and WordPress VIP?

Although both these platforms offer managed WordPress hosting, there are quite a few differences between them on how they work and what they offer. So let’s look at a comprehensive differentiation between WP Engine and WordPress VIP.


WP Engine offers various plans with distinct storage capacities, typically ranging from 10 GB to 100 GB. Choosing the right plan depends on your website’s size and expected file usage.


There is some upward mobility within plans. But scaling the storage with WP Engine requires manual upgrades if your needs outgrow your chosen plan. That can be a hassle for rapidly growing websites. And WP Engine emphasizes optimized WordPress hosting with tools like caching and CDN to minimize storage requirements. It works well for content-heavy sites like blogs or portfolios.

WordPress VIP, on the other hand, doesn’t offer pre-defined storage plans. It assesses your storage needs individually and tailors a custom solution accordingly. So you get the exact amount of storage you need, without unnecessary overpaying.

This platform’s infrastructure is built for massive scale, including seamless storage scaling. Whether you experience sudden traffic surges or your content library grows exponentially, your storage needs are automatically met.

WordPress VIP caters to large organizations with potentially vast storage demands. They offer additional options like object storage for media-rich content and robust data backups for increased security.

Verdict: Although WP Engine would suffice for most, WordPress VIP wins for ultimate scale. The latter’s custom solutions, high scalability, and additional storage options would be ideal for large-scale organizations. 


WP Engine utilizes optimized servers, caching technologies, and a global CDN. So websites with moderate traffic have fast loading times. It automatically handles routine optimizations and updates. That ensures smooth performance without deep technical knowledge.


Although it can handle moderate traffic spikes effectively, you may need manual scaling during exceptional surges.

On the flip side, WordPress VIP is engineered for massive traffic and peak performance. For that, it uses globally distributed infrastructure, automatic scaling, and advanced caching strategies. It handles massive traffic surges seamlessly. So your website remains online and responsive even during unexpected growth.

It offers granular control over caching and performance settings for fine-tuning based on specific needs.

Verdict: WordPress VIP takes the crown for absolute peak performance, but WP Engine offers strong performance for most users.


When it comes to security, WP Engine uses firewalls, malware scans, DDoS protection, and regular software updates to safeguard your site. It handles most security tasks automatically, so you can focus on website content and management.


Plus, there are security experts to address any concerns and provide assistance with security incidents.

On the other hand, WordPress VIP implements advanced threat detection and intrusion prevention systems. Moreover, there are dedicated security teams and continuous monitoring for comprehensive protection. It complies with industry regulations and offers features like FedRAMP® authorization for government-level security needs.

Verdict: Both offer excellent security, but WordPress VIP provides an extra layer of protection for high-risk situations.


WP Engine is primarily focused on managed WordPress hosting and there is limited direct access to the server environment. Most themes and plugins work, but some may require adjustments or face compatibility issues due to security restrictions.

However, this hosting service does offer basic developer tools like Git version control system and WP-CLI for experienced users seeking limited customization.

On the contrary, WordPress VIP grants deeper access to the server environment. That allows for custom plugin development, advanced server-level configurations, and extensive code modifications. Plus, it offers robust integrations with leading services such as Salesforce, Marketo, and AWS. Then there are specialized add-ons like Multisite and Performance Monitor.

WordPress VIP also provides custom API access for advanced developers to connect your website with other applications and services.

Verdict: WordPress VIP excels in customization, ideal for developers with specialized needs. WP Engine caters to simpler setups.


WP Engine uses optimized infrastructure and caching strategies to handle moderate traffic increases efficiently. It requires manual adjustments to your plan if you experience significant, sustained growth or unexpected traffic surges. That can incur downtime and potential performance dips during transitions.

One of the highlights of WordPress VIP is that it seamlessly scales resources based on real-time traffic demands. So your website remains online and responsive even during massive traffic spikes. Its infrastructure is designed to handle exponential traffic growth without requiring manual intervention. It’s ideal for high-traffic media platforms, e-commerce websites, and large organizations.

This platform offers options like object storage for media-rich content and CDNs for geographically distributed audiences.

Verdict: WP Engine’s good scalability handles moderate traffic fluctuations adequately, keeping costs manageable. But WordPress VIP offers automatic and customizable scalability. That helps handle unpredictable growth and massive traffic surges without compromising performance.


WP Engine provides access to WordPress experts via phone, chat, and email. They assist with general WordPress issues, plugin conflicts, and basic troubleshooting. Plus, there is a library of self-help articles, tutorials, and documentation to assist you with common issues and platform features.

It handles most server-level updates and technical tasks behind the scenes, minimizing your need for direct intervention.

WordPress VIP assigns a dedicated team of WordPress and security experts who are familiar with your website and needs. They offer personalized assistance and proactive support. A dedicated expert provides ongoing guidance, monitors your website health, and proactively identifies potential issues.

It offers additional support options like priority escalations and developer assistance for complex customization needs.

Verdict: Both offer quality support, but WordPress VIP provides an extra layer of personalized attention for large-scale operations.


WP Engine offers plans starting at moderate costs, based on traffic volume and storage capacity. This allows for budget-conscious options for various website sizes and needs. There are clear and published pricing plans. So you can easily compare options and choose one that fits your budget.


But one issue with Wp Engine is that upgrading the plans for growth may cause downtime. And the manual migration may also incur additional costs.

WordPress VIP has custom pricing based on individual needs, website traffic, and the level of customization. It ensures you only pay for the features and resources you use but limits cost predictability.


Due to its enterprise-grade features, dedicated support, and custom solutions, WordPress VIP typically comes at a significantly higher cost than WP Engine. It has automatic scaling built-in. So it can handle unexpected traffic surges without needing manual upgrades or incurring additional costs.

Verdict: WP Engine is more budget-friendly, but WordPress VIP’s value lies in its specialized features and support for larger operations.

Final Verdict

Both WP Engine and WordPress VIP are excellent managed WordPress hosting solutions, but they cater to different needs and budgets. Let me give you an idea on who these hosting services are for.

Choose WP Engine if:

  • You have a moderate budget and predictable traffic growth.
  • You need a user-friendly, managed WordPress hosting solution.
  • You prioritize basic customization and good performance.
  • You have a small to medium-sized website or blog.

Choose WordPress VIP if:

  • You have a large budget and expect significant traffic or unpredictable spikes.
  • You require extensive customization, high performance, and robust security.
  • You value personalized support, proactive monitoring, and enterprise-grade features.
  • You have a high-traffic website, large organization, or media platform.

There is no good or bad between WP Engine and WordPress VIP. They are suitable for different project requirements. Analyze your website’s size, traffic patterns, technical needs, and budget carefully before making your decision.

You can consult with our WordPress web development company. They will check your project requirements and recommend the best WordPress hosting option between WP Engine and WordPress VIP.

But if your website isn’t working well in spite of having either of these two hosting services, opt for our WordPress website maintenance services. Our experts will analyze your website and implement modifications to make it better.

FAQs on WP Engine vs WordPress VIP

Which platform offers better security?
Both WP Engine and WordPress VIP prioritize security and offer various measures to protect websites from cyber threats. However, WordPress VIP has a more rigorous security screening process and regularly performs code reviews to ensure top-notch security for their clients.
Can I migrate my website from WP Engine to WordPress VIP?
Yes, you can migrate your website from WP Engine to WordPress VIP. However, WordPress VIP operates on a custom codebase. So you will need to make some modifications to your website's code before the migration can be completed successfully. If you need help with shifting your WordPress website to a new host, our WordPress migration services would be suitable.
Which platform is more suitable for my business?
That depends on the size and specific needs of your business. If you have a small to medium-sized business, WP Engine may be a better fit due to its affordability and range of features. However, if you have an enterprise-level website with high traffic and need dedicated infrastructure and top-of-the-line security, WordPress VIP may be the better option.


WP Engine and WordPress VIP are both managed hosting platforms for WordPress websites. But they cater to different types of users. WP Engine is more suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, while WordPress VIP is designed for enterprise-level clients with high-traffic websites.

WP Engine offers a variety of features to enhance website performance and security. Some of these include automated daily backups, unlimited data transfer, free SSL, and a CDN for better speed. And WordPress VIP offers dedicated infrastructure, unlimited data transfer, 24/7 support, and load balancing to handle high levels of traffic. The latter is a more customized solution for larger enterprises.

If you need help with hosting for your WordPress website, consult with our experts today!

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